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Thank you Lintire, there was supposed to be a sprite version of the characters on wagons, with train sound effect and screenshake based on movement (but that is buggy atm, sometimes it shakes too much or it offsets if it moves too fast)

haha yeah, the AI basically 1. predicts where to go when the ball hits its paddle 2. knows where it should go when the player hits the paddle 3. to make it less perfect, added some probability that tries to push it away from the right path (kinda like a constant tug of war, which is why the AI keeps jittering) the best way I found to beat it is to keep rallying until the ball speed is fast enough that it can't move fast enough to the right path

Thanks again for giving it a go, so much to learn but it's gonna be a fun journey

Also music is Wild Arms OST

Appreciate any critic, especially on the ai. thanks