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THANK you. you're right. 0/10


Thanks for letting me know! My guess is that YAL's tools and ours don't get along super well. It seems like it was randomly unable to access a file, possibly because a different process was using it. When these errors happen, removing the culprit from your local.json cache usually resolves it

They say the cookie eats the man, but in this collection of fantasies that is but one answer to the question of time. Each chip of the cookie represents a piece of the puzzle of what was foretold, in the cosmos they reach seeking an answer to its dough. Think hard on this, for it is here that the science of love dissolves into the pieces of wisdom we have not yet imparted on the weak souls. In this time of questioning our moral spectrum of to cookie or in fact two cookie one must seek the guidance of the Seven and their teachings for it is only them who can share that which the flour coats, and for when the flour rises upon the backs of those who wait, only then can we be truly sure that the cookie was once an agent of the cosmos, sent out before we could realize that the salt was there, an infinite collection of questions of sweetness yet bitter betrayal, an odyssey and tale of knowledge so oft forgot in this rambling world of clowns and fairies, who are we but mere ants on a log to question the forces that propel such an art and craft to the millions of minds who scorn the very nature of the cookie.

pretty good game

Hey! 1.1.0 will indeed include an "extraction" method that will make a mirror of the sprite tree in your watch directory. This is a tricky task, and is taking us a bit of time, but in the meantime if you create a image with a name that will match an existing resource in GMS2, and have you permissions set to Maximum in lazyload, lazyload will update the sprite!

Game looks gorgeous, but I can't play! There's no instance of oNewMapGen right after your splash screen -- same error as people below. Hopefully you can get it sorted, would love to play!

Yesterday I began to study the differences between Mac and Windows project files for GMS2 -- so far it seems possible! We will continue looking into it and if we're able to do it, we'll release it!

Not sure what the issue is, I'm able to download just fine. Might want to try in a browser instead?

Thank you so much for your feedback! We're really glad you enjoyed it, and would love to add more content to a later release -- this was just our 48 hour post jam version. Thanks for playing!

Hey thanks so much for playing our game! We really enjoyed watching your playthrough :)

We're so glad you liked the game, and loved checking out your video! Thanks again!

Glad you liked it! :D

Thank you so much for the kind words! We really appreciate it :)

Hey thanks so much! We're glad you enjoyed it :D

Great work man, the level of polish is incredible :D

Thank you very much, I'm glad the tool helped you out!

Ah, neat idea! There are lots of improvements I'd love to make to the tool, this being one of them -- I'm currently swamped with work so I can't set aside time at the moment for the tool, but there is a new and improved version in the works. Thanks for your feedback!

The GUI was built inside of GMS2 and the backend was written in python!

No plans to as of yet, I don't personally have a mac / am not familiar with how it's file system works as opposed to Windows. Sorry about that!

I'm... not sure actually! This tool was actually part of a contract I was working on, and it was not needed for isometrics tiles, so I never tested it. I'm not very familiar with Tiled so I'm not sure how they would structure that data. If you do try, be sure to let me know, and I can definitely look into adding functionality for it in the future if it doesn't currently work.