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Creating Pixel Art animations from Voxel based 3D models · By Myska

Unable to download it using the app (client)

A topic by LordMystirio created Feb 19, 2019 Views: 63 Replies: 4
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First of all, I wanna thank you for making a software like this available for everyone. I'm very interested into it and I'm trying to download it using the app but it does not seem to be working it says "indisponible sous windows", which means that it's unavailable on windows. I'm on windows 10 pro. Is there a way for me to download it?

P.S: I have not tried (yet) to download it from the website instead of the client.

Developer (1 edit)

Try now, I think I forgot to tick some checkboxes and haven't tried downloading through the app.  It should work through the website though

Wow thanks for your very fast reply. I was able to download it now from the browser (still unavaible from the app).

That said, i suspect that you have created it with godot 3 because all godot 3 softwares and games i have tried so far, have always crashed my system. I will wait for a fix from both windows and godot and maybe nvidia too (who knows?) to enjoy Godot 3 apps.


I suspect it has to do with the opengl es version I'm exporting with (3.0), unfortunately I'm unable to export a version with opengl 2.0 that doesn't crash at this time.

You might be right Myska. Anyway I just spoted a new udate for the inteldriver. I'll see if it fixes something. ^^