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Thank You! :)

Thank you. Yes, I have no time to change this, the A.I is something I didn't spent to much time unfortunately :/

Thank you so much. I'll keep my studies in this project, if I got something good I'll update the page :)

Very good game, make me smile, I even share this one with some friends. Good 3D work, congrats!

Very good game, I finished and really enjoy the game play, congrats!

I like the story, but the game play it's a little bit confusing, I think you could have done a point click game or more a storyteller type, will fit better in what you trying to do

Same as subvertissement, can't play on Linux

Fun game, the graphics are amazing. My favorite is the doll, and I like beat the guys face. Good job

Fun game, I really enjoy break everything and throw the platforms in the air, very good!

Cool game, a simple ideia well implemented, congrats

I think this is the best game I played so far, congrats, I end up finish, but god damn, this is hard!!

The true boss, I knew it!!!! Really good game, I can see a full game with more waves, congrats

Very interesting, I like the idea, can play for a very long time, good job

incredible game, good art, good music, good settings, accessibility, great job!

Great game, but some times I jump in the platform and not slide on them, with that I could only finish the easy levels. This is the most difficult game i played so far, congrats.

I see what you trying to do, congrats for submitting, I think change the colors of the platform will help in the prototype and tests

Thank You, nice coincidence we play each other games in the same time, haha

Really fun game, and really complete one! This is a full game, impressive for a Jam, congrats

This is the most beautiful game i played so far, I love the art work.

A large canvas could help to see what is coming in front

I liked, very original one, but to much things in the background, and the crack on the window is to big as well, kinda hard to see things e get momentum in some parts.

Clever game, I finished and think is original, congrats.

Thank you! I was so eager to join the jam. At first I thought I could not finish, but I learned a lot and put myself together and I'm happy with the results, glad you like it

Thank you. Glad the music fit so well, I got the sounds in the last time, did everything else by myself :). I'll take notes for checkpoints, maybe I update the game in the future.

Thank you for the feedback. Glad you finished :)

Thank You! I Got the musics in the last minute, I almost upload without any sound, I'm glad they fit well, some sounds I got in the Freesound others in the Fesliyanstudios.

  • Harp Loop at the end: AFallingBrick
  • Start Music and Boss Music: David Fesliyan
  • Levels Music: David Renda

Thank you, you said everything, I wish I could make a better I.A for the enemies, and a more diversified levels, It's my first time and I spent a lot of time in things that was not so important.

Thank you!

Tank you for giving a try, I could make the controllers a little better and the jumps are indeed at the limit, I take note for the next time.

Tank you, I tried a little bit of everything I'm learning, and was super fun to make :)

Pretty fun ideia, I realy like the PS1 style and to be inside Dennis's dreams

But, I don't know if is a Linux issue, but to start the game I have to use a dual shock controller, I can't start the game with the keyboard.

So, I guided Dennis to the town and got lost, there are some glitchs and when I got to a point, after the platforms, there is nothing more to do.