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Great game! Was a bit laggy, but still enjoyable!

I like your idea ;)

Thank you!! 😊

Unfortunately there is no progression as of now.. I didn't quite find the time to make it more than its current stage. But I tried my best to create a good atmosphere with the limited time I got to spend on the game! 😄

Glad you liked the visuals! 😊

Hey, and thanks a lot! 😊

It's not a lot to do in the game as of now. I couldn't find enough time to work on it. But I am glad you liked the atmosphere of the game! 😄

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Good job! I quickly came to a place where I just had to spam fuel carts, and it seemed like it didn't help me overall fuel usage.

Really simple and enjoyable game! Good job!

Fun game!

Thank you! <3

Thank you Kyara <3

Thank you! <3

Cute game! I played all 5 levels <3

Thank you so much! <3

Thank you! :D

I love bitsy games, and Porco Rosso is my favorite movie of all time. So thank you for making this small game <3

I like the game, but it was really clunky to jump with 'A' on keyboard hehe

Fun game! Though, I always sticked to guns that didn't have reload. The others felt really really bad. I think zomibe brain and skeleton as component is the best option.

Very cute game 😊

I managed to get quite some speed sometimes off the ropes! Haha

I love the art styile, and resolution gives it VHS vibes <3 The sheep one was really annoying to get haha.

Cool concept! I really like the game :) A bit hard to play solo after a while though, haha.

Cool game idea, and I like the feeling of the gameplay! :D

But the sound of the gun got very annoying after some time, very sharp and loud.

I just got to explore the first room because I couldn't figure out how to jump on PC keyboard hehe. But I listened to the voicelines, and the whole game was really compelling to me :)

As the last green tanks alive, you must protect your fuel reserve. Fight against waves of enemies and upgrade your tanks to stay alive.

The player can drive around the map and handle the greedy enemies, but in order to get ammunition and restore fuel, the base is the answer. Collect loot from the enemies, but don't drive too far off. You may run out of your precious fuel.



Protect your fuel!

Gameplay 2
Upgrade your tanks!

This game is unbelivably fun! I quickly found myself playing it non stop. I also LOVE the artstyle and most of the maps. Really feel like vagabond when fighting the master level.

Really cute game, thank you for making it <3 :)

Good job! I love the atmosphere :)

What a lovely game <3 Perfect length for a short story

Cute game, but I truggeled to figure out the controls in the beginning. And does the artillery always auto fire?

Cute game, kinda hard to control the plane with keyboard hehe. Couldn't steer right! :D

Really cute music :) And I love the art aswell 🥰

What a lovely game.. I like the cliffhanger a lot :)

Well done! Creepy story hehe.

Thank you :)

Yes, I should've changed up the combat a bit..

Thank you! :)

Yes hehe, its good that the game was enjoyable after the unskippable intro 😇

What a lovely game :) Good job!

Lovely game :) What happened after the spider got enormous?

Lovely game! I loved the music, really sucks you into the atmosphere.

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Thank you for playing! 😊

I am glad you won the game! 🤩

And good that the time pressure was able to add some intensity to my game hehe.

Thank you so much! 😊

Thank you for playing, and the feedback! 😄

You are totally right.. The annoying text in the beginning kinda ruins the experience for most people. I wish I had shortened it and added a skip button. Will do next time! I agree that I should've explained the combat system a bit more aswell hehe..

Thank you so much for playing! 😊

Yes.. I totally agree with you about the extremely long and annoying text. I found out the annoyance of having to read it without an ability to skip  a bit too late hehe..

You are spot on with the combat! Once you figure out the bad implementation of "pre-parrying" it all kinda gets too easy ..

Thank you for feedback! I will improve what you commented on post-jam 😊