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Thanks to Iron Pineapple for letting me and many others know about this game

This is intriguing to me more than most narrative prompt style games I've seen. I think it's because its scenario is evocative but something I've not really heard of before in game form, and the situations suggested are compelling. Usually in prompt systems I often wonder why I'm not just writing something on my own but these situations listed all have sparks for me. It seems like just the right balance between an open setting and a specific situation to me

Was this the game that you referred to in the Bastionland podcast? Or were you planning on something else to mirror Pendragon (roll on a table to see what happens to your knight while he's off somewhere else, which may generate Secrets and erode Trust). Hmm...

Managed to get it again by giving the enforcer my last life token, the prompt to give him more disappeared this time, I used the corruption power and then I got caught in the loop. I give enough to the enforcer after dealing with Death, Death thinks I don't have any health tokens remaining and the loop repeats

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Love it. Found a bug, though. Had a two slot expansion, when I was rewarded some coins. Enforcer comes to confiscate, says I know the drill in the dialog, but then keeps saying it over and over in an endless loop

Managed to break the loop using the corruption power for my character, which killed me (I think I used my last health initially to pay for something, so spending that put me below the enforcer's limit maybe?)

Although when I got past Death, the enforcer arrived, i got past him by dumping the excess, and then death returned as if I had no health, when I do... Endless loop until I accept Death. I feel a bit young for this :)

Also, token placement highlighting doesn't line up, sometimes I wind up having to put a token in a strange spot to get it to highlight so I can place it

Still loving the game, though :)

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The flail seems to have one of the best overall to-hit, which strikes me as a bit strange, but maybe since it's in the middle it's got the problem of not being dedicated enough in speed or in reach

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Was literally looking over that part in FMC last night and it did strike me as a bit odd, my immediate thought was to things like the parrying dagger. A weightier thing like a polearm wouldn't be able to parry a dagger too well when in close combat unless imagining the pole part being used to absorb the cut from the dagger. I guess on the opposite end, though, I find it hard to imagine daggers doing too well against a polearm. Once they get far enough apart the techniques are drastically different.

I see what might have happened, given the wording in Chainmail, but it does seem like the faster (lower classed) weapons get a chance to parry, originally, as you said. The problem here is, it seems odd that weapons with a higher class, with their pretty much sole advantage of attacking first in the initial engagement, seem to lose that advantage with this subsystem, given the language about "first blows" seeming to mean the first strike of the engagement. I feel like it makes sense if in close combat already, where both opponents could already reach each other, but the initial chance to hit should go to the character with more reach, I think. It does seem like it makes an exception for pikes, spears, and lances (but not polearms apparently): if there's a charge, then those weapons get priority in the first round, but I feel like I'd want to expand on this.

Combine this system with the generally rougher time lighter class weapons get versus most defensive types, though, maybe it evens out?

I'm glad you brought this up.

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Easily one of the best Pico games I've played. Really manages to find the spirit of early generation games, but would have blown most of those out of the sky with the level of detail and gameplay systems. Thank you for making this

Ah, OK, this is what I got. Returning from salvage?

Where is the best place to post crashes and feedback for this version? Only just learned about this game via Second Wind so sort of catching up. Space trading and maintenance is a nice combination

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The Poker variant is by far my favorite of the ones I've tried so far, plenty of cool choices. Is it supposed to end with only a few cards that can't match? I would expect it to auto fail or auto play the cards to see if you got a final set of points.

The Eldritch one confused me a bit, I too often ran into combinations that stalled the game out, with no combinations possible, or attack combinations that were insufficient. Would having the other attack slots open help loosen it up a bit?

Council of secrets overwhelmed me, but maybe I need really go over the rules some more. Leaving the instructions froze the game, weirdly.

Very cool idea, I like the different decks that add to the mood of each. Would love a right-click card view for planning, and to get used to the difference between a covered IV and a covered IX, and check out the art. I guess that might not work for all games.

When you get enough of the size increases you get that same sound if it happens to be on the other side of the doorway. It slowly collisions its way back to you with the same bonking on the wall sound. Dunno if it sometimes resets to some default position outside the playfield or whatever. Good finds, hope there will be a new version since I like using the multi power up. Skipped taking those and made it to like level 11 or so before a legit death.

I haven't been able to tell if the bug only happens if you leave the disc(s) behind in a prior room or not. Have you noticed whether or not it happens even when you collect them before moving to the next room? Really love the aesthetic and general design, hope this gets fixed

Really great ideas :) Will there be a way for the game to check if there are no valid moves? Like give you some signal that you have to start over?

Thank you for this! Fun to read, well done. 

Is the general understanding that if one's CON is super low, there's no percentage chance for survival? Or does one adopt the values as above (6 would be 30%, 5 would be 20%, etc) and also have the hit point penalty?

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Wish there was a way to back out of movement (specifically sprinting I think), especially when all moves turn out to be invalid, since it basically locks the game, unless I'm missing something. Otherwise very tight, fun design!

BBPSX doesn't replicate the full original game. It doesn't end right after Gascoigne, though. Have you tried interacting with the gate?

Was wondering that too. I've seen mention by user Godsey that it resets (some?) items in the world, but I haven't tried it yet myself

Cheers for that

If you're using the keyboard, it's not the L1 equivalent to transform in the menu, it's the interact button "E"

I imagine it's pretty hard to thread the needle of simulating PSX jank plus having soulsborne fidelity AND have challenge between those two that isn't about being glitch-punched into space by the Cleric Beast (though that was pretty funny). There might be a possibility of tweaks in the future, or I guess if the source gets released there will be plenty of potential for adjusting things.

I think everybody who uses the keyboard has it. Current workaround is to remove your secondary weapon and you can interact fine, even if your character is flailing all over attacking the darkness.

Was thinking today that the walk button (ctrl for keyboard) might be good as a combination for transform without the menu. I'm not sure if transform is done this way to avoid other problems, but if it was just the lack of buttons, combining that with an attack sort of makes sense, especially for chaining.

What sort of bug?

Glad I could help :)

You playing BBPSX with all the visual settings that simulate old-style 3D on? If so maybe try switching some or all of them off to see if those effects are the cause

I see, it just doesn't leave a player character bloodstain at all, it looks like. There's the smoke then nothing. Not sure if another NPC may have absorbed it but it doesn't seem to be the case. Is this consistent, and with the latest version?

My temporary fix for this has been to unequip but yeah, the keyboard currently doesn't lock in that menu so you sort of do two things at the same time

If you're familiar with the general Soulsbourne formula then my guess here probably isn't right, but when you say that a puddle disappears on the death screen, you mean the specific one that was caused by the latest death, right? You're not talking about a prior death's puddle? And killing enemies not bringing it back, it's not a case of a specific enemy having the glowing eyes (or however it manifests in the game)?

Yeah, it's been mentioned a few times. I assume you use the keyboard?

Oh, thank you for this!

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It seems my only issues so far have been keyboard control related.

In a related problem to the leveling overlay issue where the keys aren't locked down (allowing you to attack), I haven't seen this reported yet: Weapon transformation from the pause screen doesn't seem to respond to the L1 equivalent key (at least for the threaded cane)

EDIT: Someone else found that the latter works if you instead use "E"

This game is an amazing accomplishment. Thank you!

Glad I could help :)

What happens if you fail E?

My assumption is that the 12 inch movement is just to help cement a sense of scale (helping resolve the question" how far would a mausritter move in however long a round should be?") . Naturally if you wanted to lock things to a grid I imagine that would be OK, but it seems like you'd have a bit of work filling out the details. 

I'd more look at it as a way to help imagine whether they could run to the other side of the book they had vaulted on before the cat reached them, that kind of thing.

Just what I needed. Thank you. Any further plans for this?

This is a clever, clean setup. I've seen a few of these sorts of thematic engines but few others have made me want to play them right away like this one. Sharp design and theme decisions. The poetry rules are great :)

Wounds: It seems like the effects of a wound go away after a seven hour rest, but does the wound remain? I assume a new wound merely replaces the old one in effect, so you have to sleep for seven hours again to shake off the new Setback penalties. After such a rest it feels like a given wound has sort of gone away, apart from roleplaying purposes maybe. 

Since you only need to rest for 5 hours to fully regain stamina I might imply that you rest the full 7 to tend to a wound, otherwise it may open up again if you roll a 1 in a dire situation.

I would have liked it shown that fate coins act as a heal and don't increase stamina past the maximum, and that you just need to reroll any duplicate ability generation rolls, but I guess it's pretty clear that's the intent.

I think I might come up with a rule, though, where if you ever roll a duplicate ability you instead gain a follower with that ability (whose stamina is equal to your current stanzas (min 1), increasing with yours until they become a potential player character, but subject to morale checks equal to their stamina vs. 2d6 or something)

Thanks! This is fun.