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tools like this are great for modding, you're doing good work there.

I would ask game's author if they wants to implement those mod support dirrectly tho.

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I'm gonna try to open val images to see if it's just a matter of file corruption/incorrect format.

edit : all the images seems uncorrupted (altho preg level 4 are still old style), so I think it's just a problem with that particular line of code.

Sadly since I don't have the map files from previous version, I can't just replace the line with its previous version.

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In lakeview the quest manager dialogues are bugged and don't appear (and you can't back out of them)

edit: tried to replicate the problem but wasn't able to. Sooo, cosmic rays, please stop messing with my pc?

In the previous game version folder, go into "www" folder, copy the "save" folder, and paste it into the new game version "www" folder

No problems, bugfixing does do that, I'm gonna report in the discord if I have any other issue. (just seeing the update been pushed now as I type)

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so, on last public update, getting an error:


V0.2.0.2. (07/03/22), on ([today, just now]) (previous: {tech_boulevard_0_0', current: 'pregnancy_mosqir_eggs_anal5'}: [Something went wrong in while clicking the action 'next"., ReferenceError: context is not defined]

edit : scratch that, it return so many errors that I wouldn't be to post them all, notable one is getting stuck in simulated sex combat with a tree (aka endless loop of errors)


When doing, dates, the pic of the one you're training is shown, but the pic of the player character isn't.

(obviously, you would need to have appointed a pic to the player character beforehand to notice said bug).

Just wanted to point that out.

Thanks for the game, it's a lot of fun already :3

you might want to post this too in the strive for power forum, gonna check your pack after my slow connection permit me to finish downloading it :3

A femboy mc with a giant dick? I found gold!

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I'm getting very low fps for some reasons.. (10-15fps)

Edit: might have my pc, I just checked and I had windows defender acting up in the background.

atm, if order does something and if 3 potions is the max number for combination, there's 336 possible combinations.

would be good to have a "flush cauldron" button (or have one of the potion do that with an indicator).

Is there some patchnotes to read for .029S versions? I see that some of the blank caves have been updated now, but would be nice to know if I have missed anything new.


I was bored today so decided to test your creation :

  1. The airplane part:

I wouldn't put randomized sentences for the boring seats, people love tends to explore as soon as they can, having personalized sentence to each seat would be good fluff in my opinion (but not really a priority).

  • The beach part:

dialogue tree doesn't let you select both, wanted to find out what the other said :(

  • Exploring around the camp part:

Having to use another button instead of the default use key to capture is a bit weird.

  • The training part:

Do the brain scan do anything atm? also, what does the purple button actually do?

Making some tooltip maybe necessary, didn't know what each button did before checking them one by one.

  • Overall

Dialogue tree need a bit of rework (as not all the options are sometimes displayed after you finished one, thus needed to click one you may have previously used to display the one you want).

The captured persons model have a texture seam between the body and and the head, it's a bit weird.

Overall, it's a good start, go at it slowly and I'm sure you might achieve the result you want.

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okay, now there's a problem : you can't exit the crystal mine anymore, the activation square might be a little too high, gonna check the other mines to see if it's the same for the others.

edit: both coal and mana steel mines are now unexitable, either the activator is misconfigured or placed at the wrong square.

and a nota : the version number isn't updated on the start screen (it's been stuck 0.103 even tho you updated the game), it's more of a cosmetic problem so not high priority.

I can report that the crafting lvl logic now work for smelting at the very least.

Edit: I snooped a bit around to look where you placed the event for the ladder, and yes, they are a bit too high, place them a square lower.

edit edit : for the stockpiles, the common events seems to be set to autorun, those only start one time, not looped (unless you manually call them, I suggest setting it as parallel (if the help doc can be trusted, they will repeat periodically). (Another method would be to use a time plugin that will execute that event each n minutes/secondes).

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is it normal that crafting lvl isn't saved upon exiting the craft station?

also, stockpiles are stuck at 0, they never change over time. Thus never able to be collected. (I'm not going to mine 400+  crystal and 200+ coal to see if they actually start stockpiling when 10 golem are added, more so when the max stack per item is 99)

also also, you might want to change the pathing blocks of the ladders in the mine, more often than not, I start climbing them as I enter a mine (thus going ontop of the walls of the mine), maybe making the ladder interactable instead of using the space in front of them be the exit could help too.

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v1 bug I found:

  • ".\img\characters\usefull props 3.png" does not exist, temp solution : copy "usefull props2.png" in same folder and rename the copy to "usefull props 3.png". The call for the file is in the city bakery 1st screen.
  • typo on Charcoal item (trinket) : "Grants immunity to poision" instead of "Grants immunity to poison"
  • ".\img\characters\usefull props weapons.png" does not exist, temp solution : copy "usefull props.png in same folder and rename the copy to "usefull props weapons.png". The call for the file is the leftmost trial in the temple of the cave in the icy moutains.
  • typo on Boulder spell : "Was cause enemy to bleed" instead of "May cause enemy to bleed"
  • and found a hard crash, happen after accepting to have fun at the end of the bakery quest:

will add other bugs I find here.

now you are tempting me to grind your demo until I achieve that max lvl...
do only in battle milk magic counts towards increasing btw or outside battle ones also count?

What's the maximum milk amount for the demo? (I have gone up to 900 but dunno if it goes higher)

The game is pretty good and has great sprites.

My only problem is that mushroom boss can potentially stunlock you by using its charge ability over and over after you get hit by the first one and are now blocked by the arena wall.

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the [edit:] first download is on gdrive, so you can't use itch desktop app for it

from the pics, their eyes are terrifying. the rest of the body looks fine tho, it's just the eyes being weird.

A bug that I noticed:

Sometimes after talking to someone/interacting with something/warping, the camera rotation angle get limited, preventing you from facing certain directions.

found it.

You might want to create either a symbol at side rooms entrances (like a carpet and/or a side quest that automatically start right from the beginning indicating that those aren't walls but side entrances.

there's no indications, thus people wouldn't to head head-first into a wall like that.

The only option I have with Zessura in her tent are:

  • "Let's have some fun."
  • "How are you feeling?"
  • "Nevermind."

None of them actually mvoer her to the omni sanctum.

The north exit of the ruin map doesn't let you exit (there's no tile that let you teleport to next map), so can't explore the map around a bit.

So basically, either there's a flag not firing letting you exit through the ruin map north side, or there's a serious problem with the windows version.

I'm restarting the game each time, not using previous save.

It's not that I couldn't download from the itch app, it's just I though the file size was different when compared to mega version (I was wrong on that point), there's no files difference or file corruption as far as I'm aware.

The problem is that, for each version including this new one, I couldn't make any progress past the drow mindbreaking.

I dunno if people can actually progress past that point on mac, but on windows one the versions aren't any different in term of accessible content compare to the initial release.

I'm wondering.. Is it possible that the windows version was wrongly exported while the mac version is correctly getting the updates?

welp nope

still can't do anything after mindbreaking the drows (except getting four researchers pregnant). Can't go elsewhere or quests to do.

Been the case for all previous versions too, so dunno why even tho you add content, nobody here seems to understand how to access it.

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oh, I see why I had trouble progressing, the downloads in itch app doesn't really work, you have to use the mega link or 9/10 of the files aren't downloaded. (maybe, need to see if that's true tho)


Luna's school campus flower task bug!

if you mean that you can't collect the flowers, you need to collect them at nigh (not day), they are only gatherable then.

Also found a bug:

At kana, if you talk again with the priest, asking about the religion's past, suddenly, mc slow down to a crawl for some reasons after the speech.

Heyo, got also stuck at the ruin myself (hitting 2 keys at same time wasn't obvious, nor that those blocks are pushable in all instances in the ruins).

Why not have a cutscene after we see the gobu exit the entrance room where MC push by mistake a bloc which open the 2 sides doors (with a prompt after the cutscene indication the key combination for it).

I know that dumb it down a bit, but if many people have this problem, it might be a solution.

I like the story I have read so far, but...

As someone new to this kind of game, I have to admit I'm pretty lost and dunno what I am doing.

So something for the final product (not for now, wouldn't be a good ressource allocations), would be a simple tutorial that basically shime you in, notably for the journal part.

Oh, so just need to wait for you to push the update for itch or be a patreon? nice, thanks :3