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Wow! If i was a robot i'd sell my overclock crystal to buy the full version of this game x) Can't wait for it to be released! it has stunning art style and the story got me hooked from the start to the end. Best of luck with the rest of the development of the game!

Now that gives a good scare! I really loved the atmosphere and the concept of the game.

I love everything about this game <3 The story, the characters and the dialogue are very cool!

It was such a fun game and the character design is absolutely gorgeous. I'm  excited for the upcoming game. The Phoebe farewell at the end of the credits was heartbreaking though :( RIP <3

I sadly don't own any VR equipment but i wanted to say that the concept and the idea is wonderful :) 

After downloading the game, i couldn't get off my computer before completing it. It's captivating and fun and just so refreshing. 

I loved the fact that clothes are unlockable by choices. I don't think i've ever seen that in another game. It takes character customization to a whole new level. 

All of the characters are stunning including the main character but I'm definitly in love with Gabriel x) Thank you for bringing this beautiful game to the world!

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I love what i've seen from the game so far but the text files do not show up and it gets me kind of stuck..

By the way, that song is amazing!

Awesome music and I love the color palette used in this

It's such a  cute and FUN game! Please make more games like this one :3

A short, fun game with a very well knitted story! The music is delightful and the way the story is painted beautifully in front of you as you play the game. I'm in love with the cosy sad town and it's good people. I hope that there will be more games in the same world.

I am bewildered with the quality of the story, the choices, and the game experience as a whole. For me it didn't feel like just a  game; it was a whole world. 

It truly felt like an adventure in a faraway land and the unnerving and thrilling atmosphere  has  shaken me up quite a lot.

The character is very relatable due to the freedom that the game gives in matters of personality traits, clothes and CHOICES. 

The romance isn't cheesy and unrealistic as it is in many games: it's raw and heartening. 

Its that kind of game that leaves you with an eerie feeling. As if it's not merely a story but much more than that and that's the kind of games that you never forget.

 So my heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone who was involved in making this game for creating this gem. I must also thank you for making it free and easily playable . Do you plan to work on a new game? Would there be an Ebon light II ( fingers crossed)? 

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I haven't smiled and giggled this much in monthes ! Oh Valerian *swooning shamelessly* The scenes of the race and the food stall are the cutest thing ever! I love the way you describe his movements, his eyes, and the very subtle beautiful details of him.

 It's also amazing how his personality feels so authentic and endearing. If there was a Valerian in any universe, I believe he would be exactly as you described him if that makes any sense x) (?). I also loved the way I can make many meaningful choices without having a major impact on the overall story while in the same time shaping my character's personality.

 Abeni and Gnarl are the next routes in line for me to read next :)) Can't wait for the next update! Best of luck!

PS: I played the game in an android phone and it works perfectly.

The game is surprisingly very fun! I can't wait for an update.

I played the demo a long time and I liked it a lot , so I was wondering If the game is on hiatus? will  the full version be available  soon? 

I just couldn't help crying when I reached the end . 

The game  opened the gates of a whole new world before my eyes  because the way you approached the '' artificial intelligence''  was very unconventional to me . The story & the inetractions  were  both  heratwarming and refreshing .

 I definitly loved the CGs  & the spirits , particularly Silas' . I also have a little obsession about the title of the game :Thismysoul , it's just very beautiful !   

If I could wish for something to be added to the game , I think it would be more details about Silas's background story.

 Overall , thank you for bringing such a beautiful game to the world , I can't wait to discover more of your creations .

Well that's a very beautiful game! the combination of  russian clothes and names , the dark and mysterious atmosphere and the captivating story is perfect . Personnaly , I chose  the sorcerer's romantic ending , and I was not disappointed .  I wonder though what inspired you to make this game? 

It looks amazing ! when will the english version be available ? 

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Hello ! I can't wait to play the first episode :)) I m sure the full game will be a wonderfull success :) best of luck to you !

It's sweet and fun :D The conversation is light and adorable ! I definitly enjoyed it

I enjoyed the Demo so much ! The story is very captivating and the characters are lovely , so I ended up getting attached to most of them ;D .When will the full game come out?

Eventually, it worked ! thank god it did , because if it didn't I would have missed playing the best game ever .Honestly, playing the game was such a happy surreal experience , it was like a getaway from reality to a sweet world and everything was perfect : the dialogue , the characters, the stories ,the artwork. I hope that you'll make more marvellous games like this one .Yes , I'm a BIG fan now :D , thank you very much for this game!

I finished the game and I loved it! It's fun and there are multiple choices . I think that the idea of the game and its concept is really interesting and unique ! I just wish it was longer ,well thanks for the awesome game!

The game seems to be awesome and so much fun but when i try to unzip the game it says that the file is damaged and that it's impossible to start it , what can I do to fix it? :(