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Thanks for all your feedback!

I did initially plan to have a level select feature, as well as some additional dialogue that appears at the end of the second route you play in order to indicate that a third choice was available. Unfortunately, both of those things got cut at the end because I needed to sleep, but I think they would've helped with a few of your issues.

I'll have to look into that crash bug.

If you choose "reject" at the end, you get sent back to the decision point, and if you do that on both branches, you'll get a third choice.  It's admittedly pretty obscure for a jam game.


Out of curiosity, which level 6 are you referring to? There are actually three completely different levels you can encounter there, due to a route split just beforehand.

Thanks! I was actually pretty worried that nobody would see the final sequence, so I'm glad that you seem to have made it there.

The music and the main character animations are pretty great here. I liked the concept behind the combat too, but the attack felt pretty weak, and eventually I stopped using it altogether unless an enemy was directly in the way, and just focused on lighting candles. I did eventually manage to win, although it took quite a few tries.


(The "bonus" in question is actually the biggest feature of the game. Burying it 15 stages in, behind a number of tricky puzzles, was probably not my wisest decision.)

I really like the atmosphere here, especially the audio. 

I did notice that the voice lines can sometimes overlap, making things a bit chaotic (in particular, I died for the first time to the fourth mine , triggering one line in the middle of a longer one).

It’s not enabled for the first level.

After examining my map for a while, it looks like it's possible to get stuck if you collect the bottom-left crystal while upside-down. Is that what happened to you?

It's not a method I had considered for getting there, but at least it's easy enough for me to add a way out without breaking anything else.

Punching in this game is incredibly satisfying. I'm also amazed the slimes always seemed to fly wherever I wanted them to; this seems like a mechanic that could have easily been frustrating to aim correctly, and yet it worked perfectly here.

I played through this last night, and really enjoyed it.

Is there some kind of secret at the end? I managed to reach the platform in the upper right, but couldn't get anywhere beyond that.

I love that you accidentally changed Vylun's name to "LadderUp" during one of the cutscenes. That was an entirely pointless feature, but I felt it necessary to include it for some reason.

Your method for beating the boss is one I hadn't even considered, but it was certainly effective. My personal favorite strategy is to remove his invulnerability frames, which is incredibly broken and lets you kill him in about two hits.

Yeah, the game doesn't really teach the mechanic very well before throwing you into a puzzle.

Setting the enemy's physical defense to 0 would have worked, but unfortunately there's nothing in the area that you can copy that from. Instead, you need to copy the damage type from one of the fireballs, which would cause your sword to deal magic damage and target the enemy's magic defense stat (which is 0).

(Also, you weren't actually stuck on the first floor at the end. If you had copied another property, the ladder's destination would have gone back to normal and you would have been able to use it again)

I'm glad you liked it! It's actually possible to beat the final boss in a few seconds by exploiting one of the properties you have access to.

Out of curiosity, did you choose the first or second option at the end? There are a few possible versions of the ending.

Selected values are automatically copied to everything in range, temporarily replacing their normal value for the property. Think of it as an aura that applies one effect at a time to everything within it.

It can be completed in under 5 minutes, though it would probably take at least 15-20 minutes for a new player.