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You guys keep doing impressive works! Good job.


Thank you and sure I will, I should get  a couple of free days next week. I'll have time to experiment with it fully.

Sorry for the very late reply, I didn't noticed your message in time. Yes I guessed that it was probably the issue, but it seems like you set it up now cause I soon as i hit "Instal" this time, it's started installing. To answer your question thought, I've tried both the upsite and the client before and none allowed me to download/install. It's installing right now, so I'm looking forward to toy with it and have fun. Thanks a lot.

Hello, thanks for this nice tool. I wanted to download it and try it, but it says no item available to download.


Thank you very much ^_^

Hello HoneyFun, Thank you for getting back to me. No problem for the timing, at all. I hope that your video game will go on the right direction and I'm looking forward to play it when it's ready. Yes I've checked and it wasn't there. I finally uploaded it using the website itself and it worked. For the time being I'll be using that solution, so no rush to work on this, take it at your own pace ^^.

Hello, I just use the tool for the first time. Everything went smoothly but when I come to my project page, the new build that has been said to but uploaded is nowhere to be find. Could you please give me any tip/hint in the right direction?

Thank you

Hello HoneyFun, can you check if this is still working please? I've been trying for hours now to upload one file (1190Kb) throught it and it locked on "working". I 've tried countless times already.

Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to it.

Hello, is there a documentation or a tutorial please?

Hi, thank you for the software, but I couldn't download it. The .apk file is 0 bytes...

Thank you very much for this tutorial. I haven't test it yet (because i'm still finishing a few tutorials I started) but once I'm done with them, I'm gonna rush here to test it. That said, I read it and it's very well constructed.

Thank you for getting back to me so fast, I'm sorry that I was not able to reply sooner. I'm looking forward to the new version shown on that link and also to start supporting your products because they are so amazing !!!

Sorry for the super late reply. I think maybe it could be something like a number, like you did for the city 2D maps and then the legend of those numbers could be writen elsewere on the page, outside the map itself. (Sorry for my bad english, I don't know if it makes any sense). As for the look question, to be honest I do not really have an answer, but what I "see" in my mind it's a number just at the bottom right for exemple (but i could be at another positon) of the object that is anoted, or maybe right in the middle of the object.

I just install this and it looks awesome especially the night view. Is there a way to reduce the how numbers? (no matter how many times i hit "Enter" I always got a bit too many houses).

Thank you for the amazing software. "R" seems not to be working for me though.
Also, would it be possible to have (on the map) an annotation of the different "signs"? (stairs, downstairs, doors, tables, barrels, etc)

Sorry, my bad english didn't help much. I fully understand that it's an HTML5 tool, what I meant by "opens" is that I hit the "Run Tool" button. Also just before I wrote this reply, I tested it again and this time, I got a result so maybe the problem was my internet that was unstable or something like that at the time. Thank you very much for getting back to me about this matter.

Oh okay, thank you I did not noticed that. Sure there is no rush, take your time. :-)

Hello ^^.
I'm glad to get news from you. Thank you for the update and the youtube channel. Unfortunately the update is not reconnized by the client (it still only show the 0.2.1 version when you try to update. Also I went ahead and downloaded the .zip directly and also noticed after I unziped it that there were no .exe file (maybe that is the reason why the client did not catch it). I will try the link from github and let you know.

Thank you

Sorry if this sounds like a very noobish question (I'm not using VecMaker yet, in fact I'm donwloading it now to start using it):

If I decided to go for the batch processing one (since it's the lastest), do I still have the ability (option) to get antialias desactivated like in the pixel art optimized one ? I mean, I'm trying to get the both of the advantages or at least no to loose any or have to choose.


I would like to know the recommanded version (the batch or the pixel art optimised one)  please and why. 

Thank you 


Sorry for all the pressure. Sure, I'll try and build it as you suggested and if I get it to work, I'll send you a link so you could use it for other windows users as well. I do wish you the very best with your situation and I appreciate that you took the time to explain things to me. ^^

Hello Chlebon,

I hope that you are doing well. Haven't heard of you in a while, so I guess that you must be busy. I'm making in littel "up" in case you have missed my previous edit. ^^

Hello, I decided to try the software but it never worked for me. It opens just fine and i'm able to put in the right informations but then when i hit generate it takes forever loading and stay in that stage until i close it. I was never able to see a single result. I hope that you can check it and see if there is a bug or something.

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Oooh no, no need to be sorry at all. I'm the one who is lucky to be able to test this software. I will download that new portable version and let you now how it works ^_^. Thanks again for the effort to help.

Edit: I opened, yeaaaaaaaaah. But there seems to be a bug with the interface. Here is a screen capture.

Okay, I took my time to try it well and I think (I might be wrong) that the windows build has an issue. From using the client and using direct download from the website and also from using the github link you provided, I can confirm that I was able to download the software. Unfortunately, in none of those case, I was able to complete the installation process. It always stops before. Here is are two screencaptures (1 from the github download and 1 from the itch app client):

note that this progress is what I had after letting it run for about 16 hours so i think that it's safe to say this installation process won't be completed

Thank you, I'm sure that it will. I have tried to download it again (using the itch client) and i'm having some issues. I've sent a report to itch devs this morning regarding the issue. The download goes till the end but i'm unable to install.. So this time I'm gonna do a direct download (without the itch client and see how it goes). Will keep you updated. :-)

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wow thank you sooooooo much, I can't wait to get my hands on it right away.

EDIT: I'm having some serious internet issues (on a trip) but when i return in two-three days from now, i'll make sure to complete the download and test it fully. Sorry in advance if i come up with newbies questions at that moment ^^.

Thanks for the pack, I tried and loved it. Looking forward to any update available ^^

Hello, thanks for this magnificient tool. Any chance to get a windows version? As a non-mac usuer, I would love to be able to test it. 


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If there is any feature that you would want to see in Eye, please add them to this post. Thank you.

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Please report any bug you find here. We'll try to solve them as soon as possible.

Than you very much. I just tested it and it worked flawlessly.