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Currently we can buy shares (integer) in corpornations to represent how many shares (percentage) we have. That doesn't sound right. I am not a native English speaker, so I am not sure how best to put it, but maybe stock and share, respectively?

Anyway, now I noticed that although I technically have more stock in Russia, I have smaller share for some reason.

I never felt like I understood how it works, but this here moment clearly made me notice that something seems wrong.

P.S. I am not saying you have to make stock market work realistically, because that may be both too hard and make nation buyout impossible.

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where "2" is apparently corpornation.

It worked!

The new build (v04_03_2018) really doesn't freeze the time on old the saves.

> Did you end the turn before checking again?

No, I didn't.

> Right now the game can only reassign the head shareholder when doing it's end of turn updates/checks.

That's what I'm pointing at. If this is the intended behaviour - then alright.

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I am receiving this "Project has been delayed" email after the project has been completed.

Does it mean that coming with a spinning angle has been delayed (I'm spinning the project, but I wouldn't call that a delay) or is this a bug?

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Sometimes, another corporation buys enough shares to overtake me as the majority shareholder.

When I promptly buy more shares and become the majority shareholder again, I still get the message 'Only the corporation with the most shares in this nation can change the laws there.' and cannot change the laws until the next turn.

I am not sure whether this is intended or not.

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Thanks for explaining this, James! It feels nice to once again understand the logic of the game.

Indeed, I played the previous build of the game (v0_851) before this one (v12_02_2018) and have old saves lying around. With the new build, I started anew, to start harvesting bugs anew.

While we are on the topic of save files, are all of the save files represented by one physical file? ( on my system). I'm asking because I wanted to post a save file on a forum, but I'm not sure if I am in fact posting all of them.

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Sometimes, time stops in the game.

The calendar keeps ticking, and the events do keep firing, but the CEO doesn't age, the products don't get launched, the Connections do not accumulate and there's no income.

It is impossible to finish the game when this happens.

Saved game: 'Listic V'

P.S. In the saved game 'Listic IV' the time hadn't stopped, but will after a few turns; easiest to notice because the balance stops changing between turns.

ok, now I'm doubly sure this is a thing: I have a Death prediction newspaper after I already launched Death prediction in one nation and, by the way, have all of the spin angles researched on it:

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I've had this newspaper just when (or a turn before, it seems?) I have discovered Brain transfer.

Anyway, surely it's been a while after I discovered Death prediction.

Save file attached: 'Listic IV'

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When the country overview window is open, we can click elsewhere on the globe and be transported to another country.

Not so if we have already opened Laws or Media sub-window: this makes the planet non-clickable and non-draggable. Maybe let the player click (and drag?) away to another country when Laws or Media window is open?

When I click on the notification icon in the lower-left corner of the screen, e.g. 'Lost human resources', and then click it again, it shows a different version of the story:

When an email notification about new hires arrives, it would be nice if it mentioned which hires they are an how many.

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Sometimes, 'Invest favour' and the text get corrupt in country overview -> 'Laws' window.

The problem persists between re-openings of the same window, but goes away after save/load.

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When the following event occurs:

all of the three options, including 'Not my problem', result in losing 3% inefficiency. Is this an expected result? I would expect the company to gain inefficiency due to us neglecting the problem.

Let's use F1...F12 keys to access game windows, e.g. F1 to access 'Your corporation', F2 for 'Research' etc.

Escape key should close the window and get you back to the planetary overview, but not open Resume/Save/Load Quit dialog.

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When I click and drag anywhere on the screen, the globe rotates. Unfortunately, that includes clicking and draging the End Turn button. When I drag a little while clicking it, the glob rotates a little at first, making me think I mis-clicked, but no, the turn actually ends. This happens to me a lot.

Maybe add a shading or depression animation to the button, so that pressing it will feel more visceral?

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How about dropping immediately back into the game after loading or saving?

When I ask to load or save the game, I expect the game to do it and get on with it, that is resume playing.

Make Agendas window draggable vertically, the way Research window is draggable horizontally.

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I've only been playing this game a little, but I have already accumulated quite a few save games with the same name ("Listic I"). Is it just me or does the game save extra duplicates? I would expect just one game with that name.

P. S. Oh, are these games from an earlier version of the game? I can only see one savedGames*.gd file in "C:\Documents and Settings\user\AppData\LocalLow\James Patton\Spinnortality".

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Certain newspaper is lacking a cover photo:

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Some geometrical shapes in the corporate logos are too unaligned:

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As shown in the screenshot, tutorial window obscures the modal decision window:

If the modal decision window is not blocked, sometimes the tooltip is:

Maybe it would be a good idea to let the player minimize the tutorial windows? Like those red actionable icons (displayed in the second column from the left): you can minimize them all you want, but you still have to deal with them until the end of the turn.

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When I bring up Agenda window, the icons on the world map below show through it.

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I've had 2 Contracted Ubermensch (a fugitive one and a bonus one from researching the technology). Still, I could not hire any more for several turns (the (+) buton next to 'Contracted Ubermensch' was missing).

The problem went away after I exited and reloaded the game.