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#CPCRetroDev 2021

9th International retro game creation contest of the University of Alicante 
Best of Amstrad CPC games, now on itchio!

With 2400€ in prizes!

Contest rules

Further information on CPCRetroDev's official webpage

  • Special Mentions: Given by honorific jury members
    • 200€ - Gominola's to Best Music (by César Astudillo)
    • 200€ - Relevo's to Best Overall Product (by Jon Cortázar/Relevo)
    • 200€ - Ariza's to Best AI and Tech Development (by Pablo Ariza)
  • Sponsored Mentions: Given by contest sponsors 
    • 200€ - AUA's Award to most popular game (picked by popular vote)
    • 100€ + 5 museum tickets - Arcade Vintage's Award for best Arcade-themed game
    • 100€ - ‘s award for the best game with multiplayer options.
    • 100€ - Trusiga's most innovative final product award
    • 70€ - Ready&Play's award to best novice game
    • 50€ - Blast Annual ‘s best Opera Prima
    • AMSTRADSAKIS's and SdA!'s awards:
      • 60€  - Best game made in BASIC
      • 40€ - 2nd Best game made in BASIC
  • PRO Category: Best games ranked by experts' votes
    • 330€ - Best Game
    • 225€ - 2nd Best
    • 150€ - 3rd Best
    • 100€ - 4th Best
    • 50€ - 5th Best
  • UA Category: Best UA games ranked by experts' votes
    • 150€ - Best UA Game
    • 75€ - 2nd Best UA
  • Sponsor contributions: Contrinbute to general contest prizes (already included in previously listed prizes)
    • 300€ - Anonimous contributor
    • 150€ - CPCtelera

Arcade Vintage  AUA  Blast Annual  CPCtelera  Ready & Play Amstrad Sakis  OK Somos de Amstrad Trusiga 

Altair (Retro Entre Amigos)  Amstrad Eterno Cepeceros Podcast     El mundo del Spectrum Juanje Juega Novabug Relevo Videogames Retro Virtual Machine  Xyphoe Gaming Videos

Please, do carefully read detailed contest rules before submitting your games:

Contest rules

Then, follow next steps and participate! :)


  1. Join #CPCRetroDev 2021 itchio's jam       (JOIN button at the top)
  2. Create your game's webpage on itchio      (next section)
    • Be sure it includes everything required
  3. Submit your project                                                (SUBMIT button at the top)


To participate, create a game webpage containing at least:

  • Game title.
  • 4 screenshots.
  • An up-to-40 seconds game trailer video.
  • An attached CDT file with your game.
  • These sections on the webpage:
    • Description: a short description of your game.
    • How to play: instructions, controls and anything required to play
    • Authors and licenses: authors' names, contact information, third party contents and license, links and references to originals.
    • Gesture: screenshot and description of the gesture to Rainbow Islands by Ocean.

Additionally, we recommend you to include:

  • Attached DSK/SNA/CPR files with the same game as in CDT format.
  • Attached ZIP file with source code (including a MIT/GPL or similar free software license) 
  • Attached PDF user manual.
  • Attached PDF making-of: description on how the game was created, technologies used, problems and solutions found, learned lessons, pictures and screenshots of the development, etc.
  • Explanations on how to run on real hardware.
  • More videos (gameplays, promotional, etc).
  • Any other goodies, images, videos, sections or contents the developers want to add.


Other important rules to take into account:

  • All your content should respect itchio's community and cpcretrodev's rules.
  • Your game should be freely available during contest. Itchio's options:
    • Pricing: No payments
    • Visibility & access: Public
    • Kind of project: Downloadable
  • Decorate your page as much as you want. (Here is a sample game page as reference). 
  • Don't ever modify/delete your page after submission deadline.
    • Any changes to your submission (game page/attachments) during evaluation period may result in disqualification.
    • These includes distributing new versions outside itchio or modifying external linked stuff.

On submission you will be asked to specify game page, game namegroup name and a contact email.

Further information on CPCRetroDev's official webpage

University of Alicante Transformación Digital 

Escuela Politécnica Superior UA   ByteRealms Cheesetea


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Windows (6)
macOS (3)
Linux (7)
Yes (26)
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Egypt, pyramids, mummies, treasures, you and your shovel.
Eliminate the invaders to protect the earth!
The little mage has to escape his homeland, that has been corrupted by strange monsters
🪐🤠 Space sheriff, you have ONE mission: DESTROY. ALL. THE ROBOTS. 🤠🪐
Kick those nasty invaders out of your store!
Play in browser
Locomotive Basic breakout style arcade game for the Amstrad CPC 8-bit computer
Play in browser
Fight as a fungus to protect your woods from the corrupted fungus. Control your bullets to became the LAST fungus
This game is going to turn your Amstrad RED!
Can you rescue all the hostages before time and energy run out?
Will you be able to escape your deepest nightmare?
Game for Amstrad CPC developed in BASIC and 8bp Library. Get Ready. Survival, Rol and Action packed game !!
A ninja style arcade game. Kill many ninjas as you can, do you think you'll be capable?
Fitzroy's latest adventure, a platform game played on land and underwater.
Get all the red and blue keys
They say till death do us part or should i say, till the Cyb3rApe do us part? Welcome to The Cap(e)ture!
You are a little mouse perched on a mountain. Climb to the top and discover the real history about the Holy Blue Cheese
A tower defense game for Amstrad CPC
Play in browser
Our first game made in CPCTelera for Amstrad
Defeat the Quantum AI of the MCPC to Regain Control over your CPC!
An exciting game with a simple objective: grab the diamond and escape the level
Try to run away from evil ants!
Will you be able to help this old lady to get out of her own house? Enemies, traps, and platforms to exit.
Into The Darkness is a runner for the Amstrad CPC Z80 464
You are a frog. And what do frogs do? They hop.
A crazy shooter in space has landed on your computers!
May the light guide you
Alcoholic survival game. How many shots can you avoid?
Avoid the asteroids in this Amstrad CPC464 videogame
A kid defending his castle from a horde of enemies under the order of the giant skull.