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The game isn't exactly 'dead', or 'cancelled', though is on an extended hiatus due to other commitments that demand a large majority of my time. I do apologise and really would like to see the game finished myself, and I appreciate the kind words, but it would just be too much to take on alongside other things right now.

Hiya there,

I definitely remember you and the kind words you had for my project~

Thank you for all of the support you've shown and I'm sorry I wasn't able to deliver the finished version of Locked Souls in a timely manner. As I say, I do want to finish it in the future sometime but right now I have to focus my efforts elsewhere to be able to continue doing what I do. ; P

There should be lots to see and play of the new project though, with its first big commercial release already out and plenty more in development so I hope you look forward to that!

Hiya, sorry to make you worry.

Development is a bit slow right now as the main artist I'm working with had some catastrophic computer issues that prevented them from progressing with things. Though I believe we might be on track now.

To keep a home over my head I am admittedly having to work on other projects right now while inching ahead with progress on Locked Souls, as I still intend to release it for free. It just might be finished a lot later than I anticipated now because of this.

Hiya there, R1ch4rd, thank you for your kind words. It really means a lot to me! I'm glad you enjoyed the demo~

Unfortunately due for a bunch of reasons at the moment, development of the new demo is slower than I would like, as is progress towards the full game. I do still aim to complete the game, but I'm not sure at this present moment in time when I might be done. I'll keep you updated though and let you know as soon as I know myself when a new release might be coming out. Thank you~

He'll be fine, don't worry! ...So long as you make the safest choices for him!

Thank you~ That means a lot to me!

Hopefully I'll have more to share of the game very shortly. Since I know it's been a while since the first demo.

Don't worry, I don't ask for much, haha~ So long as you continue to support the project and await the full release I'll be happy knowing there's people out there excited for it! Feel free to spread the word on the demo, too, if you think you might know other people that'd love it as well.

Beyond that, I suppose I'll be looking to make some great strides in the game's development once I'm done with other projects. I really want to get a new demo out when I can since I have a bunch of great new additions for it!


I appreciate your interest in the project and am really happy to see such enthusiasm in wanting to contribute to Locked Soul's development!

Unfortunately, I'm not sure I would feel comfortable taking money from people to put towards a project that still has a long development time ahead of it, as well as something I was wanting to release for free. Given how I work on it as a passion project in my spare time, I feel if I start taking money for it that might come with an immense pressure and obligation to finish things as fast as I could so people didn't feel their money was perhaps being wasted--which ultimately might result in the quality of it suffering as a whole.

I really do appreciate the gesture though, and understand I've perhaps been taking longer than I meant to finish it or at least release bigger progress milestones--since I've been tied down with other commitments recently--but I can assure you things are going ahead smoothly! Some really nice CG scenes have been drawn out and I can wait to release an extended demo featuring them, along with some other fun stuff.

Deep breaths! It's all gonna be okay, I promise! : P Development of the extended demo has slowed a little while I work on other commitments to keep myself alive and have a roof over my head, but the majority of the content for it is written and there~ And the first half of the demo will benefit from some extra polish too, and fancy CG scenes in place of scenes that were just static sprites before. I'm really excited at how it's all turning out!

Hiya again!

Thank you very much for playing the demo, I really appreciate it~ And I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it!

I'm working hard on producing an extended demo right now, while balancing between other commitments in life--so things are perhaps going a little more slowly than I would like--but I can guarantee it'll be worth it, since there'll be fancier graphics in place for older scenes as you've seen on twitter with WIP sketches, and some extra character interactions.

It's a big project, but I really want to see it through to the end as I have so much planned for all of the characters. After the extended demo has been released, I'll probably release each separate character's route one at a time so people aren't left waiting too long. Though even each character's route in itself will be a fairly long, extensive piece of content that really delves into each inmate and their story~

Thanks again for all the kind words, and I apologise for the cruel cliffhanger on the demo, haha. You'll find out soon enough what all the 'fun' is about, I promise!

Haha, admittedly the ending of the demo is a bit cruel like that. I actually did want to extend things a bit further but it would have taken more time and resources, which is why I'll be putting out an extended demo later.

Without spoiling too much, I guess I can say the 'fun' is probably the last thing people will be expecting--whether that'll be a good thing or not is left to be seen.

Again, thank you for all the kind words so far and I really hope subsequent versions of the game will meet your expectations~

Aww, thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with the demo, and your kind words mean a lot to me, since I really worked hard (along with everyone else that contributed, of course!) to deliver a demo that I was proud of to share with the world.

Emma is certainly a popular one, haha~ Which is why her route is going to be completed first ahead of everyone else's once the common route is done! I really can't wait to share her story with everyone!

Hopefully it won't be much longer before I release a bigger and better expanded demo. But it'll definitely be worth the wait, since I'll be adding in a bunch of new CG graphics for it, including ones for events that have already happened--but will definitely add a whole lot more life to them!

Thank you! That really means a lot to me~ I'm glad you enjoyed your time with the game and I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to the VAs. I'm sure they'll be glad to hear it!

And yeah, my twitter account will be the best way to find out about any approaching updates. But when I do release an update I'll be sure to make a big song and dance about it and update this page to reflect that fact. I do plan to release an extended demo relatively soon, but I'm waiting for some assets to be completed--such as some fancy CG scenes--and to get more voicework done (getting the extras voiced and such)

And I'm not sure if the game will go in the direction people are expecting given the end of the demo, but I hope they'll enjoy what awaits them, haha. It will certainly be 'fun'~

Thank you very much for taking the time to go through it, it's much appreciated!

I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to the voice actresses when I next get the chance, as I'm sure they'll be happy to hear that. I, too, personally feel they add greatly to the experience of the game and couldn't imagine a version without them now.

And of course, haha. Stick with sleepy ol' Emma and everything will be fine~

More is coming soon, I promise! I'm actually working on getting lines edited and up to scratch before sending them to all of the wonderful voice actors on the project, so a new release isn't too far away.

Thank you very much for playing through it~ It means a lot to me to hear you say that!

Rest assured progress is steadily being made, and I hope to have a lot more to share with people soon. Just lots of writing going on behind the scenes while more visual stuff is in the works.

I'll hope to have a bigger, expanded demo to share with people soon featuring more characters and story elements! I don't have an estimate for when the full game might be finished however, since it's going to be an incredibly large game if you count how many routes will be included, and each route's length. But more than likely I'll release each route as it's finished, so people have something to play while the rest is being finished.

Thanks again for all the kind words and support. I always appreciate comments like these, and they definitely motivate me to do my best and meet everyone's expectations, haha~

Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to go through it, I really appreciate it! I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it and I'm always happy to get feedback on things!

In terms of adding new characters in, while I do need to keep things at a small number in order to not go over my budget, there is in fact another named character that works at the prison who you'll be able to interact with. Her sprite wasn't ready in time for the demo, but I've been contemplating releasing an extended demo featuring her scenes, along with an extra day or two that continues on from the original demo. She isn't a guard (though up until a certain point I did plan for her to be one, until I realised it would be better to have everyone in different roles), but I still think she's a pretty cool character and her personality is in stark contrast to the rest of the cast, haha~

There's also gonna be side characters that directly relate to an inmate in some way, who you'll meet in their specific routes.

It's hard to say at the moment. Ideally I'd like to have it out and finished before the end of the year, but there's no telling how things might end up, since life throws all kinds of crazy curveballs our way when we least expect them.

At the very least, I hope to have something substantial done soon and have plenty to show as the months go on, especially once all the CGs begin to get made.

Thanks again for your interest and I can't wait to show more soon!

Thank yas! Much appreciated. :D

Since the main story will be quite long and might take a while longer to release, I'll probably release a gradually expanding demo over the months, so there's some more content to see as I move forward.

Thank you for taking the time to play through it, I really appreciate it! And I'm glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to the full release sometime in 2016. (I hope!)