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Really cool presentation, looks and sounds fantastic. The scarf animation is just so smooth. My main gripe with the game is that the platforming is really clunky. The character in the very beginning can hardly move without the attack ability, which I think could be fine. The attack mechanic feels incredibly good and really made the platforming way more fun. Without it, even with the wall grab and double jump, the movement felt really sluggish. Which was why the boss was easily my least favorite part of the game. It relied entirely on the core platforming, requiring the player to only ever attack as a means of damaging the boss and not for platforming. Which really made it far more one-note and frustrating than it could have been. Overall though, it's a great game, especially for a month! I'm really intrigued to see your future work!

Thanks for trying the game! I appreciate all the comments! Also, did you manage to beat the boss without slowing down time? If so... That was impressive!


I actually did! I wasn't even aware that slowing down time would have any tangible benefits to platforming.. oops.