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Lord Kitty Tutu

A member registered Jun 12, 2020

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Great game! Two bugs I found while playing:

1. Sound settings don’t save between game restarts (Windows 10).

How to reproduce:

a. Open the game and go into Settings.
b. Choose "Sound" and use the arrow keys to lower the sound volume to 0; sound is silent during game play.
c. Quit the game.
d. Re-open the game; sound levels are back to their defaults.

Expected behavior: changes to sound settings will persist when quitting the game.

2. Reading the mission Help and clicking “Accept” ends the turn.

How to reproduce:

a. Start a new sector in Campaign mode.
b. Make a few moves with your units, but don't complete your turn.
c. Check the "? Help ?" menu to get information about the mission.
d. Click "Accept" to close the dialog; turn automatically ends and goes to enemy turn.

Expected behavior: After closing the Help menu, player should be able to continue their current turn.

This was another great read. Thank you so much for making it!

Do you think Penelope could come up with a boy potion in a future edition? That would be a really neat addition to her inventory. <3

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Your goatee is adorable, btw. <3 >.< <3

I did actually check out your social media before deciding to post this, so this isn’t just a standoff between two people being too lazy to actually accommodate each other.

I’m sure you have reasons for making everyone contact you outside the forum, and I have my reasons for not giving out my personal social media information to someone don’t already know outside the forum. So we’re at an impasse.

Better luck for me next time, I guess. :shrug:

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I’m sure that the answer might be more helpful to other people who run into the same problem, if you shared that here, instead of making people individually contact you.

Or if that is your policy, you may want to include that at the beginning of your videos, that you don’t answer questions except on Twitch and Discord, even when you have time to respond to tell people you won’t answer their questions.

It’s obviously up to you how helpful you like to be…

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Hey, thanks for the suggestions!

Prepaid cards are a ripoff, especially when I’m paying in dollars, not euros, and for purchases less than $5…for countries that I may only be a few days in.

You’re right, VPN is probably the way to go. But I’d really love to see this fixed – people shouldn’t need a VPN to make purchases, and I know I’m not the only one with this problem. I’d love to see this fixed.

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I spend a lot of time in EU countries that I don’t live in, due to work travel, etc. I can’t purchase games when I’m traveling, because every time I try, I get a popup that says that because of the 2015 VAT regulations, my billing address and country of purchase need to match.

However, this popup is misleading: The 2015 regulations require two pieces of matching evidence to determine the VAT country – IP address is one piece of evidence that can be used, but there are several pieces of information that are also considered valid, such as country of credit card or bank account.

I already have a credit card and billing address on file from the same country, which meets the legal requirements for VAT determination, and is a much stronger set of evidence than the IP address of the country I happen to be visiting temporarily. This seems to be a problem that several people have already expressed frustrations with (although all of the requests have been archived).

I don’t have this problem on Steam or Google Play, and I’d love to keep using this platform. A couple of ways to possibly solve this problem:

  1. Prioritize pieces of evidence – look for a credit card on file before checking for IP address.

  2. Allow a user to manually specify the country, then ask them to manually supply two pieces of evidence (e.g. a bank account plus a credit card, or allow them to say “Always use my IP address” for one of the verifications)

Thanks for the help in improving the purchase experience!

I’m having trouble figuring out from the video what you did to get the cat to run. Would you explain what you clicked on?

For anyone who stumbles on this, I had trouble with Firefox on Linux – just got to the opening image with them sitting around a table, but no dialog. Relaunching the game in Chrome solved the problem.

This demo was a lot of fun! It’s like the best of “Coffee Talk”, “Her Story”, and “Shadow Run” all put together.

I tried to go to the website, but it doesn’t seem to be up any more. Are there still plans to finish this game? I’d love to support it!

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Definitely fun, but the symbols are a bit hard to understand when it comes to figuring out where the guests want to go. I also had problems with overlap of some of the sprites – for example, if you have three characters on the jukebox, sometimes you have to move a couple of happy guests to be able to click on an unhappy one.

Great concept! It’s so refreshing to see games that are fun to play, and have socially friendly themes.

I loved how you changed the pronouns of the characters to reflect their own understanding of themselves, and how other characters just instantly accepted that change.

It felt so validating, like saying, “It’s okay if you don’t understand yourself perfectly – or what you would wish for – the first time around.” We’re all personal works in progress, and it’s okay to learn and grow.

Thank you again for another great story. <3

I found your work through the Racial Justice bundle, and it is so amazing. Reading your stories is keeping me going through some hard times right now, and it makes me feel not so alone. So thank you for everything you do. <3