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Hello ^^

I'm very interested in this too. Can I expect a windows version anytime soon? (actually i did not see how to download the tool).

It's good to be able to speak english so well (I have to make more efforts). @Kenney , @ddabrahim described up there, perfectly well what I was trying to say in all my previous messages (where i was requesting a tutorial).

Hello, sorry for the very late reply.

Here's what I got when i tried




I've had and issue importing my models outsider asset forge deluxe with textures working properly. I've been adviced to use Unity or Unreal to "fix" this.

So I installed Unity a few hours ago but I'm still unable to get the result I'm expecting. 

I wish someone with more knowledge than I could put together a straighforward video tutorial on how to make this example (https://mega.nz/#!p4UhlLJB!clIF-9mqMjc5q42oPKVkiQW-PJ4h9rPd7MZsoy3764U ) or another one and show me how he/she managed to import everything right in Unity (and/or Blender).

Thank you for your help

Hello Kenney, thank you very much for your answer. I guess I'll have to reinstall Unity or Unreal then (I wasn't planning to use AS for any game development purpose any time soon. I mainly wanted to use it for create some architechture.

Thanks again for your help. I'll reinstall those game engines and try and see if I succed. With blender, the problem is that the "military' texture is everywhere while in AS I only use it at some specific parts.

A little UP please ?

Hi NkxStudio,

Sorry for the late reply. I tried the fbx format with wings3d and blender and even godot I didn't manage to get a the same result I have with AS. I might be doing something wrong.

Here is a link to the file  (it's my first AF model and it's based on a small pixel art military car concept I made a few hours before):


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I would like to know what's the best way to export my creations to other 3d softwares and game engines while "keeping my textures "

I guess it's very easy to do since I saw no previous question about this.

Thank you for your help.

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I don't know if it's just me having this issue but I can't download the file from TinyUpload. IDM catches the file but do not show any size so it can't download

EDIT: everything went fine when I tried without IDM

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Hello Any Key,

First of all thank you for the custom blocks. That said, the download link seems to not be working. It opens but when you (I) try to download the file, nothing happens.

EDIT: everything went fine when I tried without IDM

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Yes it does. Thanks rhacer for answering my question. You just gain this software a new user. I hope I'll learn a lot with you all.

P.S: If you don't mind can I ask another question? I read somewhere (I honestly don't remember where) that a new version is in WIP. In that case, does it means this is gonna be "obsolete" or drop out soon or will the new version be an update of AFD?

EDIT: I found the article, it was the last post from the dev and he already answered my question. We won't need to re-buy a licence.

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I'm planning to buy this tool soon. I would like to know if I could bring models built in AFD into MT3 for post production. 


Hi and thanks for your reply.

Honestly, I'm not a programmer, I'm a multimedia designer with my main focus on game art. So I don't use those engines often. I have them because I'm learning my way around (when I have some free time) and because the programmers I'm working with at the moments use them, so I need them for testing my assets, etc. I can't tell you much about how good their build-in editors are compared to GMS for example. Godot and Gdevelop are FOSS so you can download them and see. For 001 it's proprietary but they have a demo version (I think) so you can try that too. Anyway those three engines lacks stuffs like GeonFX, so I think it's almost a "open" market for you. You should take your chances ^_^. Ren'Py also being very popular, maybe you might wanna check that too.

I have bought GMS 1.4, two or three years ago, but I doubt I'll use it since I'm quite bad at coding, that mean I might not (maybe I'll change my mind later) aquire GeonFX for now. 

Any chance to have it for 001 Game Creator, GDevelop and Godot? Those are the engines I'm currently using.