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Thank you! Hope you enjoy the demo!

I wish it were feasible for me to do so, but sadly I cannot make that commitment pre-release.

Hey just wanna say this was really cool and I love the visuals!

Thanks for your kind words and constructive feedback! There will be options to tone down or turn off those effects in the full release.

Thank you so much!

Thanks!  Wait till you see what we do with the full game

Hey thanks!  That will definitely be a feature of the full game.

Hey thanks! The full game will be out around Valentine's day of next year, and will be launching at $20 with five routes at around 15 hours of total content. . 

Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the full game!

Sorry but Todd is not dateable.

glad you enjoyed it!

Hey thanks for your great commentary!

Thank you for your kind words! I hope you enjoy the rest of the demo.

Glad you feel this way! Rose's route is one we are all particularly proud of.

Hey, thanks so much for your support and your kind words! Due to feedback, there will be options to turn down the VHS filter effects or to disable them completely in the full game. I've also lowered the intensity of some of these features as a default. 

lol you may be right!

The full version will be paid, and it will contain five routes each around three hours long. 

Hi, thanks for your comment! The static is an occasional feature in this demo but isn't a constant or persistent threat. The full game will feature an option to turn it down further or turn it off altogether. 

Hey, thank you so much! Your kind words mean a lot.

Thanks for the quick update! I was just waiting for the multiple photos before picking this up.

Glad you enjoyed the game! It's intended to be a prequel/proof of concept that introduces a few characters and sets the tone for the main game.  The full game will contain five story paths following Maria, Rose, and three other characters.  

And yes, you'll probably get that kiss at the end.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's been interesting seeing all the ways people have reacted to two very different characters, I look forward to the reactions everyone has to the full cast!

Thank you! Stay tuned for more later this year!

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! I'll be sure to fix that issue in the next update, and the full game will also contain an option for they/them pronouns.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for more, and if you're interested I post updates and screenshots on twitter and instagram!

Huh, not sure about that. I haven't heard about that before.

We're excited to show it off! Glad you enjoyed the demo!

Hmm, I think I've fixed that issue. Let me know if you run into any more issues

Hey thank you for your interest! I will be adding the ability to turn off the vhs filter in the near future. Please follow or check back in soon, I will post a dev log when the update is ready and available.

I'd love to add my project to this bundle.

Thanks for the feedback, especially the playtesting notes! I don't know how the pronouns slipped through there, I'll be sure to catch those in this weekends update. 

I'll also say that you've caught the only Very Special Scene... for now. And that you don't have to worry too much about it being like a certain unnamed game.  The knives aren't coming out anytime soon, and you'll need to worry about a lot more than JUST ROSE.

I do like that one! I played it a very long time ago but it might be time to revisit it.

Love it, looking forward to the full release!

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After many months of hard work, the Don't Take it Personally team is ready to release our first demo! It's an hour long, self-contained dating sim with a retro nineties style, chill lo-fi beats, and four different endings.

Spend an eventful night in the woods with two of your friends (who may be interested in you, but aren't really sure about each other) and talk about life, your darkest fears, your deepest desires, and whether maple soft serve is better than orange vanilla swirl. Whatever you do, don't get distracted by the strange noises coming from the woods or from your phone...

We hope you enjoy the first trip with these characters, and come back for more adventures with the full cast later next year!