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I played this game a few weeks ago.  I found it very relatable, as someone who deals with depression.  I think those of us that know depression or loss can find our self in the main character and her line of thought.  Hopefully not to the point of some of the endings, but how distorted the world looks through the lens of depression/sadness.

If you aren't familiar with these feelings, the game may not be for you.  It can give you an insight into the mind of those that do, but could be ultimately confusing and  even come off as pretentious.  Granted, the take on her a skewed view of medication could put people off.  Especially people who've found medications that help them.  And for those that need them, they should be on them.  I, however, also related to this.  I've been put on pill after pill for the past decade or two, none of them helping, and some making me feel like my emotions were forced upon me.  Usually not a happy emotion, but the lack of them all together.  I can understand not wanting to take something that feels it is hiding or masking your true self, or not allow you to feel anything--ever.  

This is a wonderful game.  I feel those who can relate should take a peek at it.  Those who have loved ones that are dealing with loss or depression SHOULD play it.  It will be confusing and it's so easy to get lost in it, but it can show what a chaotic mess and line of thought those with emotional/mental issues face. 

And the Art and Music is fantastic. Good job.

I don't know if I can call it skewed. It gives a negative impression, but any game about one person's experience is neccessarily anecdotal. Note that the protagonist does say that the clinic is useless because she does not dare open up.