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That's interesting! It might have something to do with setting resizable to false in Bevy

This is a really great idea! What a silly experience. I love it. I did have a hard time pulling the dogs back at one point, they got stuck near a house.

Really cute game! I love the sounds so much, and the animal sprites are so cute :)

This is so good!! Also, I love the sound effects so much, those are amazing.

Interesting concept and fun! The acceleration is a bit slow, and I'm not sure the double jump I found was intentional.... I mashed space and up to scale a wall. Overall, a good game!

This was a lot of fun and a cool take on the theme!

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This was so cute, what a neat idea! Also I love the ascii walkthrough :)

I'm not sure what could be causing that for you, it works great on both chrome and firefox for me

Very fun, the character was very fast and became horrifying as it evolved.  I swear I've had nightmares that look like this.

Very fun, the character was very fast and became horrifying as it evolved.  I swear I've had nightmares that look like this.

Interesting mechanics.  I wish I had a touch screen to play on because I bet it would feel amazing.  This would be a neat mobile rage game.

Beautiful art and difficult gameplay.  I really liked it and a nice subtle use of cellular automata that I haven't seen before.

Really neat game! The swooping was very intense the first time I did it and it was wild to be able to eat other birds once I hit max level.  Great work!

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Thanks! I could have been clearer on the difference, mutagen made the ants mutate a lot more. Glad you liked it!

Thank you! He's an inspiration to us all hehe

Thank you! Art is realllllly not my strong suit but I thought it was better than the default blue background.

Yeah I lost a few nights just watching the ants grow haha

Thanks! It was a hard fight between frame rate in the browser and how many ants I could have / how fast I could simulate them. :)

Thanks for the quick reply! I'm still incredibly new and mostly just trying to get a basic tool chain running.  You nailed it with $212C guess (still haven't dug into what it really is yet though).  In their init code ( they used sta instead stz (forgive me not knowing the exact differences yet, I haven't done asm since college) and a discussion page found that changing it made it work with a different emulator and now it works for me with both bsnes and Mesen-S! Great hint!

I've joined the discord and I'm going to check out the tutorials you recommended. It's a shame that there is faulty info out there.  Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

I really liked the confetti effect when you got a point.  Great work for a first game.  Simple but effective.

Loved the character design and the writing.  Trial and error was a little frustrating though.

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Also this code: works on snes9x, creates corrupted sprites on mesen-s, creates a pink background on bsnes and creates a black background on bsnes-plus.  I feel like I'm losing my mind already


To prepare for this jam I have been following this tutorial to set up my tools.  The code I built works great on Snes9x and bsnes but on Mesen-S it creates a corrupted graphic with a square MissingNo type pattern (I can't add a screenshot to this post for some reason).  The goal is a solid green screen.  Any ideas what is wrong (is it my code or the emulator)? It's been a struggle to get started learning snes development and I've found many nonworking hello world examples. 

Most importantly is there a way to be sure my code works when I submit to the jam (without owning hardware)? The jam lists mesen and bsnes as the recommended emulators but even at the learning stage I am getting differences between them.

Thanks :)

Thank you for the feedback! Originally we wanted to have a simpler "tutorial" task or two.. but time constraints got us :)

Thanks! Haha, sorry about the piston. We swapped it to turbine and I guess we forgot to change all the text

Thank you! :)