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Soulfire Sparks


Every romance starts with a story.


Get it for 40% off for this week only!

✨Step into a world where enchantment and romance intertwine in the captivating game of Soulfire Sparks. ✨ Immerse yourself in a magical town, where every date is a chance to discover love and uncover your true self. For one or two players.

💫 Dive deep into meaningful conversations, asking each other profound questions that unveil your past, unravel family legends, and explore your dreams and aspirations. Let the magic of Soulfire Sparks guide you on a journey of self-discovery and profound connections.

🌺 Wander through floating lantern gardens, where ethereal light dances around you, creating an ambiance like no other. Or venture into the whispering woods, where secrets are shared and connections are forged amidst the mystical trees. 

🔥 Lose yourself in a romantic adventure that will leave you forever changed. Let the captivating world, the magical locations, and the profound connections kindle the romantic fire within your soul.

✨ Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure? The quaint, magical town of Soulfire Sparks awaits, ready to ignite the spark of love within your heart. Get ready to experience a game that will enchant and captivate your every moment. ✨❤️


Hi! Yes, on a turn you turn over a card, which gives you a prompt and some questions, and you write down your response. Or, if you choose to play it with others, you tell the other players your response as though you experienced it first hand. We hope you enjoy the game!

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

Our designer is in charge of all the art. We love the aesthetic of Curious Creatures!

Welcome to Curious Creatures, a cozy-fantasy solo RPG!


Step into the shoes of a humble biologist, immersing yourself in the captivating world of a mysterious new species of creature. As the first documentarian to spend time with these enchanting beasts, you hold the key to revealing their extraordinary secrets.

Prepare to witness the wonders that lie within the creature's behavior, observing and documenting their every move. Uncover their intricate mechanisms of survival as you delve into the ways they interact with their environment, evade predators, and search for food. Each revelation will bring you closer to becoming the leading expert, painting a vivid picture of their lives through your words.

But the bond you will create is beyond mere expertise; it's a friendship that will blossom over time. The hours spent in their company will forge a connection so profound that these curious creatures will feel like your own companions.

So brace yourself! Set up your tent amidst the unknown, reach for your trusty binoculars, and prepare to embark on a captivating year filled with wonder and discovery. Are you ready to witness the magic of these extraordinary creatures in their natural habitat? Your adventure starts now! 

Thank you!

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📚✨ Discover the enchanting world of "Quill & Quest" ✨🖋️


🏰 Step into the shoes of a humble journalist in a cozy, fantasy town and let your creativity soar! "Quill & Quest" is a captivating solo writing role-playing game that will transport you to a realm filled with intrigue and discovery.

🌟 Unveil the secrets of a charming town as you immerse yourself in its rich tapestry, delving into captivating stories shrouded in mystery and the enigmatic lives of its diverse inhabitants. Engage in captivating interviews, gather first-hand accounts, and shape the narrative of this magical realm through your diligent reporting.

✍️ Your words hold the power to shape the narrative of the town, writing reviews to reveal its hidden gems, from whimsical shops to enchanting taverns. Your journalistic prowess will determine the town's destiny, allowing you to uncover mysteries, celebrate heroes, and unravel conspiracies, with endless possibilities at your fingertips.

⚡️ Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey of words and wonder? Pick up your quill, ignite your imagination, and let "Quill & Quest" transport you to a world where your storytelling skills shape the destiny of a charming fantasy town.

✍️ Get ready to write your own adventure with "Quill & Quest" - available now from! 📚

That's really kind of you! We designed Word Dungeon to a game easy enough to memorise so you really can play it anywhere without needing the rules with you.

Thanks! It was be great for Mausritter! It's also a great way to add a low stakes ticking clock to your games by telling the players that at a certain time the weather is going to change

Thank you for the great review, I'm happy you enjoyed it! I love that you were have to fill it with twists, as it's really fun to watch your crime unfold in unexpected ways!

Hi! That sounds amazing. If you share the link with me I can share it on my channels. Do you have an e-mail address I can contact you at?

Thank you! I hope you enjoy the game!

Hi Stan, More Community Copies have been added, so you should be able to get one!

Sidekick is out now!

Sidekick is a role-playing game for two or more players where a Sidekick helps a Superhero defeat a Supervillain and their Minions.

During the game, the Sidekick and the Superhero will continuously talk to each other so that the Superhero can better understand the location, the Supervillain's goals, and how to defeat them.

Sidekick is built around the back-and-forth between the Superhero as they are trying to find and defeat the Supervillain, and the Sidekick, who is hidden away in their control centre and has eyes and ears on the city.

By asking each other questions, feeding each other information, and building upon the other player's prompts, the players will create a unique Superhero story packed full of excitement, surprises, and world-ending stakes.

So, don your capes, put on your masks, and gather your intel... there's a Supervillain in town, and only you can stop him.

Get your copy here!

Thanks for your question. To clarify, the rules for 24 Hour Crime Scene and 48 Hour Crime Scene are almost identical, there is just a difference in how you set up the game.

Essentially, 24 Hour Crime Scene includes 24 prompts and 48 Hour Crime Scene includes 48 prompts (24 of those prompts being from 24 Hour Crime Scene). 

48 Hour Crime Scene only includes the rules to set up a game of 48 Hour Crime Scene and not the original rules for 24 Hour Crime Scene.

As for the variants, 48 Hour Crime Scene includes a way for you to create and structure your own prompt deck to change the length of the game.

I hope this clarifies it for you!

Thanks very much! I'm glad you're enjoying it. The edition from El Refugio de Ryhope is fantastic! I don't know of any hacks for it, but if you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!

Word Dungeon is a single-player, dungeon-crawling word game, worthy of your finest notebook... and you can play it for FREE!

Download your free copy HERE.

Long Games

48 Hour Crime Scene : Digital Forensics

A Stand-Alone Expansion for 24 Hour Crime Scene

Out Now!

48 Hour Crime Scene : Digital Forensics is a stand-alone expansion for our hit game 24 Hour Crime Scene. It introduces 48 new prompts, across twelve cards, and a brand new location to investigate: the victim's computer! It also includes instructions for creating your own game variants by mixing up the prompts to create your own unique experience.

Get your copy HERE.


After a vicious murder has been committed, you and your colleagues are the detectives tasked with solving the case, but you only have 48 hours at the crime scene to connect the clues, interview the suspects, investigate the victim's computer, and uncover the truth of what happened.

48 Hour Crime Scene : Digital Forensics is an exciting crime solving game in which you will be drawing the crime scene and discovering clues, to tell your own unique detective story.

Order your copy today!

Long Games


The Knife Trials is a great, stylish and fun meditative game!

The Breach is a fantastic monster-fighting, spacefaring dice chucker!

Nope! You don’t need an Instagram account. We will post our favourite games on our account though!

Hello everyone, and welcome to the first day of Instajam 2022!

Here at Long Games we're super excited to see what everyone creates!

Be sure to join our Discord to share your works in progress and meet the other designers taking part:

Happy jamming!

Long Games

Introducing InstaJam 2022!

A game jam to create a small game that fits in a single instagram post (10 images and a caption of up to 2,150 characters!)

Join us here:

Starts 1 March.

Hosted by Long Games

I love how the winner gets to put the star on top of the tree!

This looks really interesting! You should submit it to the Christmas RPG Game Jam! 

Let us know how you use it

Let me know in the comments what games or ideas you're currently working on!

That's very strange. Try downloading it from the game's page instead of the sale page. That might work.

Hi! Thanks for your question. This is a tabletop RPG jam so we're not accepting video games, but we are accepting programs or apps that can be used in ttrpgs.

We think it's a really good game! We often have Black Friday and Christmas sales so keep an eye out for those!

Ah! For some reason the link was set to be valid for 7 days... It's fixed now!

Thanks for the heads up!

If you can submit it through you can use any tool you'd like!

Absolutely! This jam is all about having fun and isn’t a competition. 

Dice Souls is a quick fun dice-chucker! It kept me entertained during my coffee break. I'd love more of it! Longer levels and more decision-making would be good. It's very lucky. I'd love to be able to earn ways to mitigate that luck, or earn more fate coins.

Looking for something spooky to play this Halloween? Look no further!

We have 20% off of our spookiest games until the end of October! 

Or you can purchase all four games in a bundle for only $30!

So get the candy corn, light your pumpkin, and get ready for the most fun you've ever had being scared!

Click HERE for Halloween Fun

The Games In The Bundle:

Blind Luck - The Last Engineer


24 Hour Crime Scene

Coffee Shop Screenwriter - Halloween Expansion

Long Games

Awesome! I really hope you enjoy playing it!

New Community Copies have been added! Get one quick!

New Community Copies have been added! Get one quick!