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Go for it, dude, you have my full permission :)

Salutations. I just released my experimental, gauche-as-hell shoot'em up In Extremis on this beautiful platform. The game was initially released in 2016 in Steam to literally no acclaim whatsoever, now after almost four years and countless patches, I am making it available completely for free here (though donations are very much appreciated). It will soon be available for free as well in Steam, with achievements and leaderboards, so if you prefer drinking the milk straight from Gabe Newell tit you might want to wait until next week to get it there.

Feedback and commentary is very much appreciated. Have fun!

Yeah, even almost a week after the end of the jam I'm still tinkering with the cooldowns and unit properties to find the right balance of timing and skill. Not sure if the game tone should be more strategic (which would be ironic, heh), or something more based on reaction times and twitch skill.

Yeah, initially my plan was for it to be a more twitchy and reflex-based game (kinda like a fighting game), so I'm tweaking the post-jam version to be faster and encourage more careless and impulsive play :p

Thanks! I'm preparing a post-jam version to polish some of the edges. It was a really fun game to make, and I have a lot of ideas for it now!