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Hey Richard, if you mean being able to edit or make your models or animations, I do have plans to make a modelling and an animation editor in the future.  I hope to get funding for it, since it's going to be a big undertaking but would be well worth it, but if funding doesn't go through and I find a chunk of time I'll just go forward with it.  I took down pixavoxet as I wasn't happy with its implementation, it was buggy and slow due to how it was being rendered and used voxels that aren't compatible with what I'm trying to achieve with PxBoy in terms of scaleable geometry.

A thread for requesting assets

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A thread for any bug reports

Hi all!  Artist at Nuke Nine Inc, the company behind the roguelike Vagante.

I started building an asset pack that hopes to cover all the bases for folks getting started on a new top-down or side-scroller game.  I personally have found these helpful for prototyping my own project, where you are in the phase where you are not quite sure what your game is going to be.  Can imagine this being helpful for artists that struggle nailing top-down perspectives (me).  They are pre-renders with a custom a pixel art shader applied, as such there are stray pixels, and what I'm just going to call pixel blinks :P 

Hope this becomes a valued resource for anyone.  I want to provide long-term support so feel free to leave any comments here on my page, and I'll try to fill any requests that feel reasonable.  At some point I'd like to package a utility with this project, so folks can render their own characters with different accessories, but that's a long ways off.

Thanks for reading + taking a look :)

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Made a couple changes to Ologon's 2.8 port of Sprytile.  Was experiencing some issues with holding 'S' and 'N' while using my laptop and trackpad.  The shortcut for snapping the cursor is "Left Alt + left click", and the shortcut for selecting an off-axis work plane is "ctrl+alt left click."

Also rebound tile rotation and flipping to 1,2,3,4

You can also remove the whitening effect when in edit mode, but going under the Preferences > Themes > 3D View > Face, and change the second color alpha to 0

New Download up that fixes this issue.  Just select a node, hit add curve deformation several times to add points with that node selected.   You can also add child points to points when they are selected that act as In and Out points of a curve, unless I removed that functionality

Hmm, it seems like adding curve deformations is broken right now, I'll take a look thank you.  Also do you have Discord, I'm better reached there at keo#3288  I really appreciate testers

Hey Bill, PixaVoxet was updated to address this issue.  I'm working on a video tutorial right meow as well

Hey Brendan!  Just wanted to inform you, PixaVoxet has been updated, it seems GLES 2.0 created quite a problem in using the program, lmk how it goes if you decide to pick this back up

Sorry I thought I was going to have more time this month for this project Brendan, I do consider it my baby and will shift gears to focus on it but I'm in the process of moving / building a small tiny house to move into at the end of the month.  I noticed you donated and will send it back and if you feel up for donating again once you have a working version, I'd appreciate it.  Priorities, but looking forward to working on this again

Having some issues fitting the last piece of the puzzle in, haven't looked at the code in a while but it's coming together.  Sorry for the wait

Hmmm interesting, I've not encountered that issue before.  i'll put out a separate OpenGl 3.0 build over the weekend with the progress I've made with the updated UI,  there's a few things left I haven't tested tho.  Thanks for the heads up Brendan!  

What OS are you running?  Curious I think your graphics card should support OpenGL 2.0, how old is your computer?

It's cool, I'm glad you found some software that works for you!

Updated :)

Sorry I had other priorities and do want to make the documentation better.  That aside, this project is donation only at the moment, I know it's the internet, but like really is that comment necessary?

Hi Sakashi, I just tried exporting using OpenGL ES 2.0 and it seems to work flawlessly.  Previously the graphics were a little buggy when Godot 3.1 was still in beta.  I'll have a new build up in the coming days, just coming back to this project.

I suspect it has to do with the opengl es version I'm exporting with (3.0), unfortunately I'm unable to export a version with opengl 2.0 that doesn't crash at this time.

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Try now, I think I forgot to tick some checkboxes and haven't tried downloading through the app.  It should work through the website though

fixed, thanks for the bugreport!

Hi yes, I forgot to include some new dependencies this should be fixed now

Instead of a setting I just made it the default, I didn't realized that the horizontal camera rotation, didn't match the vertical camera rotation : )

oh I see, I can add a settings option for that

not currently no, curious why  you would need to

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Hi Garrom, I haven't tested exporting to Linux with Godot before.  I've uploaded a build, let me know how it goes for you, unfortunately at this time I don't have a machine running to test it.  If it works exactly as it should like on Windows, great!  But I'm not experienced enough with Linux to do any debugging nor have the time to sink in troubleshooting different platforms.

it's pay what you want / donation :)

Godot is pretty amazing, and my favorite game engine by far.

Super glad to hear you're working on adding timeline support!!!

First off thanks for the work you two have been doing on this, this is amazing, and makes my work infinitely easier!

One minor thing I'd add is designating an end frame, say I want to have an emitter start after a certain emitter has stopped, for example an explosing followed by a smoke trail.

The bigger ask is working in a timeline somehow, so you are able to key in certain values, and lerp between the keys.  I'm imagining this would be quite an overhaul, though maybe there are similar simpler solutions to what I'm imagining.  

I'm imagining little key buttons next to each property, that'd add the key to the timeline.  Perhaps the timeline has a track for each property, or the user can add a track for the properties that they need.  Like photoshop's timeline, you can have emitters take up a certain amount of frames, every frame meaning they are emitting particles.  Underneath that are the properties, with their respective keys.