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So when it comes to the theme usage i always say that as long as you could make an argument for using the theme in your game then everything is good.  Im always down with people taking the theme in whatever direction that they want.  Also, I'd rather people make the game they want vs making something that fits better in the theme. I hope that answers your question. 

I was doing some research into first person games with a grappling hook and came across this.  Downloaded it and had a very fun time. Great game!

Thanks for playing the game! I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed it.  We created the game in Unity which is pretty much the main engine we were taught to use while at Full Sail University.  

This was a lot of fun and super unique! One of the coolest jam games I've played in a while. 

Bring back Jumping bean! I wanna see Jumping Bean 2! 

We will actually not have a winner for this jam.  We sometimes host ranked jams but they come up less often. 

I appreciate those tips, I was able to go in and fix em pretty easily.  Thanks for playing my game!

This put a smile on my face, well done! Music was great too.  

Very Cool! The music was great and the incoming enemies box was a great addition. 

Yeh my plan was to put in a map that would show you what quadrant you were in but i just ended up running out of time and wanted to get this thing up.  

I feel like some kind of food related theme would be fun.