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Lord of the egg

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How do you redeem it anyway?

Good job really nice. If you could check out my game that would mean a lot to me this was my first game jam and if it weren't for your tutorials I wouldn't have been able to make a game for this Jam. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Boss broke for no reason as soon as I put it on itch for some reason thank you so much though

The boss with the laser broke when I posted but also if you fire it shows you ahead forgot to put that in controls

Sorry boss was working fine to where he  would spawn enemies that would restore your shots but it mysteriously broke when I posted it

Here you go please rate

Here's mine haven't got many ratings yet

Will definitely work on it some more first I'm going to learn a bit more on another project then I plan on working on it more!

Thank you  here is my game it's about a man trapped in a world of darkness with only a lantern to show him the truth

Thank you so much!!! here is my game

Thank you so much I'm so glad to meet so many great developers like you! 

I absolutely loved this game and got the worst score possible 

Thank you so much here is my game

Please play my game enjoy

This game is so polished it I wouldn't be surprised seeing a game like this on steam for $20 good job!!!

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Hey awesome game I did find one boundary breaking glitch if in one of the first levels there is a place in the wall that if you slide a wooden crate in you can get it through the wall and eventually yourself but all around amazing game

Nice Game

Awesome game!

I just made a comment and it did it by default

You too and good luck hope you game does good it deserves it!

How does one shoot with a tank? O_O

I love this game it's so cool

My computer can't handle the frames!!! Really nice game though.

Sorry no video wasn't that prepared, fist game jam Thank You

I usually don't like point and click games but I loved this one GOOD JOB

Brackeys You're awesome my game wouldn't exist without your tutorials

I love it

Wow never thought I'd get rick rolled in a game jam