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Played the browser version! I liked the moving backgrounds, especially the moving branches and soft, glowing lights. The steam from the pot and bowls were great too, felt so warm~ ❤️

I gotta admit I nearly had a heart attack when I scored mostly wrongs in that rules pop quiz. 😨I have the brains of a goldfish, what can I say...

Who on earth would quiz their crush on rules??? No one but Lan Wangji, of course...

Thank you for your hard work making this game~

Hi, thanks for your comment! You bring up a great point about not having any backgrounds for certain character sprites - I did forget to mention that it's easier to find modern-day backgrounds or those featuring Japanese school settings compared to, say, Neverland, feudal Japan or anything of the Victorian era. It's one of the things that causes developers to not use specific assets or write specific stories as well, even if they could.

From developer to developer, though, I can try to help you with your issue in Point (1). You don't actually have to create a special credits page to credit the artists or sound creators - you can just edit the About page in Ren'Py, if you're using that as an engine. You can find it in the screens.rpy file and edit it:

Alternatively, you can write the credit module in your text once the game ends, in your script.rpy file itself:

I can't speak for other creators out there, but you're probably going to have a difficult time finding free assets you can use if you don't find a way to credit them, especially if you intend to sell your game. Free assets can take hours, days or weeks to make, so the lowest bar of use is to credit the creator of the free source you're using. This also extends to sound files and background music.

As a developer, we can potentially get into trouble with customers who've bought our game and decide to report us for not crediting our sources, once they find out we're using free assets instead of purchased ones since they're paying us in the first place. I've seen some pretty... vocal people on the Internet. Having a credits page tends to help us as developers quite a bit.

Point (4) appears to be specific to my assets, so I guess I can only answer for myself. I tend to put extra information within the metadata - this is because developers specifically looking to create commercial games to sell will most likely check the metadata or extended information due to legalities. Most prolific commercial game creators tend to have a dedicated team for scripting, timing, QC as well as art, animation, sound, voice-overs and music, and these are usually paid assets. When I mention my stuff is commercial-free, it simply means that I don't accept payment for them, and that I'll put out only a standard set of free stuff and modifications are for the team to make, not me. While I do allow them to be used commercially, it'll absolve me from further involvement. Legal use is always in the metadata/further information area. It's neater-looking, more professional, and still within the same page.

If you don't know anything, it's not a bad idea to ask in the comments. Hope that helps! Cheers~


OMG! You're definitely one of the the luckiest to date! One of the best boyfriends in RBG, bless!

Ooo thank you.. who did you get as a boyfriend 👀👀👀


At least you know what he's doing! 😘 Thank you for playing and rating~

Aww, thanks for crediting and you're welcome! Yeah, I kinda get how you feel - having ideas but having a hard time expressing them visually. Glad these help! Figured some folk might need these for the upcoming month of Mermay~

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Uh, does this help?

I don't know if every developer who makes femboy games would remember to tag is as such since the tag doesn't automatically pop up when you're typing it. A developer might probably think folk won't look under the tags and opt to pick the ones that do pop up instead.

An alternative is looking using the Search option ( but the limitation here is that not every title appears when you're using this option. Some games that aren't already tagged do pop up though.

Anyway, good luck! Femboys seem quite popular, from what I've seen. I'm surprised they don't already have a Femboy Game Jam hosted. Maybe you could host one and get more femboy content put out!

You're welcome~

Sure, no problem! Feel free to edit them how you like!

Wow they gonna get abs! Wonderful!!

Thanks for being understanding about it! And yeah, I do get the need to double-check. Some people don't like the naughty! I'm kinda curious as to how these are going to be used in an NSFW game, though - they're wearing so many clothes. 😳 Oh my, my imagination is running now... what naughty things can one do with clothes on, heheheheheeee 😳🤭🤭

Aww, thanks for your kind words! I'm so glad you like them! Always happy to share~ I hope more developers or storytellers can find and use them, especially those starting out and experimenting, if they can't draw themselves or don't already have a dedicated artist on the team.

More free games means more games for everyone to play too! So thank you for making free games too! Bless~~ ❤️

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Hi Lila! You're welcome and thanks so much for the compliment!

And sure, no problem! I make NSFW games myself, so I really don't mind them being used naughtily haha! Thanks for considering downloading them!

EDIT: Also sorry for the late reply. Been mad busy @_@

Ikr?? Poor guy T_T

Hi! Commercial use is fine.

Thank you! Glad you liked it! I'll look into it when I have some time~

Ikr? Imagine talking while flying and BAM a bird in your mouth

No probs! Thanks for making such a cute game!


I keep hitting birds! I love this! 😍🥰

Ikr? You're expecting normal sexy, and then BAM! otherworldly sexy

Thank you hua hua

But... bunny here secretly has abs too ;__; It's just hidden by clothes....

Thanks and no problem~ Hope it's helpful~

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Hi everyone! I noticed that Alice in Wonderland-themed visual novels are allowed, so I decided to share my free sprites here in case anyone needed something quick/last minute.

Each pack has 9 to 69 different expressions depending on character. All are transparent 2D PNG files drawn/colored by myself using Medibang and Photoshop. You can edit and rename them freely after download, but no edits are necessary since they can be immediately be used by copying them to the Ren'Py game\images folder.

Link here:

I don't really have restrictions on usage. You can use them in your written novels covers too, if you like.

Hope it helps! Cheers~

Thank youuuuu~~ time to change my ugly banner, bless

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EDIT: Hurrah it is fixed! Thank you so much~

Hey, no problem

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I second this! I personally tend to play browser games as first preference myself, so I suppose that's where my bias comes from. There's a lot less hassle overall and you don't need to jump through hoops to enjoy something simple. I can't speak for other players but I'd still be online and logged in after playing it and would usually remember to comment or rate. It's still fresh on my mind, after all.

Even  a demo is fine - I've played demos on the browser and commented right after since I at least had enjoyed the demo version. I feel more people might consider buying or downloading a game if they could try it out on a browser first without any hassle to quickly make a decision. Sometimes I download games and forget I've downloaded them, only to discover I'd actually downloaded it weeks later, and have unfortunately already lost interest in it.

But if a web version isn't possible for a demo due to limitations, a free download would work just as fine, imo. Multiple screenshots also help if a demo isn't available. At least as a potential buyer I'd know what to expect, aha!


Well, uh, that's $136.34 in revenue that I don't have on Itch - I have a grand total of $0.00. So, hey, that's at least one person here that you're getting paid more than! Gotta count the small blessings, I guess!

Honestly though, it's hard to get noticed when the platform's flooded with other games. You'll need to stand out - and you might probably want to start by making your game covers look more attractive imo. People won't know how good our coding and gameplay are if they won't even click on the game cover to take a look because our game doesn't look as nicely designed as the others lined up next to it. That's what competition is.

If you're looking at other developers' pages and seeing that they're getting ratings and comments, why not look at how they've designed their pages, game covers and where they've been promoting? You can learn a lot from that. I periodically look up popular games and check their pages and covers out. I'd look at the colors and fonts they're using and how they're describing themselves in their profile pages.

Anyway, try not to let your experience on Itch deter you from your passion if engineering is really what you want to do. Sure, you won't be able to code the stuff you want, the way you want and there are numerous death marches along the road, but I'd say software engineering pays bills and you might meet some good bros there if you maintain a good attitude.

As for game design... you can give it a try as a career, but I've heard that it's extremely saturated. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Good luck!

Yay! No problem, and I'm super stoked you liked it!! Keep smiling~~~

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I don't mind this feature being implemented if there's site-wide demand for it, but if it is I'd appreciate an option to disable it or at least change how it looks. I like feedback, but I don't really want folk to be able to create forum topics on my profile page - I find that they look rather clunky. A comments section at the bottom of the page as an option looks better, imo.


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Peekaboo! I seeeee yooooooooou 😘😘😘

Sleek character designs! Gotta say the concept of mixing a traditional tale with the more modern concept of yanderes is very novel! Nice work!

Hahaha! I do wonder what most people are expecting! Thanks for playing~

Aww thanks! I haven't built downloadable distributions for it, but we will see!

I know right? You are what you eat after all~

Gotta love snails! They're slow and simple and remind us that sometimes it's just good to snail it down. Glad you enjoyed the game~

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Managed to develop this in less than a week by using my own pre-made sprite packs and backgrounds from my older games. Shaved off so much design time, bless~

Edit: I'd copied some older code over from That Xiyao Game for the restaurant menu too. There's an option to quit reading through the food list, which I liked.

You're welcome! I shall go check it out later~

Glad they made you laugh! At least I hope they did~

Ikr? Stars are like the prettiest balls of gas out there

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Oooh! An analytics page! Joy~

Thanks everyone for sharing their stats! I personally like these things - they're usually quite telling of what the user base usually browses for. It's hard as nails to get other devs to share their stats and analytics, so thank you for this!

Anyway, I guess I should share mine to add to the pool... let's see...

As of this current post:

Years on site: 2

Games: 9

Asset Packs (PNG Graphics): 11

Views: 112,658

Downloads: 6,840

Followers: 466

Posts: 155

Topics: 2

Browser plays: 38,296

Platform: If it helps, all my games have browser-based or have browser-based versions. I'd noticed an uptick in site visits after I enabled web-based versions for my download-only stuff some time back.

As for activity: I'm inactive for months on end, and tend to upload stuff or post devlogs and comments in random spurts before going quiet again. I do try to promote on social media sometimes, but nowadays I barely do that since it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Nature of games: They're anime-style romantic gay visual novels aimed at a primarily female demographic. (Edit: By "female demographic" I mean me, myself and I. My VNs are made to my own personal tastes, lol)

That's it! Thank you again everyone for sharing your stats - I was clicking through your profiles to view them, if you don't mind. Cheers~

I kept getting caught - and I liked it! Great game!