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Light Of Dawn Interactive

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Update 5/3/2020

We now have a laser beam that can damage both the player and the enemies. We also made the enemies flash when the get hit.

Laser Beam

Hit Flash on Enemies

Update 4/27/2020

We have made four new enemies for the players to dodge or maybe kill, there are:

Two Tentacle Alien

These aliens come in pair and will keep shooting at their direction

Three Tentacle Alien

This alien will keep on shooting your ship while moving up and down in place.

Four Tentacle Alien

This alien moves in a curved like manner and will shoot your ship when it is in their line of sight.

Alien Bomber

This alien will keep on dropping bombs while moving.

I got a bug when entering my name. What I did was typed a name then pressed Esc. When I get back to enter my name, I can’t type it anymore. The crusader sprite also duplicated when I went through the options and immediately pressed “New Game”. The game also keeps on forcing to go fullscreen even though my options in the launcher and in game are set to windowed mode with 1280x720 as the resolution. The controls are quite hard to grasp with Left and right click as the panning of the camera at the same time right click is also the key for looting items. The tutorial dialogues can be improved by showing it in front of the player instead of having it on the ground or somewhere else like when a hog attacked me, I had to go to that dialogue’s location in order for me to see how to attack the enemy.

Ahh. I see. Inspiration from the GBC. Nah, you can just keep it, just take note if other people will say the same if it will feel like a button. With regards to that shuffle bag, you can refer to this:–gamedev-1249

I like the concept that it is not just a metroidvania type but also exploration and so with fishing and etc. That is a lot of work to do but you will make it and your game will be cool.

I find the controls really hard to remember. I can’t play it much because of it. I suggest you do the conventional WASD for movement or maybe arrow keys? Maybe also put a tutorial to make the players understand better.

Nice endless wave game. I also like the music. I just find the UI a bit of messy for now though like many stuffs are scattered everywhere. Like maybe put some stuff in the main menu to the options? Also maybe put a tutorial at least so the player will be guided like those rocks for instance are use for a covering rather than an obstacle that can hit the player or enemies’ ship, and also for the controls as well since some might think arrow keys are used for direction or like a certain key is used for the fire button, etc.

Nice demo. I kinda like the old school style of it. What is that power button for though? I thought it is something that I need to press. Maybe remove or make it distinguishable that it is not a button but purely for aesthetics? It would also be better if you made it seem like the character is moving and so is the background rather than the character standing still waiting for enemies to come. I can recommend you check out shuffle bag when it comes to RNG spawning. It helps you control the probability of objects you would like to spawn.

Nice space exploration. I would love to see some other lifeforms soon.

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Hey guys, we haven’t posted in this community yet but we already posted some devlogs in our page. We are sorry for not posting here earlier though we will make up by posting our updates here from now on. Basically the game we are trying to make is a 2D infinite space shooter with three different ships to choose from. We took inspiration from Space Impact. Here is a sample screenshot of our game.

The ships’ names are yet to be changed. This is our page on by the way: