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play from the next beat

A topic by Leon Artmann created Mar 06, 2020 Views: 164 Replies: 1
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Hi! I just downloaded and I'm trying to figure out if there's any way for me to change tracks exactly in the start of a set beat. the "wait" command from rpg maker isn't working because after a few cycles, the small delay from the system itself makes the playbgm to be delayed.



Hm, switching right on the beat may be tricky, especially since not all music keeps its rhythm steady. Even if it does, you'll need a lot of precision just to know exactly when each beat starts. And setting an instant change to happen at a predetermined point in the future might not be feasible, though granted I haven't tried yet. I'll keep the idea on the backburner, but I can't make promises. If it's a SPECIFIC beat you want to switch on, there's a way to do it: write both into the same track, then loop only the first part. Then, change the loop once you want to "swap" tracks. But this will always swap in the exact same place every time.