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Thanks for the kind feedback and video:D

Thanks so much for this! I wanted to try out Ink with Unity after playing your game, so this is really appreciated. I'm excited to play around with it.


Wee corn mazes! I'm not in a place that has them, so I have to live through my stories:)

The character design is all Auth. We collaborated on the general ideas and some basic personalities, but they came up with the designs. I'm a fan as well!

Thank you for the nice comment.

And yeah, maybe you're right that the relationship builds too fast, but I think that it can be like that sometimes too. :)

Thank you for your nice comment:) 

Auth worked hard to get the CG done in time and I agree, it and all the art are really wonderful!

Thank you for the kind words:)

I'm not sure why there is flicking, it doesn't happen on my computer. Were you playing on Windows? I will upload new versions for the different platforms now so maybe that will be better.

Oh! Thanks for the info. I'll upload a separate file for mac.


Hello. I would be happy to upload a hint sheet, but unfortunately I have a family emergency right now so I am for the most part totally unavailable at least until the end of the month. Hopefully someone else can help or it is also possible to type 'give hint' in some instances (though I'm not how many of those there are). Thanks for playing my game, it was really fun to make:)

Ok, thanks!

When I submitted my project, it said :

2 - Make sure your game has the following settings:

template = talp

I didn't see this in the rules or description so I didn't set this when I made the game and apparently it is not the default for the adventuron classroom. Does this mean that I can't submit my game to the jam unless I fix it to fit this template?  When I specified this template, on describe was no longer allowed and I have a custom command that did not override the default vocabulary.

Thanks for the fun jam by the way:)

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My second published visual novel is available now, for free! It is a relatively short, low-budget project, but there is a sweet story. 

Please do not judge Shirori's drawing skills on one of the endings! She knows she is not very good at it, but she likes to sketch anyways.

I have too much anxiety to enable comments on the game page, but I appreciate follows/donations/ratings if you liked it. Thanks!

(sprites by muggu

-Leaflet Games-

My first visual novel is available for free <3

It is pretty short, but has choices and multiple endings. There is no nudity, but some adult content in the language.

Lizzie is a vampire hunter, and she thinks she knows where the nest is. What will happen?