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I also should been between 60 and 70 hours. That was my first game jam and I didn't manage my time very well. I spent way too much time on the main character and useless things that I cut afterward and because of that I had to cut a lot of gameplay I had planned.

It's nice to see so many people working so hard on their game.

Great game, I enjoyed it. I really need to learn how to make music like that :O

Thanks for your comment, and no there is nothing after the deku tree but you're right, I should have indicate that.

Really loved the art ! And as you mentionned in the comment, a skip dialogue button would have been great. That was a nice game.

The spike death, the body explosion, the water poison and the platform failling, did I get all the endings ?


Here I am ! Exhausting week, I had to cut a lot of thing to fit the deadline : The Legend of Zeldo

You can try it now :
It's really empty for now, and I don't think the gameplay is much fun... there is a tons of things i want to add and remove but i don't know if i'm going the right way. I would like some advices :D

I completed another character :D but too powerful i think, his attacks are slow but can one shoot

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Ekauk is a 2d shooter. There is differents characters and each one has his own fighting style. My goal is to create a shooter as fun as a quake 3 ( long way to go ^^ ) List of features ;

  • Capture the flag and deathmatch
  • 3 differents characters at the time i'm writing this, each one has differents weapons and abilities
  • Solo and multiplayer local ( and online i would like )