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I'm having so much fun with this little toy, thank you for making it! Trying to remove an OR-808 module, I get a brief error message that the module does not have evaporate(), and the module is not removed. After that, I tried to create a new patch and nothing happened, and tried to delete the existing patch (which was a clock -> OR-808 -> basic output), which caused the Playdate to crash/restart. At some point in that process I also got stuck in a zoomed-in state, but I'm not sure what I pressed or when before that happened. 

What a generous review! Thank you very much for taking the time to play it, and especially to write it up like that! 

Glad you didn't find it too difficult. It's hard to know where to draw that line, and other reviewers clearly found it tough at times -- all of which is useful feedback. And yeah, Papers Please was one of the games we discussed in the planning stages. My teammate fenchel deserves the credit for bringing that in as a touchstone and introducing the option to disobey instructions (and credit for being a killer teammate across the board, but I digress). 

Thank you again!

This was fun to play, a great twist on the theme, the art and design and sound all worked together and were very cute, and was well within scope for a small (evidently one-person?) team. I guess my only other comment would be, "radish."

Awesome to hear, thank you for playing it!

Thank you for playing! I bet we could put a slider into the pause menu that would turn down the glow effect (or turn it up, if you're a real glowbug).

Hey, thank you very much for playing!

Thank you for playing! 

Looks and sounds really nice. The cable is mostly well-implemented, though I did get stuck early on with a puzzle that seemed like I'd solved it. Overall good job! 

I really like the integration of action and music. There was a little bit of control difficulty I wasn't expecting -- for example, gravity seems unusually strong when dropping off a platform instead of jumping. You seem to hit terminal velocity really fast in that case. The gravity switching was fun though, and I found the tile's expression changes to be really effective for how simple they were. Nice job. 

Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed!

Good question! Some puzzles were designed with known solutions, surrounded by random tiles, while others (mainly the maps I worked on!) are entirely random tiles, with generous replacement reserves so we don't soft-lock anyone. For the latter set, then, whether or not they can be completed without replacements changes with every playthrough. With more time, a known replacement-free solution for every puzzle would be one of my design goals.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for the feedback and thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed the difficulty level.

Lovely game! The music and atmosphere worked very well together.

Nice job! Are you using Engine.time_scale exclusively? Do you have to adjust audio pitch as well? Very interesting idea over all.

Fun! Interesting to switch back and forth between worlds (and very smoothly). Nice work.

Thanks! Appreciate you playing!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much!!

You're not being rude at all! This is really useful feedback, and we really appreciate everyone who plays the game (especially for an hour on one level!!).

The level you got stuck on has confused other people as well. The intent is to connect the green power back to the source after going around the loop. I think there's a label on it that says "Tower Loop Source/End." But since it's not like the other puzzles, you're not wrong to be confused. 

Thanks again for playing it!

Thanks for playing! Hope you didn't get too stuck.

Thanks for playing it!

Thank you! That was fenchel's idea, and I like it too.

All useful! I've clicked back to the main menu on accident myself. Appreciate the feedback and thanks for playing!!

Thank you very much! Appreciate you taking a look.

Thank you for playing it!

That was really fun! Now I want to make a rhythm game. It took me a second to figure out how to charge the meter. I could've kept going for a long time I think. Some variety in the beat would've been welcome but might have been out of scope for a jam game. Great job!

Really fun, once I got going! I tripped over info dialogs multiple times, and I wished there was a way to disable those. That, and some kind of sound effect or other player feedback when you take damage, are my only suggestions. Nice work!

Really nice art/design. Sounds were great. How big was the team? Nice work!

I think the randomly generated maps and limited visibility make it interesting. I wish I was a little more patient with the cockroaches -- I couldn't turn around fast enough to get away from the them after level 2. Still, nice work! 

Thanks for checking it out! 

Nice job! The swinging "mace head" mechanic is really interesting, especially once you get the hang of it. The only thing I would suggest is a much slower ramp up in difficulty -- I felt like the screen was flooded with enemies way too fast for me to handle them. Overall, excellent work!

Nice work -- fun spin on the theme!

I appreciate the kind words! And I'm glad you can't look under the hood, because... yeesh

Wow, thank you very much!

Thank you for playing!! You're not wrong about the font. We'll have to bump the size on the theme a little bit. (Speaking of which, kids, use themes! They're great!!)

The unlock was fenchel's idea -- I really like it too!! Thanks for playing.

Thank you so much!

Looking forward to the stream. If you need a puzzler, here's one: