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Thank you friend! :) :)

Thank you very much for playing and for the feedback! I one hundred percent agree about the note hit sound; I often turn it off myself in rhythm games. I had to use it for charting to track if the notes are aligned with the song properly and didn't think to turn it back down. :D

Thank you!!!

Yay! Thank you!

Thank you! :) :)

Thank you so much for playing! :D :D  The misses that are tracked are like the "notes" that actually get past you and hit the heart.

LMAO I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sorry about your spacebar!

Thank you!

I really like the idea! What does eating humans do? Thought it would regen health at first, but my health wasn't really going up.

Damn this is super unique! Would be really cool if you shared like an example of a "playthrough". 

This is wild, how did you make this? 

This is crazy atmospheric, I love it!!!

Love how it turned out, its super addicting. Kept trying to find the last ore as a final goal but I assume you didn't have a chance to implement it cause I can't see it at 3600. :D

Aunt is thicc

Good for a first game I like it. Also impressive that you didn't use any engine.

I freaking love the art style this is the stuff.  Also dig the whole lazy sketch vibe with random notes and cup rings on the levels.  10/5 for graphics. The controls could be a little better though. The egg just feels heavy and hard to control? 



There's a slight delay between the click and when shooting actually starts, so you need to hold it. I'd say it's a design decision to make the game more scary but it's actually just to make sure the audio plays in sync with the shots. :D

Pretty cool base for a game, reminiscent of Thanos just dipping to farm on some planet. :D  Didn't stick around to see the plants grow, how long does it take? Just wasn't much to do beyond run around. :(

I couldn't figure out why my fish was unhappy, I just kept feeding it. LOL I assume the syringe is for when it's sick, what do the other buttons do?

Super cool, I just love the art! That back looking disturbingly realistic LMAO. How did you make it?

The jokes really made the game, nice! :D  One comment is that you had seams appearing on your tile map when moving around, you should try this thing from tips and tricks section there.

Yeah, couldn't quite get it right. :( I'll figure it out eventually LOL.

Thank you so much! :) Yeah, hopefully I'll be able to figure out a good UI for a game editor for a game like this eventually. 

Really cool idea and the main mechanic had me wanting to explore things. Unfortunately couldn't figure out how to get up the big jump when you get through the little snow pillars and spikes and couldn't get past the part with the big snow pillars either. :(  The parts that I got through were pretty hard, had to get the timing on the jumps nearly perfect, but I think that's good!

Pretty unique for a clicker, I like it! I'm used to just counting seasons by months so the season switches confused me a little at first but I figured it out. :D

Absolutely love the idea and the game is really well polished with the fade outs and ins with the seasons and the little particles coming off the snowman! There are some issues like getting stuck in blocks but that is usually solvable by just switching seasons, however I couldn't get out of the pit after I collected the fall potion and got forever stuck after trying to jump out. :(

The fish flock is really cool, I like how well implemented it is! However, I wasn't able to figure out how to minimize the amount of fish being eaten by the sharks. It seems that if they hit the outer layer they will sometimes eat just a few but with the shark turning speed it's really hard to manage consistently. Like Reamuji said, I wish the sharks would be affected by the vortexes.

Haha, thank you very much! :)

Thanks Amos! :) :)

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Thank you so much for playing! :) I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah LOL. Quarantine not thaaaaat terrible for me I'd say. Just trying to make the best of it. Thank you though, I'm kinda proud of this one. Hopefully not for long, but it's nice too look back on improvement. :D

Daaaaaaaamn that background animation in the duck game is amazing. That's not a shader, right? Hand drawn? Or rather frame by frame? I'm in love. The physics on the bees is hilarious, they look so dumb when they bump into each other. :D

Yeah tbh very sad I had I had to sacrifice sfx but that'll teach me not to slack too much next time. :D Thank you very much for the kind words!

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Thanks! Yeah, I was getting 3-4 seconds left w the way I was playing it, but not a long level with few strategies really, so assumed it was okay. Glad you were able to finish it!

Thanks, I hope not too much? ;)

Thank you very much!

Nice to see you too! Looks like the quarantine is really working our creative muscles eh? :D Thank you very much, yeah originally wanted to add some obstacles as well but wasn't as productive as I'd hoped so ran out of time. See you around. ;)