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Accidentally joined & submitted before I knew the theme.

A topic by LikWid-Official created Sep 13, 2020 Views: 91 Replies: 6
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How can I leave the jam? I accidentally submitted and joined before I saw the theme, and my game does not fit with that. Also, I don't want you owning my game submission, as that's what I've heard happens.


they dont own your subbmition

That's relieving.


ok. even if it doesnt match the theme they might like it.


Yeh i can remove your game if you would like. Not sure where u got the idea of losing ownership of the game though.  We have never done anything like that and I dont know of any jam that does. 


Okay, thanks! Please do remove my game.

How can someone accidentally join and submit his work here? Are you clicking blindly to see what happens?