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I am bewildered with the quality of the story, the choices, and the game experience as a whole. For me it didn't feel like just a  game; it was a whole world. 

It truly felt like an adventure in a faraway land and the unnerving and thrilling atmosphere  has  shaken me up quite a lot.

The character is very relatable due to the freedom that the game gives in matters of personality traits, clothes and CHOICES. 

The romance isn't cheesy and unrealistic as it is in many games: it's raw and heartening. 

Its that kind of game that leaves you with an eerie feeling. As if it's not merely a story but much more than that and that's the kind of games that you never forget.

 So my heartfelt gratitude goes to everyone who was involved in making this game for creating this gem. I must also thank you for making it free and easily playable . Do you plan to work on a new game? Would there be an Ebon light II ( fingers crossed)? 

Oh you're so very welcome and thank you for playing! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Aha, no EL II but that 'world' is one with plenty of stories to tell, for what that's worth!