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+1  and happy holidays to both of you ^_^

Oh you were totally right. I was indeed able to re-import some .23d files but then i don't remember how i manage to create them in the fist place. I just did it randomly. 

I know it sounds like a stupid question, but could you please tell me how to save those files in the first place? So I will know for sure how i save them from now on?

I also noticed that different files are saved in different folders with their "exports" too, which is awesome.

Also could we get a "warning" for the "build" command? when i come back from "camera" and i hit the build bouton, it simply "close" my current work, allowing me to only either create a new object or select one of the previously saved ones. It would be cool if it does gives us a warning.

About the behavior you talked about, can it not only detect but if tiles will be overwritten and let us know but also give us the option to save with a different name (like when you want to save a file with idm and it suggest if you should add a number to the new files and keep both files)?

Oh thank you I haven't noticed the export function. I just tested it and it worked. 

Here is what I noticed:

- I tried to opened the .obj file in 5 different 3D softwares and it worked in all of them. (y) I will try game engines later (godot, unity, unreal, maybe more)

- I was not able to "import" that .obj file in a new scene (i closed the software, opened it again but when i try to add an object, i don't see a way to select the folder where the file is located // I'm sure i'm doing something wrong here.

- When you save a new file, it immediately overwrite the file that was saved before It would be awesome if it does not.

For now this is all I did , I will comeback if I get something new when I have a bit more time to use it. Also I will make sure to post  my new works ;-)

Good job, I just gave it a try (but have not tried to add a new oject yet). That said, while waiting for the ability to export our creations, can you include some kind of "screenshoot" capabilites that will only screen the object we created?

Thanks for keeping this alive.

So far , all I wanna say is thank you and good luck . Please keep making us dream.

Thank you Ben, I've got my key. ^_^

BlastFX community · Created a new topic Steam vers.

Hello ^^

I would like to know if there is a steam key available for people who bought the software here. 

Thank you :-)

Thank you, I just got mine. ^_^

Wow ! Impressive update. Very good job !!!

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@JJHaggar , I think exactly the same way. Since about two years now, I tend to get all my products (courses, softwares, games, etc) not only softwares on steam. Makes it far more convenient for various reasons, one being the auto-update. I noticed that the devs has set up a store on steam here : and I checked right away for a steam key on my purchase page. Has not found one yet , but I guess it's normal since the product is not available yet (it should be this month thou, based on what i can see on the page). ^_^


 I have no idea how I missed your reply. 

 I appreciate that you replied so fast.  After reading your answer, there is not much I could say if not that I truly wish to see this grow and have more and more fun with it. :-) I hope the community will get bigger too. ^^


Sorry for the late reply. I noticed that you show more pictures now. It's easier for users to see what to expect. I was also lucky enough to get a key. 

Thank you very much for that. 


Is there a video showing Tape in action please? I would like to know what I'm buying. Thank you.

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<<check now!>> 

I just did. It's full blanck ... 

<<strange...after everything what you mentioned on steam ..surprising that you r using it!!!>>

Smile, what's strange about that? Every now and then, one can simply open a software or a game he/she own to check it out. There is nothing bad or strange about doing such a thing my friend. I simply wanted to see how your work was going.  :-) . 

EDIT : it opened now. Looks pretty ^_^

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Hello :-) , 

I have not opened the tool is a long while and I just did. Here is what I got: A blank page with the message (inside the software) : File not found. 

Am I doing something wrong?

EDIT: I uninstalled and re-installed the software . Now it still a blank page but it says : licence expired !

Thank you very much. You were right. ^_^

Hello everyone,

A friend of mine directed me to this link : and said that someone named Jackson Meira usually makes some good custom parts for both AF and SGB. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the website is down (unless it's my bad internet that is the problem). So I would like to know if someone here knows of that website or it's owner and if there are other way to contact him to get those parts.

Thank you.

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First of all, I wanna apologize for my bad english, I'm a french native speaker.

I have found your tool and it looks quite interesting. I have two questions:

1- What are the current export options and what are the one planned for the future?

2- It feels more like a "toy" than a tool , yet I'm pretty sure that it could be of some "professional" use.  What are the current situations that you think Two3D could be useful for?

Thanks for your time :-)

EDIT: I couldn't wait, I jumped ahaead and bought it , I still hope I'll get answer to those questions thou :-)

Bonjour je viens de tester ton app (test rapide de  2 mins) et je la trouve super intéressante. Elle devrait permettre de pouvoir rapidement avoir une idée visuelle de ce qu'on a en tête sans forcément se donner le mal d'utiliser les méthodes conventionnelles (certes plus flexibles mais également beaucoup plus lentes). Je n'y ai pas consacré beaucoup de temps, donc j'ai peut être sauté des fonctions utiles.

Mes préoccupations à présent:

1- pouvons nous ajouter nos propres assets? (et peut être même les caractériser?)

2- Je n'ai pas su comment sauvegarder ni dans quel dossier ça va et encore moins quels sont les formats de fichier d'exportation. Un peu plus d'informations allant dans ce sens serait génial.

En tout cas merci pour ce joli petit bijou, je compte bien y revenir bientôt.

this is so damn good looking.

Thank you very much. I will then purchase it right away and when learning to use it, if I need any help, I will take your word for it, and ask for your help. ^_^

@Thanks CodeManu

@Bitlather :  I agree with your suggestions. They will definitely make our lives easier ^^ .

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Yes I tried the "desktop" and the root of my C: drive. Same thing. I will try a couple of other folders too and let you know.

EDIT: Just tried "My Documents" and it worked, then tried the old places and all worked except the "default" location.

Thank you,

I don't know if it will help, but here is what I get. Also attached a screenshot of my rig too .

Hello CodeManu,

Thanks for the ULTRA fast reply. Very much appreciate.  I uninstall and reinstalled the software and it worked. Now I have another issue, when I try to save, it gives the option to save as "system" and when i save it saves nothing.

What am I doing wrong?


I've purcase this about 3h ago and have toyed with it a bit just now. Problem is after I render and tried to export, it says that i can't export in demo version. but i'm not using the demo since i've paid for it.

So I'm not sure how to "activate" the full version.

Thanks for helping me.

A year ago, I asked if this would work with a couple of engines that I use. Finaly, I decided to try and learn GMS (I'm using vers 1.4.x). So I'm gonna acquire this tool. That said I have a couple of questions if you do not mind.

1- You said you were working on gif and png exports, is it implemented now or still being developped?

2- The user @GodLabs Studios asked about a way to implement the work he/she has done in Geon-FX in his existent project and you seem to have provide help. But it seems that the file need (unless i misunderstood) is on yoyo market , not here on itch. Does it mean I would have to go there to acquire that file?

3- Is the tool still under developement for 1.4 or are you focusing on 2 only? (I have no intention to acquire GM2 at the moment, so I want to make sure that GMS is still well supported).

Thanks for your time.

Congrats for the steam lanch ^^

Yeaaaaaaaah, can't wait to get my hand on 1.2  .

Thank you for your hard work. ^^

I just toyed a bit with the tool and it's very responsive ... and I already have another request xD : it would be awesome if backgrounds were not mandatory. Unless I'm mistaken, I saw no option de "deactivate" the background. It would be cool to be able to have the character only without the bg.

Also, beside my request for african chars, it would be cool to be able to "ajust" the colors of current chars , actually this would be very useful for a more accurate "rendering".

EDIT: my bank fixed the issue. I'm finaly on board ^^

Then I'm looking forward to it. I can't wait to have my hand on this little jewel ^^

Thanks for the very fast reply. Sorry I have not noticed it before. I just tried to buy the software right now, but it is not letting me to. Is there another way to buy (that does not involve paypal or to pay you directly and get the key?). The visa card I have my money on seems not to be working with paypal at the moment.

Also I tried to add my request as comment on trello, but it did not seem to be possible. I would like to request more african traits (I'm black african, so I would like to make some pixel portrait for my relatives and I). Thanks

I just noticed that you are gonna realse this on Steam too. If I buy it now (because I really want to xD) , will I get a steam key when the steam version is out? (I'm kind of a steam junkie ^^).

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Hello ^^

I'm very interested in this too. Can I expect a windows version anytime soon? (actually i did not see how to download the tool).

It's good to be able to speak english so well (I have to make more efforts). @Kenney , @ddabrahim described up there, perfectly well what I was trying to say in all my previous messages (where i was requesting a tutorial).

Hello, sorry for the very late reply.

Here's what I got when i tried