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Thank you so much!!!! I loved your video, and reaction to the jump scares!! Thank you for your support and thanks for playing!!!

Feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions!

Unfortunately I don't have a better answer than a vague "high-end PC." With the game being playable in 4K it's a tad heavy, as are the engine settings. I'll be able to develop further when I start working on the Xbox demo.

this was such a great walkthrough, I’m glad you had fun!!!!

email me at :

Let me know your feedback and suggestions! Thank you for the awesome video!!

What a fun playthrough!! I’m glad you enjoyed the nightmare, I was hoping for that kind of intensity and challenge! LOL

Once my XDK arrives I’ll be porting and sweetening the demo for Xbox. Thanks again for the video!!!

Thank you for keeping a dialogue with me, I appreciate the feedback.

I’d say the demo reflects roughly one half day of seven. It was difficult trying to educate the player on how the process of the final game will work. “The Grinder” is one of dozens of planned nightmares that will be experienced in a non-linear fashion. You were forced to die in the mannequin room as an introduction to the nightmares, with the journal found in the art gallery hopefully tying the experiences together through narrative text.

As for size of file, it comes down to time constraints. I chose to prioritize quality over performance in this instance because I was going to be meeting with publishers at GDC. It’s why I have it marked as “prototype,” this game needs the time it deserves. In an ideal world I could spend two weeks alone optimizing models, textures, etc. keep in mind this game is playable in 4K.

Thank you for recommending “Stories Untold,” I’ll add it to my research!

I cannot thank you enough for sharing and your feedback!!! I’ll be developing again this summer to port the game over to Xbox, I’ll be refining the PC demo as well. Thanks again, any feedback or suggestions are appreciated!!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed playing!!! These videos are so much fun for me!!!

I appreciate your feedback very much, Sir!! I know my demo was not the most polished or perfect demo out there, but I did my best, and I’m still happy with my progress regardless of the review. 

There are technical issues all over. Like any project, this could’ve used more than months to develop, and more hands than my own. I capped my dev time at GDC’18 so I could meet with indie publishers, working on my game full time would be amazing!!

I know the size wasn’t the best or the optimization, I’m completely new to this and I apologize for your troubles with the game and its issues. 

One of the toughest parts as a solo indie dev, it’s hard to get players! Testers are so crucial to shaping the experience. Videos like this help me a lot with crafting the game and making it more suspenseful and intrigueing. 

Thank you for playing my demo and your feedback!

Dude, I had so much fun watching you play, thank you so much for making the video, I’m glad you enjoyed my demo!!! I just got developer status for Xbox today, so I’ll be working on getting the demo on Xbox Live this summer!!!

For a smoother gameplay experience, try from either the main menu or pause menu, set game res to 1280x720, and “Optimal Settings.” The game defaults to HD with high engine settings.

Bro, in the Nightmare Arena Challenge, NEVER stop moving, always kill who is closest! Run and jump over enemies, gravity has changed here!!

Thanks so much again bro, I really appreciate it!!!

I’m so sorry for your troubles with the demo! I’m a bit short-handed doing this on my own, so I don’t have the settings at the moment to downgrade the engine further for a larger array of PCs. I suggest playing with the “1280x720” and “optimal settings.” I will be developing again soon, as I will be porting this over to Xbox hopefully within the next couple months. I hope that helps, thank you so much for your interest, let me know how it goes!

WOW, thank you SO MUCH for playing, your kind words, and video!!!!! 

Thank YOU, kind Sir! I look forward to your reaction!

There was an issue earlier with the download button, which has been replaced with a direct link on the game page. Thanks for your patience!

I apologize again for the button not working, I have removed it and replaced it with a direct link to the download. Thank you for your patience, and I hope you'll give it another go!  :) 

That’s odd. It should be pointing to the build on Google Drive.

I apologize for the inconvenience, you can also download it directly from my site :

It was quite the herculean effort, but I finished it in time for GDC’18!

Nearly two years of work, I finally get to give out some scares!! I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback, I’ve put so much of myself into this game, I really feel you’ll enjoy it! This video below is one of the “Nightmare” scenarios, I’ll save the mansion scares for your individual experience! Thanks for playing, look forward to your feedback, and enjoy!

Link to itch game page :

Game page on itch