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Thanks a lot! I'm currently working on some more text adventures. Thanks for your support :)

Hi, I'm working on a new project for IFCOMP, because of the rules of the contest I can not post my game publicly until after the competition, but I can have beta testers. I am still in the early stages of development, but I would like to start finding testers now. It being for IFCOMP it's a text game. Endless Prose is designed to be an endless text adventure, the world and story will be procedurally generated. As I said the game is still in early development, but I would love to have some feedback on the devlogs and tutorials I am writing as I go. Here is my project:

Hey I'm here to tell you about my latest project, Endless Prose, I'm designing it to be an endless text adventure with procedural generated worlds and stories. I plan on entering this game into the next IFCOMP so I will not be able to release it until after the competition, but I would love some followers for now and later testers. I'm still in the beginnings of development, but I am creating devlogs and tutorials as I go. Check it out here:

Text adventures offer a unique form of gaming that is not limited by animation systems or graphics. This allows for the creation of complex and imaginative worlds that may be impossible to create with traditional video games. The player's mind can freely roam in these text-based landscapes, leading to truly immersive experiences.

What are your thoughts on the creative possibilities of text adventures? Have you had any memorable experiences in these types of games? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

thanks! It has a lot of features and I've been told it's pretty fun.

Duality Game Jam community · Created a new topic Progress

Hey here is what I got so far, I'd love to get some feedback. It took me about 3 days to make the level and mechanics for both games and just need to add sound, menus and polish.

ya that issue came up when I changed the font, but I think I fixed it with the last update. And actually for cryptograms shorter puzzles are harder. 

Thanks that is something I could definitely improve.

I mean the controls are not smooth.. sometimes during a jump I lose forward acceleration part way through the jump. Also sometimes using the arrow keys triggers the web navigation, which might have been the issue all along.. Using wasd would solve that.

Ya the size for the text box wasn't big enough after I changed fonts I think I fixed it tho..

Man I'm still playing this game! Awesome job! I got the case but fell off a building.. :S So fun!

Great job! Glad you finished that is an accomplishment in itself! :D Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoyed :)

I love the artwork!

I like clicker games, good job, but too short!

Game froze in chrome, but worked great in edge. Controls work good and are smooth, puzzles are good. I like it!

The controls are a little buggy and I couldn't find my way through the dark area.. But definitely is mysterious.

Graphics look good, but I can't seem to interact with objects..

I like the voice acting and the gameplay is interesting, I did get a bug where the audio/game kept restarting looping through after I got to the choice of hide of flee.. Neat concept.

Controls took a few secs for me to get the hang of but ultimately really good, I love the whole case mechanic where you can grab it again, the case mechanic really adds a lot of to the runner genre. And the music is awesome!

I love the music! Controls are easy and work well, awesome job!

Do you want to make a RTS game in unity but not sure how to move all the units efficiently? Don;t worry the  RTS Flowfield Movement System is available on the unity asset store. This asset uses dynamically spawning flowfields to direct units across the map. Many modern RTS, like Supreme Commander, use flowfields for troop movement. Get your copy here:

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Are you working on a clicker game or casual game  in unity where you need massive numbers?  My large number asset handles numbers up to 10^123! Get it now for unity!

Epic Prose Special Edition is finally finished! I decided to fix all the bugs and finish the game. I'd love to hear some feedback from the community.  Epic Prose is a rpg text adventure set in the magical world of Epica! After a dragon wipes out your village, you vow to hunt it down and destroy it!

Uploaded a new version after the Jam, added config menu and made some adjustments.

I didn't get to do enough testing at all, I think I'll upload a more playable version, tighter, more responsive controls and lower difficulty.

Game was awesome just finished it! controls were as tight as they looked! I myself did way better using w instead of space, so really cool you have the option. The last level was the hardest for me and took me the longest to finish. My wrist is a bit sore now.. but it was really fun.

Thanks a lot! I wanted it so that you could never see the whole picture at once. I had  a lot of fun developing it, although it was really rushed, but I'm happy with the results and may develop it further. Thanks again :)

good mechanics looks polished