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Sure, go for it! This was also a student project meant to remake a game, so have fun!

Nice work! I loved the little bits of worldbuilding with the newspaper, and items comically exploding when you bump into them.

Here are some suggestions you might want to try, if you revisit this game:

The noise level meter doesn't seem to instill any form of pressure, at least to me. You might want to try slowing the falloff of the meter, so it's based on how much noise occurs within a certain period of time.

The occasional drunken shift in the movement is a good start; you can try adjusting the movement direction by a few angles over time, maybe using a slow sine wave. Similarly, you can adjust the movement speed in a similar fashion, where there are periods of slowness and quickness.

Other than that, this game is pretty humorous and well put-together. Good luck!

This is a fairly fun game, and the concept is on point with the theme. Waiting for the right moment to harvest is a fun game dynamic in itself. Good stuff!

Here are a few suggestions I have if you plan to revisit this:

You might be able to make the earlier levels bigger on screen, so they don't feel so small. (However, that does mean your mouse would have to travel further to reach the next mushroom.)

Perhaps replace the timer-based fail condition with a threshold meter? I would rather see the room overflow with mushrooms due to my own failure of not harvesting them fast enough, rather than have them automatically fill the room when time's up. You might communicate this with a visual meter, accompanied by some neighbor dialogue bubbles at certain points, with messages like "What's that smell?" and "I think there's something going on with the neighbor." to "I'm filing a complaint."

The sound effects are great; consider adding some fitting music. ;)

Overall, nice entry, and good luck!

Overall, your idea is great; love the bouncing sheep and the idea of using both the shepherd and the dog to corral the sheep. (Got 13 into the pen!)

There are a few things I'd recommend improving for a revisit, or for future projects:

The controls are a bit much to take in initially, but I eventually got into the flow of using WASD/arrows simultaneously, and slightly adjusting the camera orientation. A point-and-click control scheme for controlling the dog and rotating the camera when right click is held might be better in this case, as your hand is already on the mouse. 

Additionally, you can consider using Cinemachine for camera dolly tracks when on the road to auto-orient the camera, then transitioning to a player-controlled camera when off the road.

A few more minor things would involve some juice and UI cohesion with the world's aesthetics, but I know time is limited. ;)

Finally, nice art, sounds and music! They fit with the gameplay and mood this game evokes.

Nice entry, best of luck!

Thanks! The engine is Construct 3. All the sounds were made using ChipTone and the music is in the game description.

Construct 3!

You can download it through the app!

Construct 3!

It's definitely interesting watching people decide between those two as fuel runs out!

Definitely noted, thanks!

Thanks! (Hey, I know you!)

Hey, thanks!

I just pushed the 1.0.1 build which (hopefully) resolves this issue. You may want to clear your cache, just in case.

Movement controls are enabled once the best score's been retrieved, but it could potentially fail, preventing the game from giving you control. I added a failsafe to enable controls right away and disable the best score in case that happens.

Please let me know if this fixes the problem, or if this still happens.

Thanks for letting me know; mind if I ask what browser/OS you're using?

I've had a few reports about this so far and I'm trying to correlate.

Oh hey, thanks a bunch!