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Argama's Tree! XD

The game seems awesome for what little I played of it.  I wold've liked to have played more but sadly this one triggered heavy nausea, even when I adjusted the graphics.

That seems fine, however the game itself says to write down combinations, if the combs change depending on the actual attribute, it seems pointless to write things down.

I find the text at the beginning too hard to read.  It is very small.  I also find there is a bit too much "story" in the beginning before the actual game, I realize it only 4 minutes but I totally forgot I wasnt playing a visual novel when the actual game started up.  Especially since there is a time limit it seems on how many potions you can make.  

I think the game has good potential.  Tightening up the story in the beginning so its only 1-2 minutes would be better.  A larger, easier to read font and remove the time limit or put an actual clock so you know your time limit, and I think it's be most ideal!

The art is adorable, and I like the game play, mostly.  It was be frustrating but thats part of the game and it's fun to get so close and OOPS!  Although I did notice that when I was making potions, I was writing it down, and x+y+z=perfect eyes.  When I was dinking around to get other parts and the eyes messed up I tried x+y+z and the eyes were still messed up. So I am wondering if its just a glitch, or if the potions are random or what.  Either way, I think this is a good start to a game.  

I played this game a few weeks ago.  I found it very relatable, as someone who deals with depression.  I think those of us that know depression or loss can find our self in the main character and her line of thought.  Hopefully not to the point of some of the endings, but how distorted the world looks through the lens of depression/sadness.

If you aren't familiar with these feelings, the game may not be for you.  It can give you an insight into the mind of those that do, but could be ultimately confusing and  even come off as pretentious.  Granted, the take on her a skewed view of medication could put people off.  Especially people who've found medications that help them.  And for those that need them, they should be on them.  I, however, also related to this.  I've been put on pill after pill for the past decade or two, none of them helping, and some making me feel like my emotions were forced upon me.  Usually not a happy emotion, but the lack of them all together.  I can understand not wanting to take something that feels it is hiding or masking your true self, or not allow you to feel anything--ever.  

This is a wonderful game.  I feel those who can relate should take a peek at it.  Those who have loved ones that are dealing with loss or depression SHOULD play it.  It will be confusing and it's so easy to get lost in it, but it can show what a chaotic mess and line of thought those with emotional/mental issues face. 

And the Art and Music is fantastic. Good job.

I gave this demo a play a little bit ago.  I hope you don't mind if I give you my review on it.  I've been playing a lot of visual novel games lately too, so my comments and critiques come from that as well.

First of all, the art work is gorgeous.  It was what made me download it on a whim.  Not to mention I absolutely love mythical creatures.  I noticed this is to look like a book, with all the text on the top right.  This I found a bit--awkward.  I'm facing in that direction, while characters are moving on the opposite side of the screen.  I didn't realize there was animation to this game until I accidentally skipped dialogue and saw mouths move.   I believe the reason traditional VN games have text right below the main images is we view in an almost tunnel, and we lose details in our periphery.  So if the text is below the image (like in a picture book) we still see the images.  The way your game is set up, I'm so focused over in the opposite corner, I don't noticed changes going on.

Although I do love the menu, and the lovely flower borders.  The menu and background colors are great.  Very soft faux watercolor, and I love it!  The blue color of the elf girl was a little off putting.  It felt a bit out of place in regards to her eyes and hair color, although this is mostly a personal choice.  The biggest issue with color for me was the centaur man.  The yellow used was so blinding and distracting, I actually had to place a piece of paper up on my screen whenever he was there.  He was a very neon green/yellow, that just hurt to look at.  Which is too bad, as he's beautifully drawn and an attractive character.  

I do appreciate all the beautiful artwork in this game.  I did find the change in style jarring, when it would switch to the doodle art.  I'm not sure if it's placeholder art, or if it's just the style choice for those scenes.  The art still isn't bad, just not as clean and polished as the rest.  Call me a sucker for consistency, or maybe a tad OCD. 

I found the story interesting, and well written--when it didn't feel like it was dragging.  Some VN's often have sections that drag, so this isn't that uncommon.  I just wish it didn't always feel that way.  For example, when the main girl is trying to coax out of the centaur man how much he wants to pay for her services, I found myself yelling at the screen, 'Just tell him how much so we can move on!'  It really dragged parts out, and overall unneeded.  I kept losing interest in the story--mind you I'd always be brought back later because the story under it all seemed interesting.  I am curious about the rings, about her job, and so on.  I'd actually love a game where you just play here deconstructing magic around town.  But instead, it's blocks of text that go on and on, until the next substance shows up.  That substance is very good; very interesting, and that is what had me read it for as long as I did.  Ultimately, it couldn't hold my attention.  It was in the dream where I couldn't stop from yawning (at about 1pm), over and over and finally conceded.  I was actually very angry at myself for not finishing it, because I felt/feel there was a payoff, some more intrigue.  

I by no means want you to feel discouraged or disheartened by my review.  I truly wanted to love this.    It checked off nearly all my loves, but just felt short, and maybe that is why I felt the need to give a review.  I wish you good luck in releasing your final game.