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Really interesting concept, although I did find the instructions to be a bit confusing. Easy to play, hard to master once you get going.

Gives me early 90's arcade game-esque vibes.

Sorry it took so long for me to get around to playing this, but I'm glad I did!

Entertaining concept; although I will not be purchasing the full version in the foreseeable future, I really like the style and sound design you've created. Despite being placed in an empty void, it feels touched with life. Good player feedback, straightforward without any dialog.

Nice job, I wish you the best in your developer future :)

Really fun concept! I hope that in the future you can find a music artist to create a tetris-esque soundtrack; some kind of music would certainly elevate the game.
A note about the web version, you are aware that you can create embedded HTML games in, correct? It'd just make the game that much easier for users to access and try out!
Great job with this, I can't wait to see where it goes.

Really awesome concept and base, but there's certainly massive room for improvement.

First and foremost, the ability to resize (dynamically) would make things so much nicer, and not be confined to multiple predefined sizes

Secondly, sound design; I know it sounds silly but this application could seriously benefit from some softer, more user-friendly sounds. Things like the clear sound effect, send, etc. are very harsh on the ears and I find myself muting the application very often.

Thirdly, polish! Please, more polish would make using this so, SO much better. Things like:

- Enlarging icons when the mouse is hovering over them

- Small animations for user feedback when you do things like clear your messaging area, send a message, or long-press on the pen icon. Something like screen shake or a small border that quickly flashes would make your actions feel much smoother.

And lastly, for PC users, please please PLEASE allow us to use SHIFT + ENTER, or just ENTER to send a message. It'd make things much nicer.

Seriously though, amazing app, and I hope this grows and becomes more refined over time.

Really cool game with intuitive mechanics, however, a little critique...
• Make the screen shake/tilt random, it gets a little repetitive from time to time

• Switch up the soundtrack a little, or perhaps make it a little less distracting? Maybe quieter? It just gets a mildly annoying after a while.

• Add a bit more easing to the animations, it'll make the game feel so much more fluid. Maybe even add some easing to the movement? It'll mess up your collisions a bit, depending on how you wrote your system, but it'll make the game feel a lot smoother.

• Allow key rebinding, it'd be so much more fun to play if the time-stop key was something like "Space"

All that critique aside, I can really see this game going far (I especially love the colors you used!) I wish you the best of luck in developing and refining this :)

This game was actually made years ago back in 2019 as a test project, but I do appreciate the feedback!

Made in GameMaker Studio 2, and no, I'm not in any official teams :)

That's a very interesting game engine! I can't actually say I've heard of it before, but I think I'll look into it.

Thanks for the info! And keep up the cool development!

Hey there! What is this made in? Scratch, Gamemaker, UE4, Unity? Thanks in advance!

Thanks! I love hearing positive comments!

Awesome! Again, glad people are enjoying this! [^-^"]

I really like this game, and the thought put into it is very nice! Especially the use of my character! It gives me kind of an odd-nostalgia feel (in the best way), and to know that the character in the game is one of my own is pretty cool!

Oh wow I'm so glad you like it! :D

Thanks a ton! I'm really thrilled to hear a comment from someone actually enjoying my game! I too agree that the menu needs some help tho.

Okay, thanks! Please do remove my game.

That's relieving.

How can I leave the jam? I accidentally submitted and joined before I saw the theme, and my game does not fit with that. Also, I don't want you owning my game submission, as that's what I've heard happens.

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I used Scratch, a block-based coding system.

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One of my earliest Scratch games, SIMPLY has been ported to a simple .exe file that can be easily run! All you need is the latest Flash Player!

You can download the games files here on, or, you can play it in your web browser here. Either way you play, they're the same game!

This game was SIMPLY a fun little test. (See what I did there?)