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simple pong game. for learning purposes
Submitted by lonku — 6 hours, 23 minutes before the deadline

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There's no comment section on the game page,  so I'll post it here. I don't think there's any critique in a pong game so I'll skip that and leave you with these few short thoughts. Please do not obstruct the game field/area especially in pong. The particles on the ball cloud the game area depending on its speed thus I am not able to instantly discern where the ball is supposed to go, plus the paddles are also made of particles, so an easy ball can be a missed one due to misleading length. Barrier adds a very slight random level to gameplay. I've also noticed that the ball comes towards you faster/slowly depending if you hold a point advantage or disadvantage, at least that's something rewarding for the player other than the art.


The particles made it hard to see exactly where the paddle was, rather it should feel very solid. Easy to lose track of the projectile in the railroad tracks. The scrolling background was cool, it gave it a weirdly asymmetric speed. The randomly placed barrier was kinda cool. But yeah, pong/10.


I think the only thing that occasionally messed me up - except my own incompetence - was the collision detection and the ball's tail, which didn't seem to point in the right direction. I wanted to praise you for the music excessively but as I just read in the comments you took it from Wild Arms. I guess I can still compliment you for picking fitting music then.

As for the AI, I think it worked, I never felt that it was unfair. At times a little predictable maybe, after a while you could kinda figure out and predict how many exchanges were needed until the AI lost.

Either way, I think it was a nice little game and did what it set out to do. Good job!


Well that's the most unique take on Pong I've seen yet.
I'm not sure if it was just a glitch, or just me, or whatever, but the constant screenshake just make tracking ball by it's relatively weak particle signature to just be a total crapshoot.  Honestly the objects were constantly shaking and offkilter on the main menu too, maybe it really was me.

The AI seemed, I don't know. It's weird that they were able to just counter 5 shots of completely different trajectories in a row from straight shot to nearly 70 degree zig-zags, but what can you do. Got thrashed.

But yeah, unique tack. Has merit. Good luck.


Thank you Lintire, there was supposed to be a sprite version of the characters on wagons, with train sound effect and screenshake based on movement (but that is buggy atm, sometimes it shakes too much or it offsets if it moves too fast)

haha yeah, the AI basically 1. predicts where to go when the ball hits its paddle 2. knows where it should go when the player hits the paddle 3. to make it less perfect, added some probability that tries to push it away from the right path (kinda like a constant tug of war, which is why the AI keeps jittering) the best way I found to beat it is to keep rallying until the ball speed is fast enough that it can't move fast enough to the right path

Thanks again for giving it a go, so much to learn but it's gonna be a fun journey


Also music is Wild Arms OST


Appreciate any critic, especially on the ai. thanks