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Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I definitely agree that music would be an undeniable way to give the game more life (it wasn't just on your end haha) the time constraints and my limited experience working with audio made it difficult, but luckily this gives me more to aim for next time. No problem about the itch bug, haha.

I'm glad you liked it! Usually, I'm an amateur pixel artist at best haha but I was definitely proud of what's in this project, thank you!

Thank you, great minds think alike it seems!

Thank you!

Haha, how cute! I love the play on words in the name. The art here is really good and the sound effects are satisfying. Good job!

Wow! You really expanded on this mechanic in great ways. The later levels were really fun and took a lot of my brain haha. The music and FX make it really satisfying to win. Good job!

Haha that's so cute! I had a little bit of trouble controlling with my trackpad but that's on me. The art and sound effects are great, Good job!

Really rewarding to get good at destroying boats! The fish were satisfying to watch and made for a relaxing experience. Good job!

Really creative idea! But I couldn't keep my planet on the screen for long haha

Nice card game! Satisfying to play and understandable. Good job!

Thank you!

WOW, I love this game! The combination of the puzzling and platforming mechanics (with amazing game juice of course) made for such a satisfying experience. The animations are gorgeous, not to even mention the time constraint.

"puzzling puzzles" haha, I like that. Thank you!

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Huh, I never even thought of it as stealth haha. Good luck in the mines!

Thanks, I loved writing for this game! haha

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I love Baba is You! It's also what (probably goes without saying) inspired the name of this game. Thank you for your comments on the mechanics, I'm super proud for someone to compare it to Baba! I also agree that for such involved puzzled an undo function will be a necessary addition.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Haha, the floating eyeball was such a silly character I decided to keep it in the end instead of swapping it out later as a placeholder. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

Thank you! I'm very proud of how well the main mechanic lent itself to these puzzles. It's something I will definitely keep experimenting with to see where it may go.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The difficulty scaling is something I may have to experiment with haha

A rewind button is a quality-of-life feature that will definitely be a top priority to add. The nature of this puzzler makes it unfortunately easy to soft-lock, which I can imagine may be frustrating haha. Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you! One of my priorities if I continue with this project will definitely introducing the mechanics and puzzling concepts in a more gradual way. Good job getting through those levels!

Thank you! I loved developing the project manager's subtle deceptiveness haha.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Writing the cheeky jabs at my favorite hobby in the dialogue was one of my favorite parts haha.

I'm sorry you couldn't get very far! The mechanics are a bit complex and finding a better, more gradual way to teach them would definitely be a priority if I continued developing.

Super fun puzzler with a nice scaling difficulty! The art style is nice and the impact on each movement felt great. For quality of life, I would recommend allowing the player to keep placed blocked even after hitting reset.

This is a great puzzler! It seems we had similar ideas in theming, but I see we took our puzzles in different directions haha. The art style is cute and the music is super relaxing.

I only got to 18 haha, arcade games usually aren't my thing but this one is good

The blue guy is such a precious little character! Such a creative story and each interaction had me giggling. The platform controls were difficult to get used to, but the levels utilized them well. SFX were great! Good job!

This is super creative! The first few levels were fun but later when the inputs became sporadic I couldn't get through. Still super cute and a nice puzzling challenge.

Super cute! It took me a minute to understand the mechanics but once I figured it out swinging around was great.

Super fun! The controls are just the right amount of slippery and responsive to be fair. The snake is super menacing and the art style overall is wonderful.

Nice and relaxing, the sounds and art is great!

Super relaxing and fun! The controls were rewarding to master, and the platform served a nice dual purpose once the arrows were introduced.

So fun! The art, sounds, and juice are all beautiful. The mechanics were so satisfying and introduced in an understandable way. I can see so much potential in this little game!

I love this! The bombs serve a great dual purpose and the learning curve feels satisfying because of the wacky (but understandable) controls. A super fun arcade game I will definitely come back to!

haha, what a cute storyline. I liked the style!

The little fire guy is so cute! Nice sound effects and fun challenge.