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Hey!, I glad you enjoyed the game!
Yeah the game is a bit unbalanced at the moment and we will address that and more features over time :D

Thank you so much everyone! My username is: Litefeather

Heh! Glad you enjoyed!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

Bro made tea out of coffee! Anyway good game!

Heyo! Very enjoyable and interactive game! I loved how every machine worked and the process of making different coffee! Very well done!

My god I loved the sound effects! it had me laugh all the game through!  Really fun game! I hope roger doesn't get arrested lol 

Heyo! This is quite great! Actually was amazing for a first game jam!
This was one of the ideas me and my duo had and it's great to it see so well executed here! Great job

Damn really cool hack n slash game! I had a bit of performance issues and and got stuck outside of the map sometimes lol
But overall it was really nice the animations and the art! With a bit more polish it would had been perferct! 

Very beautiful game! ! !

What a lovely and cute game! We loved the aesthetics overall style of the game! Excited to see where you go from here!

Heyo! Neat game! This was my best score! Only lost because got the 3 cups line up back to back

Giga coffee chad! Fast boi

Damn this was quite polished! Great job!

Heyo! Very fun! Was very well executed! I quite liked the design as well

Heyo! Really lo-fi vibes! I loved the main mechanic of the game!

Heyo! Very cool game! You kept me on tension all the time!

Heyo! Very cool! I loved all the minigames! I had a rough start but was I got into the groove of the game I was really fun!

Cool game! Very nostalgic!

Wow the art style is pretty cool!

Heyo! Very fun platformer! I got stuck sometimes of some screen swapping and on some walls, but overall pretty neat game! With a bit a polish could be a very good game!

Heyo! Fun game! Reminds me of one of my first game! Cool beans :D

I also really enjoyed your game! I really liked that in your game we have to guess the client's order. It was something we planned for but couldn't achieve very well


Very pretty!

Heyo! Neat game! Could be a nice mini game for a driving game!

The camera was a bit jarring tho and almost got me sick ;d

Heyo! Pretty neat concept! Really enjoyed it!

Heyo! That brain animation was sick! Pretty much me in the morning

Heyo! Very cute art! Game was fun Got really havocy at the end

Heyo! Pretty neat game, cool to see a game in bevy! 

I really enjoyed the game progress, the maze generation and the different ghosts. But I didn't like that the game had a lose codition and just kept going.

Heyo! Interesting concept, could cool to see where you take it from here.

I didn't get what do you with the army :( I kinda just went to the end and won 

Heyo! Cool arcady game!
Couldn't play on chrome for some reason, but it worked on edge lol

I felt that the explaining of how to make a coffee was too lenghthy. I would've been better to have a small tutorial of how to make a coffee or a something segmented of how to mage a coffee. So I was left really confused on how to play the game. But I got it there in the end!


Got 42 mins and then the game said nah bro this aint never gonna end

Yup tha was it

Very clever and interesting puzzle game, well done!

Quite good! The minimalist look fits pretty well with the gameplay 

Quite good! The minimalist look fits pretty well with the gameplay 

Glad you enjoyed it !