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Password from the Good Ending
Password from the Bad Ending
Password from the Hidden Ending

Entering all three at once will get you something special. 

PS. You're quite welcome, I'm glad I was able to contribute to such a good cause!

Thank you so much! And I certainly will be continuing projects like these! In fact, the free demo of my current project, Existensis, is available for download now if you're itching for more!

That's so good to hear! I always love to hear when someone's stuck with the game long enough to get the final ending! I'm happy you've enjoyed the tale of the Shorewatcher and Glasswalker... and don't worry, their stories do not end here.
You'll definitely be seeing a bit more of these characters in my next game, Existensis. (The alpha demo is out, and it's free!)

One of the passwords shows you a code.
That code corresponds to the inputs within a certain level.
This will take you a step closer.
Good luck. : )

A fix has been found for the problem. For the Mac Version, you need to download it from the app. Downloading and launching it from the app will allow it to run without issue.

Once again, thank you for telling me about the issue!

Thank you for making me aware of the problem. It will be fixed as soon as possible.

Thank you very much! Sorry about what happened in the Librarium. That was a bug that affected the PC version. It is now fixed in the latest version of the demo.

This is such a fantastic little gem! I would legitimately play through a whole narrative puzzle game where each encounter used this mechanic!

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Hello! A few people have had this problem.


Your steps are all correct, don't worry. The final step is re-opening the iron door before the Thoughtform of Kindness disappears. Glad to see you're enjoying the game so far!