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Not in my experience.

Well, there may be one way that I haven't tested. The engine gets weird about music start points if you don't play at 100 pitch; I have warnings about that in the description about this very plugin. (And I don't know how to fix that; it's a problem with the engine, not my plugin.) Are you playing the overworld music at a pitch value other than 100?

EDIT: The music still picked up where it left off for me even when I set the pitch to 120. Sorry, what you describe doesn't happen for me at all.

Isn't that normal behavior in RPG Maker?

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The command only plays it once, so I suspect you put it in a Parallel event. If so, put a "wait" command after the sound plays in there and it should slow it down to reasonable levels.

If it involves editing my plugin, copying or deliberately imitating the functions inside it, or passing the plugin around without paying, the answer is a flat "no". If that's not the plan, well, the answer may still very well be "no", but I'd need more information.

I do acknowledge that I have a backlog when it comes to RPG Maker-related stuff. I've had a busy life lately combined with a minor health issue (not life-threatening, and not in any way related to COVID). This plugin has planned features that have yet to be implemented.

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Did I not reply to this? Sorry about that. The answer is yes - just as Dualtechs are available to anyone who has MV and MZ. Just... life has been busy. If you only have MZ, I will advise against my own best interests and recommend you just wait for an MZ version if you want subtitles and so on to work properly.

I don't know what Visustella is. The basic functionality of the plugin is compatible with MZ, but not completely - subtitles, for example, don't work properly. Life has been life and I'm more likely to update Dualtechs first, but it's on my to-do list.

Outside the scope of the current plugin, but you could fake it by having one really long track that looped through multiple songs.

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Ultimately. I do need to see what does and doesn't work with MZ and why. Dualtechs surprised me by working fine without updates - the MZ version of the Dualtechs plugin just takes the "turn linking" functionality that previously required other plugins and adds it to MZ's ATB mode.

I haven't gotten to this plugin yet outside the FOSSIL test mentioned above, but I wonder if the subtitle window will be the only concern.

But that's not to say I can't supply that turn-linking functionality in MZ...

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Reportedly, this plugin is compatible with RPG Maker MZ using the FOSSIL plugin (which adds MZ compatibility to a number of MV plugins.)

(Tested myself) Subtitles seem a little weird. They appear in the upper-left instead of just above the battle details as in MV.  They also interfere with the default battle text. Still... they do work.

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Circumstances have changed.


Dualtechs do not need project FOSSIL. They work with MZ, with an unaltered MV plugin. Turn linking doesn't (it was never designed for the default battle system, and the built-in ATB wasn't in MV), but everything else seems to work fine.

I'm surprised too!

Sorry for my own. And as you are the only one who has so far reported this, I'm afraid I'm stumped. It's possible it's machine-specific, only happens with certain audio files, or a number of other things; I'm afraid I don't have enough information. I might be able to look into it if I had a demo that was known to reproduce the issue, but that's kind of a difficult thing to work out over an chat (and even then, it would have to be able to repro on my own machine.)

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I'm afraid I don't know. I looked up Project FOSSIL and found that they have a list of known working MV plugins, which include two of mine (Battle VA Manager and Focused Sound Effects - for the latter, they only list the basic, not Pro), but Dualtechs was not listed.  That doesn't mean it's NOT compatible; it could just be untested.

I do not have MZ at present, so I cannot test. I've been getting enough questions about it that I'm very tempted, but I also have short-term reasons to hold off on doing so.

Did you figure out the problem yet?

I do not have MZ at present. If and when I do, I can try to port my plugins over.

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Hm, not enough for me to tell what the problem is. I've yet to have any such problems without altering Pitch.

Are you making sure to wait long enough between the Load and the Play? If you're doing a puzzle that requires multiple tracks, I'd make sure they're all Loaded well before you need them. Probably when you start the puzzle.

(Another possibility did occur to me, but shouldn't be the case, especially if you're playing it with "instant".)

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There is a known issue with variable mix (and some other things as well!) not always working properly when you mess with Pitch values, and what you describe sounds like it might be it. (And, unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much I can do to fix it. That's just how RPG Maker's audio is.)

If you're using variable mix, you should always try to use 100 Pitch (or just don't set it; 100 is default.)

If you're not doing anything with Pitch values, then give me some example commands that you're using; both the load and the play commands.

PS. Oh, yes, and also check the lengths of the sound files. If track A is longer than track B and you mix from A to B, then it's possible you could be at a point in A that is past the end of B (relative to the tempo ratio, of course, if you're using that.)

To anyone else reading this thread: The issue turned out to be the default parameters after all. Apparently he was somehow running a probably-obsolete JavaScript interpreter that didn't recognize them. We sorted this out off of

If I'm right about the problem being default parameters, then it's certainly possible; default parameters are just a shortcut. As for communication, I'm on Discord, same user name as here (don't abuse that fact, please). Or I could just put it as an alternate download; if you've already paid you should still have access. While looking over the Pro plugin, I did notice a little bit of silly redundancy - unrelated to any problems you're having - that I should probably remove in the "main" version anyway.

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Soundtrack Manager has no default parameters in its functions, so you likely wouldn't see this particular issue - at least, if in fact I correctly understand what the issue is. For the record, Dualtechs and Actor Icons don't have default variables either. Battle VA Manager does, though.

I could rewrite the plugin to avoid the default parameter issue when I have the time, but it's weird it's happening in the first place. And if you want a refund instead of an alternate version, then... I don't know how handles it or if it even does, but I can try to look it up.

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I get the same error when I double-click on the file, but that's now how plugins are supposed to be used anyway. It sounds like your version of RPG Maker's JavaScript interpreter doesn't recognize default parameters... but why it wouldn't I can't begin to fathom, as I've never had that problem.

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Sorry, I meant F8. Mixed up my commands.

That at least points me in the right direction, but I don't see the error on my side. Perhaps something got corrupted in your download. Can you open the plugin in a text editor and look for the line that defines the playFocusedSound function? It'll be line 155, the one flagged in the first picture. It should look like this:

AudioManager.playFocusedSound = function(xCoord, yCoord, args, type, eventId = -1) {

If that's not what you see, let me know what you do.

And if the plugin is corrupted, try downloading it again.

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Not enough information to go on, I'm afraid. Could it be two plugins conflicting with one another? If you press F12 [EDIT: meant F8] while debugging the game, do you see any errors reported? Did you remember to point your plugin list at the Pro version? And which "example command" do you mean?

There's no simple way - damage from an attack is not stored, it's just calculated and applied immediately in a method that the sound effects do not have access to. If I think on it I might find a workaround, but it won't be pretty.

At present, I do not own MZ. What will happen in the future will happen in the future.

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Sorry for the holdup. I've sorted out the "fade BGS" issue, but I don't see a repro with game end > main title crashing the game. I'll try a few more things, but it could be caused by another plugin and it's just reporting that I'm the cause.

EDIT: Oh, ha. My fix to "Fade BGS" must have also fixed that; I undid it and reproduced the crash first try. Welp, two birds with one stone before you've even properly looked at the second bird I guess? I'll have that out soon.

Oh, I thought you said it DOES work. Actually, I think I know why it wouldn't. As for the Game End issue... that's definitely something to look at. I'm a bit busy for now, but later on I'll try to look at both.

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Huh, must have hit a wrong setting in the Pro page. Anyway,  there is no Stop BGS command, just as there is no Stop BGM command. Rather, just play "None" through the normal Play BGS command.

In some cases, quitting an active game and starting a different save file - while in the same play session - would crash the game.

It won't work with a 59-second sound clip unless you're doing the aforementioned waterfall trick (that is, have the sound overlap itself, and that doesn't sound good with all SEs). When it plays the SE, it'll just play the entire SE from the location of the event at the moment the clip starts.

Care to share the command where you're playing the SE, and if it's in a movement command, what the movement command looks like?

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Either or. Keep in mind that this plugin works best for SHORT sound effects, or those that can overlap with itself without sounding weird (an effect I use for waterfalls and fountains), especially where rapid movement is involved. A long sound effect will play from the coordinates specified the moment the sound effect starts. For a car siren, you'd want to make sure it's as short as is reasonable and replay it over and over again.

Awesome! Anyway, if you didn't see an alert for it, the plugin was updated with not only "turnstart" but several different tags for escaping battles. I'm open to suggestions on more, but I typically avoid anything that happens during a skill's usage (other than things like hurt and dodge) due to my Action Sequence support.

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Hm, I dunno about that. Can you use Yanfly's Action Sequences with that plugin? If so, that's my recommendation. But trying to write a special case for every single last plugin out there isn't really feasible - Yanfly I cover only because his plugins are so powerful, well-known, and easy to work with.

Okay, finally got a chance to work on this. I don't have a problem with the turnCount command at all, but I think I'll try to implement turnstart clips as well as a couple of others I'd considered.

Actors having "turnstart" clips is a case of "why did I never think of this before?" that crossed my mind a couple of days ago. Had I implemented such a case, that would be what you want, with the conditions mentioned before of course.

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I'll look at them later, but I might have misunderstood what you wanted for states. They won't trigger the moment they're put under the states, and you might be best off putting the lines in the skills that make them confused/forgetful, provided you're using Action Sequences.
As for why the last one wouldn't work? I'd need to look into it. I might have made a typo or false assumption.

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Can you post, in full, the <voice> tag of an actor/enemy using these conditions?

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Critical hit isn't implemented (possible idea for the future, though) and might be tough (impossible?) to do with a "conditions" tag without some really complicated setup. The other two should be doable. I'm not in a position to test them this minute, but try these.

condition=speaker.isStateAffected(###) (Replace the "###" with the ID of the Sleep state)

condition=$gameTroop.turnCount() >= ### (Replace the "###" with the number of turns you want to check for. Make the >= into == if you want it to ONLY be a specific number of turns - like 5, not 6 or 7.)