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I just couldn't help crying when I reached the end . 

The game  opened the gates of a whole new world before my eyes  because the way you approached the '' artificial intelligence''  was very unconventional to me . The story & the inetractions  were  both  heratwarming and refreshing .

 I definitly loved the CGs  & the spirits , particularly Silas' . I also have a little obsession about the title of the game :Thismysoul , it's just very beautiful !   

If I could wish for something to be added to the game , I think it would be more details about Silas's background story.

 Overall , thank you for bringing such a beautiful game to the world , I can't wait to discover more of your creations .

Thank you so much for taking the time to review and leaving such compliments! I apologize I've taken so long to respond! :( Thanks really have to go to the wonderful dev team we put together for this project. Everyone did their part beautifully and I think players have really responded to that. 

As far as Silas and his backstory - I actually DID include more in the first draft of the script (about his creator and his life with the corporation), but the way I wrote it ended up sounding too forced... To keep the dialogue natural - and to meet the Nanoreno deadline - I took out some of the details and left things vague.

I'm really flattered that the game moved you and Silas left you wanting to know more about him! ^^