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Left to Memory

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Great music and nice art; I liked the manga-like opening too. Nice touch and not too overly complicated. The gameplay in this is really fun, and I think there's a lot of potential for varying wind speed depending on the level (like there was between the tutorial and the main level) and other obstacles. There were two areas where it took me quite a few tries to pass, but a bit of fine-tuning could easily fix that. Overall, really solid entry! Good luck :)

Absolutely love this game. Simple art and music, and fantastic platforming. I really enjoy games like Super Meat Boy and Celeste and this game definitely has that potential. I'm surprised how many mechanics you got in during just 48 hours. The only critique I have is that the random hazards would be best if they were set per stage and maybe ramped up depending on the level. Otherwise, they feel a bit unfair at times. Phenomenal game. Good luck!

Amazing game. The presentation is incredible; it looks like a finished game, so great job on that! I got stuck on the second level with spikes cause I was a bit confused about how I got more jumps, but still so great you made this so fast. Keep it up!

Love this! Would be great to have some music, but it's still a really solid entry. Congrats :)

Really interesting concept. Definitely would love to see where you go with this, but as of now, having to watch the cutscene over and over is a bit of a letdown and made me stop playing. Definitely keep working on this after the jam, it has so much potential :)

Such a unique, fun idea. :) I really enjoyed this game and could see it as a full game. One small note: the jumping sound hurt my ears and I didn't have my volume that loud. I had to turn it down. Besides that, everything else about the game is legit.

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My favorite game so far. Simple concept, amazing execution. I played the whole way through and that ending! Super reminiscent of the Portal series. The art did its job, the music was fitting, and the controls were great too. I got stuck a few times but I figured it out eventually. Really stellar entry. The only gripe I had was that it was really hard to read the text on the title screen. Congrats on this, I'll be checking out anything else you've made :) 

Okay, so I absolutely love the art in this. That's the main highlight for me. The controls are smooth but I can't see how to shoot, which I saw another comment mention. I think this would be great to explore after the game jam and make into a neat little game. :)

Cool game! I like the music, but I wish it looped cause it just suddenly ends. The mechanics are interesting and I like the concept. The jumping is a little hard to control but I was able to make it to the end. I like the distinction between the two time periods, but it would be nice to have a little more art. Good job overall :)

I really like the concept of your game! This has a lot of potential and I've personally not played something with a build-your-own weapon mechanic like this game. 
It is a bit difficult to get the weapon to hit enemies since it typically starts swinging out of control even without boosters, but I like the presentation. The music and sound is a bit quiet, but I like what I hear. Great job!

I played through the whole demo and I really like the mechanics you've incorporated. I would love to be part of this project. I'm primarily a writer, but am also a musician and I draw too. I'll send you friend request on Discord if that's cool. I can send you some of my portfolio on there, yeah? Thanks!