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Buenas tardes, Antero,

Necesitamos un correo para poder ponernos en contacto contigo. ¿Podrías escribirnos un mail a la organización del concurso a la mayor brevedad?

No te preocupes, no es nada relativo a tu juego, es de organización de la Gala del viernes :).

Un saludo.

No idea what could be happening there. The system is managed by Could you please report to them what is happening to you?

Any idea if that could be due to something concrete that happens to those games?

Dear Participants,

This Friday, November 17th, from 19:00 to 21:00 (UTC+1), the #CPCRetroDev 2023 awards ceremony will take place (

For those of you who emerge as winners this Friday, you will need to send us the necessary documentation to facilitate the administrative process at the University of Alicante. The required documents are as follows:

  1. A copy of your National Identity Document or Passport from your country of residence.
  2. A screenshot or document showing the bank account where you wish to receive the payment (Any document containing this information is valid. Examples: invoice, bank book, bank charge, bank certificate, etc.).
  3. The third-party document filled out and DIGITALLY signed (
  4. [If you live outside Spain]: Certificate of Fiscal Residence.

It is sufficient to have this information from one of the game's authors. Payment will be made to this person only, via bank transfer.

If you believe your team might win, please start preparing this documentation. We need you to send it to before Wednesday, November 22nd, 2023.

Note: This information is only necessary for the main prizes from the University of Alicante. Sponsored prizes will be paid by the sponsors themselves. You can contact them after the ceremony for instructions on how to proceed.

Best of luck for this Friday :)

Kind regards, The #CPCRetroDev 2023 Organization Team

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Dear Community members :),

We are excited to inform you that, for the second consecutive year, the Asociación de Usuarios de Amstrad (AUA) is sponsoring the Public Vote Award. The voting process for this prestigious award, along with its accompanying prize, will commence tomorrow. Here's how it will work:

  1. Cast your votes on the #CPCRetroDev 2023's itchio's page (Submissions > View my queue)
  2. You will be randomly presented with 3 game entries to evaluate.
  3. Please play each game and rate them based on Playability and Engagement, using a 1 to 5-star scale.
  4. An account is required to participate in the voting process.
  5. The voting window is 72 hours, from 13/Nov/08:00 AM to 16/Nov/08:00 AM (UTC+1)

Of course, you are free to promote games and gather votes, but please do so ethically. has robust measures in place to detect fraudulent voting activities. We strongly advise against any actions that could be construed as manipulative or unfair and we remember you that they are against the terms of itchio's service, and that could result in problems to your personal or group accounts. We hope you to help us ensure that the award is given to the most deserving team, and we hope you find the voting process enjoyable and fair :).

We wish you a fun voting experience and the best of luck!

Warm regards,
The #CPCRetroDev Organization Team

Dear José Antonio,

Could you please clarify in the Authors' documentation the origin of your music? Specifically, it is important to clarify these points:

  • The music from WYZ has been specifically created for this game or was a song that existed previously and you are using it with WYZ's consent?
  • Have you got explicit consent for using Arkos' demo songs? 

These points need to be addressed in the documentation. For authors' explicit consents, it is enough having an email from original authors giving you consent to use their songs in your production. Otherwise, if songs have a license that lets you use them, you can refer to the license.

Easy mistake to make, and we made it two times in a row :).

Thanks for reporting, awergh :).

It should be fixed by now.

DAY: 5/nov (voting started 2 days ago)

Status Summary:

  • 86 votes received
  • 6,6 rates/game
  • 6 invalid votes removed
    • 3 invalid itchio accounts
    • 3 repeated users

Current Annonymized Classification:

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DAY: 06/nov 

Status Summary:

  • 125 votes received (3/nov: 32, 4/nov: 50, 5/nov: 43)
  • 9,6 rates/game
  • 8 invalid votes removed
    • 3 invalid itchio accounts
    • 5 repeated users

Current Annonymized Classification:

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DAY: 07/nov

Status Summary:

  • 177 votes received (3/nov - 6/nov: 32, 50, 43, 52)
  • 13,6 rates/game
  • 12 invalid votes removed
    • 3 invalid itchio accounts
    • 1 invalid example account (
    • 5 repeated users
    • 3 dumping votes (users automatically voting only their own game via script selection)

Current Annonymized Classification:

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DAY: 08/nov

Status Summary:

  • 230 votes received (3/nov - 6/nov: 32, 50, 43, 52, 53)
  • 17,7 rates/game
  • 15 invalid votes removed
    • 3 invalid itchio accounts
    • 1 invalid example account (
    • 5 repeated users
    • 6 dumping votes (automatically voting only their own game via script selection or manual lookup)
      • 3 voting same game (game-1)
      • 3 voting same game (game-2)

Current Annonymized Classification:

Ok, Francesc. I seem to have missunderstood you on the previous one.

The message is not new, it has been there since the first day. There is a issue with Google Forms not displaying a message when someone sends a vote to the same game triplet before you. The form simply reloads with three diferent games, as you cannot vote to the same triplet that has already been voted.

Sorry to here that, but that's correct. If you didn't see this message before, you haven't voted until today. You were unlucky enough to collide with other voters and send your votes later than them.

Of course, this issue is a problem we will have to look for on future revisions. For now, we can only feel sorry and assume that this doesn't work the way we would like to. Sorry about that.

Hi, @poppichicken! 

   Well, I think that's not preventing you to vote. In fact, that "* Required" appears always as an indication, but your email is automatically taken into account as user by Google Forms, to prevent you from voting twice :). It's not telling you that you should change it in order to vote or something similar.

   What may be happenning to you (as has already happened to others) is that you may collide when voting with other person that may have been assigned the same game triplet to vote. Whenever that happens, when one of the assigned voters send their vote, the triplet is voted, and cannot be voted twice. Then, when you send your vote, the page is reloaded with a new triplet of games, but Google Forms does not display any message. This is a quite annoying behaviour, but we have found no way to change or prevent it.

    When this happens, your vote hasn't been sent and you need to start over again your voting for 3 different games.

Hope that clears the issue.

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DAY: 09/nov (Voting started 6 days ago)

Status Summary:

  • 289 votes received (3/nov - 8/nov: 32, 50, 43, 52, 53, 59)
  • 22,2 rates/game
  • 15 invalid votes removed
    • 3 invalid itchio accounts
    • 1 invalid example account (
    • 5 repeated users
    • 6 dumping votes (automatically voting only their own game via script selection or manual lookup)
      • 3 voting same game (game-1)
      • 3 voting same game (game-2)

Current Annonymized Classification:

Being actual spam could be quite claustrophobic :)

We have received your email, and I can confirm that we also received your previous one. I have seen it on the webmail. However, for some sort of reason (may be related to the error you received), the email wasn't forwarded to the members of the organization.

We will answer you soon :)

Well, actually that's the email. That error is quite odd, as it is similar to telling you "you are spam, man". 

We have checked email configuration today and everything seems correct. We have received other emails without problems.

Can you try again? If it fails again, can you try a different mail address and tell us which one was the first to see if we can traceback the issue?

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DAY: 10/nov (Voting ended)

Status Summary:

  • 343 votes received (3/nov - 8/nov: 32, 50, 43, 52, 53, 59, 54)
  • 26,4 rates/game
  • 15 invalid votes removed
    • 3 invalid itchio accounts
    • 1 invalid example account (
    • 5 repeated users
    • 6 dumping votes (automatically voting only their own game via script selection or manual lookup)
      • 3 voting same game (game-1)
      • 3 voting same game (game-2)

Final Annonymized Ranking:

Non-annonymized ranking will be published after the Awards Giving Ceremony, were the winner will be announced.

Thank you very much to all of you for your kind participation.

See you next friday, 11th, 19:00h (UTC+1) in the Awards Giving Ceremony

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Final Ranking:

  • Games are rated by Average points.
  • Tie solving: 1st) Total number of 4s, 2nd) Total number of 2s, 3rd) Submission time, 4th) Alphabetic order

Thank you very much to all of you for your kind participation.

If you couldn't attend, you can view the Awards Giving Ceremony in Youtube (celebrated friday, 11th, 19:00h (UTC+1))

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You can't see your votes,  Francesc :). Votes are not public, as making them public would allow voters to design strategies. What we will be doing from today on will be posting a summary and the classification with annonimized game names. It's now posted on twitter and it will be here in a moment :)

Dear community,

    Public vote is now available. This year we have a new system, accessible through the big green button,

-- Vote your favorites  --

   The voting system works as follows:

  • You need a Google account and an itchio user to vote (both accounts required)
  • You can vote once a day (3/nov to 9/nov inclusive)
  • Voting consists in
    • Playing 3 games chosen at random by the voting form
    • Awarding  4, 2 and 1 points 
  • You should play the games before voting

   Anyone is welcome to vote and you may promote the voting system. Just take into account,

  • The votes from any user breaking any of the rules will be discarded

   If you have any doubts, please ask us.

And, of course, Enjoy! :)

There are 42 webpages submitted, but 3 of them are hidden. 

As webpages are required to be public (for obvious reasons), only 39 are valid. 

Therefore, there are 39 submissions that will participate in the contest.

Hope that clarifies the issue.

Hi awergh,

   Official Deadline is in the official rules, and so it is 2 Nov 23:59h UTC+1. Anything else may be wrong if we made mistakes. Best bet is to always guide yourself by the official rules in PDF :).

   Thank you for your post. That helps us fix mistakes :)

Enjoy the contest and good luck!

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Hi KrakenDev,

    We know these things happen, and we also know you did an effort to try to enter in time to the contest. We very much value your intention to participate, and your  consideration of the contest. However, the rules must be the same for all participants. Other participants also have bugs they'd love to ammend, and there are always reasons to accept changes. As organizers, we feel that is much fair to completely freeze all content after deadline, than drawing arbitrary lines to let some participants update their contents, and some others not. Therefore, as we stated in the rules, content is freezed, no update is possible.

   Apart from that, I understand that you made an effort to enter the contest and had to push hard against time. This probably lead you not to carefully review the rules of the contest, which clearly state:

  • Games must load into memory in a single pass. Several loads are valid before the start of the game. Once the game starts, no more loading is permitted. Therefore, only 64K of RAM will be available for any game during execution.

   We have reviewed your game, and it loads new data every time you pass a world. Apart from your CDT not working, this feature of your game is against the rules.

   As I said, we very much value any effort from any participant, and we also have enjoyed testing your game. However, we shall mark it as disqualified, for the reasons discussed.

Hope you understand our decission, even knowing that it will probably be frustrating for you. Sorry about that.

Hi KrakenDev,

   If you download CPCtelera 1.5 (current development branch) and look into the cpctelera/tools folder (no need to install it), you will find both 2cdt and cpc2cdt tools to create CDT files out of binaries. Both of them are in source code form, but both of them should compile under GCC/CLANG either on Linux, MacOSX, Windows/Cygwin, Windows/WSL or Windows/MinGW. You can compile them in your preferred environment and use anyone of then to produce your CDT. You don't need to install Cpctelera for this: just pick both tools' sources and use them as needed.

  Good Luck with these latest hours :)

Dear #CPCRetroDev participants,

   We hope you to be enjoying last dev hours, and your game to be almost ready :).

   To ensure a successful participation, please verify:

  • Your game has an itchio's webpage.
  • It has been submitted to #CPCRetroDev 2021.
    1. It should appear in the submission feed (it takes time to acknowledge submission).
  • You have uploaded at least:
    1. A CDT file: it should be a single file, NOT contained inside ZIPs or other files.
    2. Optionally, DSK/SNA/CPR files: each one, also, as a single file.
    3. All files should be the same version of your game and working.
  • Your CDT/DSK/SNA/CPR files are VISIBLE (NOT hidden)
    1. Check downloading them through a private session in your browser.
  • Your webpage is configured as: 
    1. Pricing: No payments
    2. Visibility: Public
    3. Kind of project: Downloadable
  • Your webpage contains all these sections (as explained in contest's rules)
    1. Description
    2. How to play
    3. Authors and licenses
    4. Gesture
  • If you submit your source code:
    1. In a single ZIP file.
    2. Containing a free software license, and author's copyright info.
  • If you submit additional versions of your game (other languages, special characteristics...):
    1. All of them included in a single ZIP file.
    2. Jury will evaluate single CDT/DSK/SNA/CPR files, and might occasionally  review additional versions (but it's not mandatory)
  • Reread contest rules carefully to avoid mistakes.
  • Don't ever modify/delete your webpage/files after submission deadline.
    1. This includes any content outside itchio.
    2. Your game should be kept unmodified until the end of awards giving ceremony.

   After submissions deadline, voting period will open for public rated awards. As long as you do not modify your content, you can freely promote voting. Anyone having an itchio account can rate games. The system will first ask the user for 25 random game ratings, before letting them rate freely selected games.

   Hope to see you on Friday, 12/Nov 19:00h for the awards giving ceremony, and good luck! :).


#CPCRetroDev 2021 staff

Please, excuse me @etoile if my words make you think I'm "playing cards". That's not the case :). I'm just trying to be honest and addressing your discomfort. Not playing anything at all. Just admitting our limitations as organizers (we are humans, and so we are flawed :).

I take your discomfort and raw opinions as a form of concern from you, and I value it. That's why I thank you again for honestly sharing your views and pointing to many ideas we should always take into account. And also I'm personally sorry for the discomfort caused: not intended, of course. Honestly, thank you :).

With respect to your quite understandable and important doubts, I believe many are addressed on the contest rules PDF document. We added a button at the top of itchio's page:

CPCRetroDev Contest Rules

If you please take the time to review the document and still have doubts, I will be more than happy help :).

With respect to your also understandable criticism on "using external links", please, let me explain the probable source of the confusion. Our contest has been organized outside itchio on past 8 years. Amstrad CPC community and enthusiasts already know it and come to our main page for reference. In this sense, itchio is the external page for them this year: they have been sending their creations through our main page for 8 years :). As we are inevitably biased to our well known Amstrad CPC community and students, we  have created this not as a standalone jam, but as an extension to our main contest page. This clearly creates an understanding problem for those at itchio that didn't previosly know the contest. Again, sorry for that: this is our fault, and discomfort cause was unintended. Sorry.

As flawed humans we are, we will be bound to make many mistakes now and in the future. I only ask you to respect our right to fail. Clearly, you want to help us not failing (otherwise you wouldn't bother detailing so many points :)). Thank you again :). We also don't want to fail, of course. But, as any other person, we are bound to take decisions based on our own views and capabilities. Please, don't be offended if our decisions are not aligned with your views: it's absolutely impossible to align decissions to everyone's criteria. And, of course, we cannot measure success as "100% people like the contest". If our decisions make you dislike our contest, we are sorry and hope not to take too much of your time. That's why I told you to safely ignore us and continue with other more interesting things for you. Being honest, not playing cards at all :).

Summarizing again: sorry for discomfort caused, and thank you for your concern and raw opinions that show it. I sincerely value your views. I hope these explanations can help you better understand our position and decisions, and please, let us follow our own path, even if it is not aligned with your views. Valuing your views is not the same as following your instructions :). Thank you for taking your time and expressing your concerns :)

No problem, etoile :). Is it not our aim, nor our pretention to convince everybody that #CPCRetroDev is a great contest. You have every right to believe what you want, and tell us your raw opinion as you are doing. 

Thank you in any case for letting us know your thoughts. They may come in useful for future editions :).

BTW, for those interested: 

 - This is not an assembly only jam. Participating students from the University of Alicante are required to code in assembly, because that's part of their engineering curricula. However, other participants are free to code in whatever they like, as stated by the rules.

 - Yes, one of our links is to Wikipedia, because Cesar Astudillo is so well known in the 8bits that he has his own wikipedia page. We are honoured to have him, and I personally would love to have a Wikipedia page talking about me just half as good as the one devoted to Cesar. Of course, he actually deserves that page and much more. You can easily track his record. I understand, by your criticism to Cesar, that you may not be a fan of 8bit computing (specially on Amstrad and ZX Spectrum machines). Otherwise, you would probably know him :)

 -  We are not asking for source code and raw files. We encourage it, but not impose it. Participants are rewared for sharing code with free licenses. This comes from what @jmlg97 has already said: this contest was born at the University of Alicante and has an educational nature. Therefore, we encourage any sharing that helps the whole community to have more resources for learning and evolving. You can easily track more than 150 games presented to previous editions, most of them with source code: @jmlg97 already gave you the links :). Take into account that this is not Unity or Unreal development, nor these games are for modern platforms: we are talking of games made for an Amstrad CPC 464, which is a 37-year-old computer. That makes a great deal of difference.

 - As for leaving jammers alone, I don't remember us telling anything to jammers :). We are organizing our contest as every other year, for those who want to participate, not telling anyone else what to do. If you don't want to compete, or think this contest is a scam, you can safely forget it and enjoy your time participating in other jams or contests :). We won't ever tell you what you have to do or think: that's, of course, up to you :)

Quite original concept. Similarly to @vishwah13, I could't pass the 4-5th level, but I'm unsure if it is a problem with wine (I'm under Linux). In any case, I really loved your game concept. Hope to be able to play it fully! :)

We definitely need to improve sounds & music, and its annoying habit of resetting at the start of each level :). Glad that you enjoyed the game even with our many problems and glitches! :D

You are completely right, man :). Many things to improve in our game, and certainly better level design and music are top of the list! :D 

Completely agree with your criticism. Our latest levels would have required two or three more redesign cycles to transform them into something much more attached to the linked boxes mechanics :). However, there is a consequence for dying: your deaths counter will increase and your ending won't be perfect ;)

Good concept, very original I think. I had some visual issues, probably because of my computer.

Of course it's a jam game, and it needs some improvements, but the idea is original and with some good potential. Good job!

Good job, the game is funny and easy to control. It took some time to understand the behaviour of the coins (maybe I missed something in the beginning), but after that everything was clear.
Nice game, good luck!

The most original concept I've seen so far. Extra Kudos for Linux Port. Nicely done! :)

Interesting and very difficult concept. Only for advanced multithreaded brains. Nice! :)

Quite curious puzzle mechanics. Additional Kudos for C++ programming even with self-made levels on txt. Nicely done! :)

Very nice art and music. Simple concept, easy to understand, difficult to master, very fun. Would have loved to have more levels :)

Quite original concept. With a bit of magical-world music would have been very enjoyable . Nicely done :)

Simple idea, but fun. It engaged me until passing all levels. Love the music also. Nicely done.

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Nice concept. A bit of space music would have made it more enjoyable :)