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Important last minute checks before submitting

A topic by ronaldo created Nov 02, 2021 Views: 186
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Jam Host

Dear #CPCRetroDev participants,

   We hope you to be enjoying last dev hours, and your game to be almost ready :).

   To ensure a successful participation, please verify:

  • Your game has an itchio's webpage.
  • It has been submitted to #CPCRetroDev 2021.
    1. It should appear in the submission feed (it takes time to acknowledge submission).
  • You have uploaded at least:
    1. A CDT file: it should be a single file, NOT contained inside ZIPs or other files.
    2. Optionally, DSK/SNA/CPR files: each one, also, as a single file.
    3. All files should be the same version of your game and working.
  • Your CDT/DSK/SNA/CPR files are VISIBLE (NOT hidden)
    1. Check downloading them through a private session in your browser.
  • Your webpage is configured as: 
    1. Pricing: No payments
    2. Visibility: Public
    3. Kind of project: Downloadable
  • Your webpage contains all these sections (as explained in contest's rules)
    1. Description
    2. How to play
    3. Authors and licenses
    4. Gesture
  • If you submit your source code:
    1. In a single ZIP file.
    2. Containing a free software license, and author's copyright info.
  • If you submit additional versions of your game (other languages, special characteristics...):
    1. All of them included in a single ZIP file.
    2. Jury will evaluate single CDT/DSK/SNA/CPR files, and might occasionally  review additional versions (but it's not mandatory)
  • Reread contest rules carefully to avoid mistakes.
  • Don't ever modify/delete your webpage/files after submission deadline.
    1. This includes any content outside itchio.
    2. Your game should be kept unmodified until the end of awards giving ceremony.

   After submissions deadline, voting period will open for public rated awards. As long as you do not modify your content, you can freely promote voting. Anyone having an itchio account can rate games. The system will first ask the user for 25 random game ratings, before letting them rate freely selected games.

   Hope to see you on Friday, 12/Nov 19:00h for the awards giving ceremony, and good luck! :).


#CPCRetroDev 2021 staff