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I actually did! I wasn't even aware that slowing down time would have any tangible benefits to platforming.. oops. 

Thanks for playing! You're absolutely right, it was definitely an oversight on my part making the movement frame rate dependant. Thanks for pointing that out! 

Thanks for playing! I do agree that the controls could have used some more tuning. I'll definitely take your ideas into account should I ever make a game like this again!

Really cool presentation, looks and sounds fantastic. The scarf animation is just so smooth. My main gripe with the game is that the platforming is really clunky. The character in the very beginning can hardly move without the attack ability, which I think could be fine. The attack mechanic feels incredibly good and really made the platforming way more fun. Without it, even with the wall grab and double jump, the movement felt really sluggish. Which was why the boss was easily my least favorite part of the game. It relied entirely on the core platforming, requiring the player to only ever attack as a means of damaging the boss and not for platforming. Which really made it far more one-note and frustrating than it could have been. Overall though, it's a great game, especially for a month! I'm really intrigued to see your future work!

Yeah it was missing a file. Never uploaded. If you bother, here it is:

If you bother, here's the missing file it wants:

It's the ".pck" file it's asking for. It failed to upload last night so I have to do this manually. Sorry for the inconvenience!

For those of you looking for a download, please go here.
I accidentally deleted the file from, so I had to resort to this. My apologies.

I'm sure you played fine, that room gives me some trouble too haha. Thanks for playing!

The point of that section was sort of to show off that fire spread upwards. All you had to do was set one box on fire while you tried to keep yourself from falling; I admit it was a bit mean though haha.

Dude, this is so clever and I enjoyed the fuck out of it. 10/10.