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I really enjoyed playing your game and gave it 5/5 on everything

Thank you!

Nice, I liked it, even though I didn't really understand the grapple mechanic and the UI

Controls were very hard, especially when I started to morph. In the end when I became a Kaiju everything became messy, with me not being able to get all the gators since I flew out of the arena. One gator was avoiding me by orbiting around a point btw, I don't know if this was intended or not.

Nice job!

I like the design, the movement control is a bit too loose though, but apart from that I really liked the game and its concept

I don't have much to add to what the others said. The beginning is kind of confusing as I understand I must gather supplies, but there are so many doors that look alike and I haven't got any directions.

I really liked this game, it's very calm and it links to the jam theme very nicely.

I liked the fact that every battle had a way to be won easily, nice idea

This game is so hard, like the visuals and the mechanics

I really enjoyed playing it, good work

I liked the vibe of the game, very calming even if brief

Visually appealing, the controls are responsive, the only problem I had was understanding the size of the hitboxes

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I really like the artistic part. I also like the mechanics, even though it lacks some feedback, both from audio and from the aesthetic sides. For example, the bubble that shows I'm dying is very small and hard to miss, I had to try a few times before I could see it.

Like others, I died right off and had to restart a few times before understanding what had to be done. I tried to find a full-screen button but in the end, I couldn't find one, which is a pity since everything is so small that it's hard to see what's going on.

Couldn't find the page

I like how you interpreted the theme!

14'300 was my score. Really enjoyed the game

I liked the idea and the soundtrack. Didn't really understand how the minigames worked though so I got stuck at the beginning

I didn't understand quite well how to solve the door puzzle, the one with the pot and the globe, but I liked the idea of the game, most people have already given feedback about the objects hitbox so not much to add. Well done

I managed to beat the boss, I liked to see a metroidvania that uses a Metroid approach rather than a Castlevania approach to the fighting feature. I didn't really like the acceleration movement which made it difficult to move precisely, maybe decrease the force a bit so that it feels easier to control with a major accuracy the movement of the player

It's a fun evolution of the classic game Asteroids, well done!

I really enjoyed the game, even if it was hard to understand at the beginning that I had to type in what was written on the screen, I thought I had to interact with something.

Thank you!

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For the purpose of the jam we focused majorly on the boss fight and on keeping the mechanics simple, but we had some ideas and might implement them in the future

If you enjoyed it we also have a the complete soundtracks in a youtube playlist, I'll drop the link here and on our page:

Thank you for your feedback Lecario. Unfortunately, we had a lot of problems with the dialogue system that we emerged at the last moment, we'd like to make them skippable in the future, but for the purpose of the prototype, we weren't able to.  For the full-fledged game version, we'll have to see what the future brings us, but we're planning on polishing the current prototype releasing a post-jam version along with a post-mortem.

Hello! So I was invited to the GDWC 2021 for my game Nova, it's a 2D top-down shoot-em-up, retro style with pixel art. I made a mistake and chose to do it in 3D adding more time when I really didn't have that much time anymore since when I realised I had been contacted, I only had one month left, and I'm not a programmer, but a designer who looks upon tutorials to get anything done. So I didn't manage to deliver in time, thus I am trying to finish it now by adding the last two levels and a final boss. Maybe redesign the enemies (I use Asset Forge for the 3D models and Unity's Particle Effects for the FX). My friend who's collaborating with me is doing the music and the SFX and he's implementing them with FMod. So we'll try to make those 10 levels fascinating enough and hopefully, we'll manage to finish in time for the end of this jam!

Day 15: Rest






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Hi, I'm Lehan, a game designer. Yesterday I discovered the existence of Devtober. So I'll post my progress from now on. I hope this is within the rules, I'll be directly linking each day to a different DevLog done on the game's page. On the last day, I'll do a DevLog which will be more of a Review of my experience of the challenge, rather than a postmortem, since I intend to finish this game; I'll also add a build to show my progress with the Review

Day1: Unaware of Devtober
Day2: Unaware of Devtober
Day3: Unaware of Devtober
Day4: Unaware of Devtober
Day5: Unaware of Devtober

Not only that, there is a bug about collisions that lets you throw the enemies out of the screen. Unfortunately we stopped working on this after the first year. But I'll come back to it later to fix it. Keep in mind it has been done 2 years ago