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Quite original concept. Similarly to @vishwah13, I could't pass the 4-5th level, but I'm unsure if it is a problem with wine (I'm under Linux). In any case, I really loved your game concept. Hope to be able to play it fully! :)

We definitely need to improve sounds & music, and its annoying habit of resetting at the start of each level :). Glad that you enjoyed the game even with our many problems and glitches! :D

You are completely right, man :). Many things to improve in our game, and certainly better level design and music are top of the list! :D 

Completely agree with your criticism. Our latest levels would have required two or three more redesign cycles to transform them into something much more attached to the linked boxes mechanics :). However, there is a consequence for dying: your deaths counter will increase and your ending won't be perfect ;)

Good concept, very original I think. I had some visual issues, probably because of my computer.

Of course it's a jam game, and it needs some improvements, but the idea is original and with some good potential. Good job!

Good job, the game is funny and easy to control. It took some time to understand the behaviour of the coins (maybe I missed something in the beginning), but after that everything was clear.
Nice game, good luck!

The most original concept I've seen so far. Extra Kudos for Linux Port. Nicely done! :)

Interesting and very difficult concept. Only for advanced multithreaded brains. Nice! :)

Quite curious puzzle mechanics. Additional Kudos for C++ programming even with self-made levels on txt. Nicely done! :)

Very nice art and music. Simple concept, easy to understand, difficult to master, very fun. Would have loved to have more levels :)

Quite original concept. With a bit of magical-world music would have been very enjoyable . Nicely done :)

Simple idea, but fun. It engaged me until passing all levels. Love the music also. Nicely done.

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Nice concept. A bit of space music would have made it more enjoyable :)