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hi! thank you for playing, it's always nice to see/hear reactions and get feedback. I agree, the voice acting is *chef's kiss*

It seems like you've downloaded the previous version (which is not available anymore, or it shouldn't be). The newest has "Demo" in the name and it's a bit longer.

The actual full game will take a while.

hi! thank you for playing again. I see that you've encountered a game breaking bug when starting a new game for the second time. I'll work on it for the next update :)

Took me a while to play it but I finally see why it's the most popular entry. Great art, great music, and Melissa is a cutie who stole my heart and I must serve her. ALL HAIL MELISSA. THAT FIREWALL OF YOURS CAN'T STOP HER SHE'S COMING FOR YOU

Love the music! Looking forward for chapter 3. Hope nothing bad happens to anyone :)

thank you! there will be more very soon

thanks! Sorry to disappoint but the VN won't have fishing in it. Just fish :(

thank you! there's more coming soon :)

HAHAHA Brasileiros se encontrando em lugares aleatórios. Valeu pela review! lançar um filminho de 5 minutos não era meu plano mas foi o que deu hahah logo sai mais!

entao talvez o jogo nao reconheça comandos do teclado no linux mesmo, erro meu! esse é meu primeiro projeto no unity e não configurei o input para linux e mac pq achei q o unity fazia isso automaticamente. Vou dar uma olhada nisso durante a semana, aproveitar pra revisar mais algumas coisas e lançar um update. Obrigado!

Oi! Poderia dizer qual mensagem de erro apareceu?

That's awesome, thanks for the work!

oh, alright, thanks! If I may, it would be cool if the "fade BGS" worked with the plugin.

On a new subject, I've got an error in-game when hitting "Game End" > Main Title with a BGS running: 

Hi! I've noticed that using the Fadeout BGS in events does work when it was called with  plugin commands. What's the command to stop BGS? simply "Stop BGS" doesn't work either... Thanks!

btw I'm using the PRO version, but posting here because Apparently it's not allowed to post in the PRO version page.

hi! is this plugin finished?

Hi! I just downloaded and I'm trying to figure out if there's any way for me to change tracks exactly in the start of a set beat. the "wait" command from rpg maker isn't working because after a few cycles, the small delay from the system itself makes the playbgm to be delayed.