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That's a very interesting game engine! I can't actually say I've heard of it before, but I think I'll look into it.

Thanks for the info! And keep up the cool development!

Hey there! What is this made in? Scratch, Gamemaker, UE4, Unity? Thanks in advance!

Thanks! I love hearing positive comments!

Awesome! Again, glad people are enjoying this! [^-^"]

I really like this game, and the thought put into it is very nice! Especially the use of my character! It gives me kind of an odd-nostalgia feel (in the best way), and to know that the character in the game is one of my own is pretty cool!

Oh wow I'm so glad you like it! :D

Thanks a ton! I'm really thrilled to hear a comment from someone actually enjoying my game! I too agree that the menu needs some help tho.

Okay, thanks! Please do remove my game.

That's relieving.

How can I leave the jam? I accidentally submitted and joined before I saw the theme, and my game does not fit with that. Also, I don't want you owning my game submission, as that's what I've heard happens.

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I used Scratch, a block-based coding system.

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One of my earliest Scratch games, SIMPLY has been ported to a simple .exe file that can be easily run! All you need is the latest Flash Player!

You can download the games files here on, or, you can play it in your web browser here. Either way you play, they're the same game!

This game was SIMPLY a fun little test. (See what I did there?)