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Yup Ottertron is correct. Once the jam ends all of the submissions will be shown. 

This game completely blew me away. It has me and Lexloco laughing the whole time while playing it on stream. It was super unique and an amazing way to interpret the theme! Great Job!! :D

Thanks for reaching out but i'm not actually sure what this issue might be. Just double checked by downloading the game on my machine and my partners machine and movement seems to be working as intended with using WASD and the arrow keys. Maybe try deleting the files and re-downloading it as there could have been an issue while extracting it from the zip file.  I'll look more into this and post a reply if i'm able to replicate the issue and solve it. 

Thanks for playing and recording your gameplay! At the moment there isn't much of an ending beyond just collecting and planting the seeds. Had to cleanup and cut some unfinished content from the game since today was the final day of my game jam, but as I am able to finish that stuff up over the next week i'll be putting out updates. Really appreciate ya giving it a shot and trying out the game!

This seems like a really great start. After reading through the description on your game page i can see where your going with this and it's pretty neat. Would love to check out the game again later on if you end up working more on it.

Really fun short adventure game! I also was really into the music. Great job!!

Really enjoyed going through this story. Great job!

Really enjoyed my time with your game.  I especially love the animations for the main character. It gave me a good laugh while playing the game and an even bigger laugh when i saw the main character on the try again screen!

Prototypes are always welcome in Untitled Game Jam but this attitude towards our developers is definitely not. If you would like to make comments about the games posted here please keep it to constructive comments about the content in the game or ideas on how the game/prototype could be improved. Comments like "Poor Content" and "the game mechanics are extremely unbearable" are just mean spirited and in no way helpful for anyone. 

Im really glad to see you uploaded the prototype you put together.  There are a lot of cool ideas here and I especially like the movement of the camera.  I'm looking forward to seeing what you make in the future. Keep up the great work!

I think u did a great job expanding upon the game I played about a week and a half ago.  I love all the different modes u added and its very cool to just watch two CPU players go at it.

I really love your game! First off you had me super happy right at the beginning cuz I could map my own controls. Then I got into the game and had a blast playing.  I really think this is a concept you could expand out into a full game. I think one small thing id like to see is different colored barriers. once the frequency of barriers went up it got hard to tell which kind is coming first. I think maybe if u alternate between two different colors it could help with this confusion.  But overall i gotta say well done! Had a lot of fun and really appreciated how responsive the controls are. If you expand this game please send me a message or post it in the jam discord. I'd love to play and test future iterations for you. 

Took me a bit to get used to the controls but once i got the hang of it i really enjoyed the game!

Great job on the game! I found it really fun to play and I enjoy the feeling of momentum. 

Great job on the game! had fun playing and especially liked the sound effects. It was super useful to have that different sound when an enemy died because sometimes they were outside of my view.  

Very cool environment to explore. I love seeing these 1st person exploration games submitted to the jam! I did seem to get a bit lost as i played and I have 1 suggestion. It could be helpful if the cursor in the center of the screen changed when you hovered over something that was interactable, and maybe even another different icon for when you hover over something interactable but are not currently holding the correct item.  Not always easy to get these extra things in to a game for a jam but if you would like to try that but are not sure how send me a message on Discord. I'd be happy to share some code examples from things I have done in the past. But all together this is a very cool project and i'm looking forward to seeing what ya make in the future!

Really neat start to a project here. I like what you put together so far and id love to see where you take this in the future!

So when it comes to the theme usage i always say that as long as you could make an argument for using the theme in your game then everything is good.  Im always down with people taking the theme in whatever direction that they want.  Also, I'd rather people make the game they want vs making something that fits better in the theme. I hope that answers your question. 

I was doing some research into first person games with a grappling hook and came across this.  Downloaded it and had a very fun time. Great game!

Thanks for playing the game! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it.  We created the game in Unity which is pretty much the main engine we were taught to use while at Full Sail University.  

This was a lot of fun and super unique! One of the coolest jam games I've played in a while. 

Bring back Jumping bean! I wanna see Jumping Bean 2! 

We will actually not have a winner for this jam.  We sometimes host ranked jams but they come up less often. 

I appreciate those tips, I was able to go in and fix em pretty easily.  Thanks for playing my game!

This put a smile on my face, well done! Music was great too.  

Very Cool! The music was great and the incoming enemies box was a great addition. 

Yeh my plan was to put in a map that would show you what quadrant you were in but i just ended up running out of time and wanted to get this thing up.  

I feel like some kind of food related theme would be fun.