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you tell me. Do you know how to fix one of those?

That Henna pattern is captivating. I may examine further, later.


No worries, brother/etc...


This begins to feel like a Greek Circus of Eros.

At any rate, I was looking for a word to describe my tendencies, in addition to sapeosexuality. So: thanks.

That being said, though: I don't know why it needs a flag. [shrugs.]


Clearly, what you are proposing here is subversive to the same legal system which we are all party to as Game Developers publishing works, either for profit or exposure. It is also radically subversive to our inherent identity as "dependent, rational animals" (MacIntyre, After Virtue) who are born within a "specific historical setting, with specific historical factors" (Jung, Face to Face Interview) whose role, since birth, is preordained by incontrovertible moral standards and traditions.

To express merely the outrage and the moral indignation in seeing this Jam's existence, to say nothing of its inexplicable attendance (already double the submissions to my Dream Jam, whose focus was the creative study of the Unconscious Mind) would be marginal and countersensical, however, since it would not only be an expression of those all-too-human emotions which I am embarrassed to regard in ANY serious political matter, except as a negligible logistic, but also it would be drowned out by the mob of ignorant, self-interested animals who are responsible for the perpetuation of the Quarantine, the continued spread of Coronavirus, the meme of race and “racism”, [prove it!!] as well as continued acts of prejudicial violence against both civilians and Law Enforcement in Our Country.

Let me make this clear to you, Sir or Madam: you have NO good faith legal basis to organize this. Everything which we take for granted as a civilization is directly contingent upon the existence of a legal system so subtle that you could spend your lifetime trying to unriddle it. Legions of legislators, litigators, and enforcers labour daily to protect the illusion that your Life has Value, while most of the World’s Philosophers, for centuries, have been unified in agreement that Inherent Rights do NOT exist outside of the confines of such an Establishment, so much so that even the most discerning minds don’t bother with the Herculean and – dare I say it? – Sisyphean task of finding Justice in the state of Nature.

What you are expressing is nothing short of the clinical predisposition that the average, unskilled mind has in plateauing at a low rung of morality, specifically Conformism, (Kohlberg, Essays on Moral Development) wherein one exploits the concepts put forth by philosophers about the “intrinsic value” of Human Life whilst working against any system that labours to preserve it, often at the risk of egoism. Any failure which you might point to in the execution of this project is NOT symptomatic of a flaw in the inherent design of the system, any more so than a computer virus or a hammer to the hardware might render the P.C. null and void.

The average human animal struggles, demonstrably, even to recall the bulk of Unconscious mental contents which haunt the dreaming mind for a veritable third of one’s lifetime, and yet you dare to assert the authority of a psychological genius in claiming something like “racism” to exist? Enlighten me to that Divine Vision which informs your episteme!! Logistically, more acts of mortal violence are carried out either by civilians towards one another or by military combatants towards foreign agents than have ever been carried out by failures of law enforcement, which might and ought to be written off, in context, as a testament to the extreme difficulty of the job, one aggravated by shameless groups of people who falsely believe themselves to be more qualified in establishing Law and Order.

Your media is saturated with censorship at the expense of the information which is actually out there. Rather than turning to a filthy, proto-Fascist reactionary, you ought instead to rejoice that there are agents of enforcement who continue to protect you, your faith in Law restored by the reminder that, at any moment, any one agent of the Law might fall into that depravity which is intrinsic to the uncivilized Human Condition.

Stop threatening people, stop hurting people, and stop turning one man’s tragedy into a devastating epidemic, as if Nature hadn’t supplied us with that already, just to vent your own adolescent gripes. It is EXTREMELY prejudicial to criticize ANY authority, except by appeal to a greater one. It was Stalin who said that the death of millions are a statistic while we bewail the death of one. You are not that important, and, if you wish to be, honour those who enable this, weeping for those who fell in a battle which is certainly our native state. Trusting the average person is a child’s privilege; everything wrong with the World is perpetuated by average people. Do not blame the Police that a few people of your general character might have gotten in; liberal democracy is heir to that.

Take back your projections, and devote your life to worthwhile pursuits: the development of your Art and the refinement of your Mind. You will never be qualified in addressing “moral questions” otherwise, since you will continue to treat them as questions instead of blatant facts. Don’t take for granted that your legal rights are a God-given entitlement. Our one Saving Grace is in our strife to Be Better, and here you are: telling Humanity to Give Up. Improvement requires force; Solidarity requires the imposition of one’s will; Idealism requires Power. None of these instincts disappear in the absence of the System; they simply fail. Finally: since you have only that with which the Media supplies you, the true nature of any act of violence is categorically Unknown.


I do not need to tell you the consequences of persisting. You should know them. I have done you a service today by speaking Truth to you. Do nothing to target me, nor to subvert this Truth, if the fate of the World and the Soul are truly your concern. I only Hope that my own feelings, very strong at the moment, have been sufficiently filtered through the Divine Gift of Reason, that mortals might be reminded of that which has come before them and that which, so long as we are Human, will live on longer after we pass.

Lin Ji.

Subliminal Mind Games.


is this how you regard the institution of matrimony?

this feels... ironic.

nice feet; can't wait to hear them.

Just as I was musing upon Google's lackluster advertising for Fatherhood, this came up. Thank you for keeping the Tradition Alive.

Happy Father's Day.

Lin Ji.

Subliminal Mind Games.

Post-Scriptum: I wonder if he tells good jokes.


those are some beautiful indie girls; I wish I knew what this game was.

  1. - The game should have a complete and well-crafted story. A game with only game play, but no history is not suitable for this game jam.
  2. - The game must be all in the English language.
  3. - It may not contain sexual, offensive or prejudiced content.

If I must qualify my position, then I shall speak "as a former Literature Major". 

You'll be hard-pressed to create a story which is truly "complete" and "well-crafted" within these Spartan confines.

At any rate, you will inevitably have writers who, across the board, will operate within certain prejudicial confines, and you will never be able to eliminate the possibility of taking offence, regardless of whether or not offence is proffered, since opinions are so diverse, abstract, and multilateral. Besides that: you might find that sexuality is so moving a passion that it will work its way in (if you will pardon the innuendo) somehow. At this point, I am speaking not as a student but as a lifelong Reader and Writer.

That is all.


P.S.: Consider some free revisions: 

"A game containing only game-play, but lacking story, is not suitable for this game jam."

"The game must be written entirely in the English language."

Oh, and don't forget that Oxford comma after "offensive"!!

Choice-driven games are a tricky aspiration. I'm always curious about what the underlying system in the Design is. Is this something you wish to share with the Public, or is it to remain esoteric? I have to ask because I want to know how other Developers view Choices as a Mechanic.


Lin Ji.


Maybe you should e-mail me, unless you need to voice chat.


Prizrak: eto plohoi priznak.

Do you want a translator, comrade? I read your description. It looks interesting.


in the meantime, please enjoy this Visual Novel:


I shall re-upload a Release Executable in due time!!

Thank you for being Honest!!!



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Arpeggios are easy to write, and if run them through a Reverb plugin they will create very consonant harmonies, granted you play within the scale.

Regarding bends: once the sounds are assigned to a MIDI controller with a pitch bend wheel, you can knock yourself out!! I can recommend a few if you would like.


says you. Haha. Look who's talking.

F!XED. False Alarm.

Enjoy the Oracle!!


Thank you!! I know it wasn't the main focus for the Promotion, so I'm glad that the real-world logistics were acknowledged so clearly.

Lin Ji.

I'm just going to go ahead and get down to brass tacks about the technical logistics, since, you know, I'm a Developer and, consequently, a Technician:

1. How much Storage Space is this Bundle going to require? 

2. Will the Games be made available for Individual Download at any time, or

3. Will the Games be downloaded in bulk? and

4. Will the Games be downloaded automatically?

Additionally, I would ordinarily advise you to go in-depth about any legislation which the recipient organization (e.g. N.A.A.C.P.) intends to use the funds towards, but your links ought to suffice in theory. This is typically a matter of standard practice, ("Full Disclosure") but I suppose that in such a medium it is a matter of preference.

Thank you for the initiative. I hope you spark many progressive and informed political discussions, as well as aiding a few budding franchises in the process.

Lin Ji.

Subliminal Mind Games. (Independent.)


Pardon the onslaught of Zipped Files. I recently got some concerning feedback, and I'm testing different formats to see what works best. Feel free to download the folders and to offer feedback, preferably comparative feedback regarding how all three operate relatively.

Lin Ji.


If you find Time, see if you can try all three of the recent versions. The Folders each contain Different Contents; I want to make sure I Identify the problem once and for all. Since the problem was instantly recognizable, and each of these Folders is only a few Kilobytes, it shouldn't take more than a few minutes, if even. If all of them fail, it might be that your system lacks the necessary .net installment.

Thank You for your Patronage.


Try the New Vers!ON, and let me know how it goes!!

Lin Ji.

my Gawd... I don't know what to tell you.

I exported as a Release. the only Reason which I can imagine is: I only included the .c.exe file, excluding the remaining contents of the Folder. I could try uploading those as well as part of the Zipped File.

Did you type Numerals and click "enter"?


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In development since 2018, Keeps Death His Watch has gone through several iterations, most of them programmed in C. This is my first Demo for the Game that was programmed in ren'py. It is also the first Visual Novel which I produced, in its entirety, as a solo project. (My first Visual Novel was Pirates of Gensokyo.) Additionally, it may be considered a Spiritual Successor to my first complete Interactive Fiction, entitled simply GRAND.

Please enjoy this Immersive-but-Deadly, Decision-Based Narrative Experience from Subliminal Mind Games.

Lin Ji.


Since this game only received two ratings, I am unmoved by the results. Like most great works of literature, it may require consumption as a completed whole before it can be truly appreciated. I am bolstered and emboldened to persist!!


Hi. My computer's the only one that's sick, now, but as soon as I recover my Source Code I will re-release the Game, sans bugs. Thank you for inquiring. Feel free to investigate my other games.

Lin Ji.

Three-armed Bawlsack Monster is a terrifying omen. I might be too scared to play. Dat witch tho.